Meet our team

Pedro Máiquez

Cofundador y responsable de adquisición de clientes

I have been working in digital for more than 10 years in big companies, agencies and consulting firms (MediaSet, Bankia, Shackleton, IZO). One day we realized that travelers needed to be better connected and that’s how it all started. #byebyeroaming!

Lidia Hu

Co-founder and responsible for product and operations

After 4 years of professional experience in agencies like Mobusi and Kimia, I have worked with international clients and large accounts like Alibaba or Huawei. Together with Pedro I started this adventure so that you can stay connected while you travel.

Chus Ortiz

Partnerships Manager

15 years I’ve been in the media and marketing offices. My father was in the Travel world for a lifetime. The paths cross with Holafly and now I have to work with partner agreements. If you’re a company and want to know more, I’m here to help.

Txema León


I’m responsible for the automation and management of Holafly’s IT. I have over 10 years of experience programming and automating everything in agencies large and small. I make sure that everything you can’t see works.