Can I use WhatsApp with my SIM card?

The answer is yes.
You can use WhatsApp and keep your phone number (on WhatsApp) with any of our SIM cards.
WhatsApp allows you to continue using your Spanish number to send messages as usual to all your contacts. You do not need to configure anything. If you do not activate a new number on WhatsApp you always keep your old number

Can I use an Iwatch or Ipad?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our cards will work on Iwatch or Ipad.
The eSIM are intended for use on mobile phones, and do not support Iwatch or Ipad applications.

When does the card start to count his days of validity?

The validity period of the card starts from the day it is activated in the destination country, usually when activating the eSIM from a mobile phone.
Data eSIMs have a validity period after which they can no longer be used, this period of time will depend on the one you choose for your trip.
Example: If you buy a 30-day card for Japan on March 1st, its validity starts from the moment you activate it on your mobile phone. If you arrive in Japan on March 1, you can use your card until the 30th.

You should not activate your eSIM on your mobile phone before you arrive in your destination country to try it out as you risk running out of credit and not being able to use it for your trip.
Cards that expire even if they have not been activated
There are some cards that can expire after a few months even if they have not been activated, but these are rare cases and we will always tell you so that you do not buy the card too far in advance.