Which phones are compatible with eSIM? The full list

Since 2018, cell phone manufacturers have equipped their high-end devices with eSIM technology, creating a revolution in how we use our phones. But because the technology is so new, most phones do not have eSIM technology. That’s why we put together this guide, so you can check whether your device is compatible. Please make sure your device is on this list and that it is carrier-unlocked before you buy. We want everyone to be able to connect to the internet abroad, so…

How long does it take the eSIM QR code to arrive?

We send the eSIM QR code the moment you buy. So it should be sent to you within 2 minutes :) Haven't received your QR code after more than 10 minutes? Check your spam folder or talk to us directly on our live chat or help@holafly.com 

I keep getting text messages with my eSIM. Why?

Sometimes you will receive SMS messages from unknown numbers while you use the eSIM. Here are some of the messages you might receive: This happens with eSIMs from Three UK (such as our eSIMs for Europe, amongst others). Our provider automatically assigns you a UK number, even if you are not in Britain. You do not need to worry about having the wrong product. Although the phone has been assigned this number, you cannot use it to make calls or SMS. Many…

My phone isn't compatible with eSIM. What are my options?

Even if your phone is not compatible with eSIM, Holafly will do what we can to help you connect to the internet abroad. Here are a few different options: If you're traveling with friends or family, check if their phones are compatible. Even if your phone isn't compatible, you can use the eSIM data from another phone by tethering (also known as mobile hotspot). So if your travel companion has a compatible phone, they can set up the eSIM and then turn…

Are there eSIMs with unlimited data?

We do not offer eSIMs with unlimited data. Our eSIMs range from 3GB - 7GB of data. 7GB of data is enough for common internet usage, but if you wanted the eSIM to make video calls or stream videos you might need more. We understand that having lots of data is important, so if you're not satisfied with the amount of data in the plan speak to a member of our team and we'll see if they can help. 

Can I top up my eSIM data?

It is not possible to top-up data on a Holafly eSIM. Here is what you can do if you need more data: If you need more data than one eSIM gives you, you can buy two or three or however many you need to meet your data needs. How does this work? Once you've finished using the first eSIM, just turn it off and install a second eSIM using the same method as before.

I need a longer data plan - what should I do?

The plans you see on the Holafly website are the only ones we offer. There are no other options or opportunity to extend the plan. So what can you do if you need an eSIM for longer? The best option is to buy multiple eSIMs. Let's imagine you're going to the United States for 38 days. You could buy one 7GB eSIM for 30 days and one 3GB eSIM for 7 days. That gives you a total of Download the first eSIM…

I need more data - what can I do?

The data plans you see on your website are the only ones we offer. We do not have additional data plans or the ability to add data to our existing plans. So what can you do if you need more data? We know that having lots of data is important to you. So with our eSIMs you can combine different data plans. How does this work? You can buy several eSIMs if you need more data. How does this work? Well, scan…

Can I use eSIM as dual-SIM?

Yes, eSIM works using dual-SIM. That means you can continue using your regular SIM card while using the eSIM. Important: Just because your phone has dual-SIM technology, that does not necessarily mean it is eSIM compatible. Please check our eSIM compatible device list carefully before making a purchase. Learn more about dual-SIM here.

Can I use 2 eSIMs at the same time?

The iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max allow you to use two eSIMs at a time. No other phones have this feature. Many phones do allow you to have multiple eSIMs installed, but deactivated, on the same device.

When does the eSIM data plan start?

The eSIM data plan begins the moment you activate it on your phone. To install the eSIM, you must scan a QR code. This does not start the data plan. However, after scanning the eSIM will be downloaded and you will have the option to activate the eSIM. If you leave the eSIM de-activated (turned-off), the plan will not begin and you will not lose any days from the length of the plan. You can then turn it on when you're ready. If you…

How to set up an eSIM on Gemini PDA

What do I need to set up an eSIM on iPhone? An unlocked Gemini PDA phone A QR code or app from an eSIM provider WiFi connectionesim wall When should I install my eSIM for travel? Don't set up your eSIM too early. eSIMs have a limited number of days attached to each data plan. Don't start the plan too soon or it won't last for your trip. We recommend setting up the data plan the same day that you travel. This…

When can you uninstall an eSIM?

You should never uninstall an eSIM if you still want to use it. If you remove the eSIM, you will not be able to scan the QR code again and the eSIM cannot be recovered. You should only uninstall the eSIM once you have finished using it or the data plan is over. If you're eSIM does not work, do not uninstall it. First talk to our 24/7 customer support who will help you identify and solve the problem. How can I uninstall an eSIM?

How to set up an eSIM on your Oppo phone?

What do I need to set up an eSIM on iPhone? An unlocked Oppo device that is compatible with eSIM A QR code or app from an eSIM provider WiFi connection Is my Oppo eSIM compatible? The following Oppo phones can use eSIM. If your phone does not appear on this list, the eSIM will not work: Don't set up your eSIM too early. eSIMs have a limited number of days attached to each data plan. Don't start the plan too…

What happens to unused data after the end of the plan?

Holafly eSIMs are only valid for the duration of the plan listed on our website. If you do not use up all of your data, that data is lost and cannot be accessed again.

How does dual-SIM work?

Dual SIM allows you to use two SIM/eSIM cards at the same time. Here are the ways you can use dual-SIM: With dual-SIM, you can use two SIMs at the same time - but what does that really mean? We usually use our SIM cards for calls, messages and data. Let's take a look at what dual-SIM means for each one: With dual-SIM, you can make and receive calls and messages with two different phone numbers. This is ideal if you have…

Does iPhone 13 support eSIM?

Yep, the iPhone 13 is compatible with eSIM. This includes the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. That means you can use it to access the internet abroad at a cheaper price than data roaming. You just need to buy a data plan and you’ll be able to connect in no time. Here is how you can set up an eSIM on your iPhone 13. If you're ready to buy an eSIM, check out the best product for you here. Check out the full…