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What is iSIM and how does it work?

iSIM (integrated SIM) work in the same way as eSIM.

There is no need to insert a physical chip as the SIM is integrated directly into the device.

The eSIM is a smaller version of the traditional SIM card and supports the same functionalities.

The difference is that an eSIM cannot be removed, as it is soldered directly to the smartphone's circuit board.

The iSIM takes it a step further.

They are even smaller and connect to an equally small modem. It is integrated into the phone's processor, known as SoC (system on a chip).

iSIMs have many advantages.

Firstly, because they are less than 1mm2 in size, they can offer mobile networks to smaller electronic devices such as smart watches. This also leaves room to incorporate more powerful batteries.

Additionally, iSIMs are much more secure.

Their position and size mean they are physically inaccessible. What’s more, being integrated in the processor provides iSIMs with an additional layer of authentication to enhance data protection.

Finally, the use of this technology helps reduce the costs associated with manufacturing the slots for traditional SIMs.