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About us

We are a team of travelers who like to stay connected to the internet, anywhere in the world, without paying for roaming. We have had the experience of being stranded somewhere or receiving very expensive phone bills. After trying many options such as Pocket Wifi or the rates of the operators, we learned that the best solution is the data SIMs for tourists. At you have eSIM and data SIM cards for more than 70 destinations, so you can have internet as soon as you land and never pay roaming again.

Holafly Team

Pedro Máiquez

Co-Founder and Sales Manager

I have been working in digital for more than 10 years in big companies, agencies and consulting firms (MediaSet, Bankia, Shackleton, IZO). One day we realized that travelers needed to be better connected and that’s how it all started. #byebyeroaming!

Lidia Hu

Co-founder and head of product and operations

After 4 years of professional experience in agencies like Mobusi and Kimia, I have worked with international clients and large accounts like Alibaba or Huawei. Together with Pedro I started this adventure so that you can stay connected while you travel.

Sara Durán

Head of Brand and New Markets

Several years working as an Account Executive in marketing and advertising agencies have allowed me to acquire knowledge and skills that I can now develop in a company like Holafly. My main task? That they know us and value us inside and outside of Spain.

Raquel Lis

Head of Customers and Operations

More than 5 years dedicated to the consumer experience, trying to understand and help each person who needs it. We are here to help you with whatever you need. Do you have any doubt?

Mélody Félix

Head of Design and Contents

Degree in Communication Sciences, experience in the audiovisual sector, short story writer and broadcaster. At Holafly, I am in charge of the Coordination of the Editorial area, through the writing, layout and review of articles on the Blog. Likewise, the Management of Social Networks and design of graphic pieces.

herman rosero holafly

Herman Rosero

Head of SEO and Web

I started getting to know the world of e-commerce with Opencart in college. I am a designer. Currently I collaborate in Holafly in the area of ​​SEO, Web and clients, so that you can find us on the Internet and avoid paying expensive roaming on your trips.

Jimmy Carreño

Client and Web Technician

My name is Jimmy. Currently studying Industrial design and content editor and maker in Holafly. At the beginning I was recruited with the purpose to sell and give customer service. Today, i choose Holafly Spain as ideal place to grow up the most outstanding quality assigned to me, language and communication. 

Daniela Arce

Content Editor

 Tourism professional, with experience in hospitality, customer service and travel organization. I was born in the navel of the Cusco-Peru World, awakening my passion for culture, travel and new experiences. With Holafly we will discover new tourist destinations to enjoy while being connected to the Internet.

Daniela Rojas

Data and Automation Technician

I am part of the Holafly team, I have knowledge in the field of computing, with capabilities in data analysis for decision-making, and process automation for continuous improvement. With Holafly we are in love with new technologies.

Dany Velandia

Customer Technician and Content Editor

I have been part of the Holafly team since its inception, I have experience in tourism and business administration, today I accompany you to have the best service helping to solve any doubt or problem. You find me on the blog with travel tips to be a digital nomad.