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Prepaid SIM card for Indonesia: Where to buy in 2024?

If your next trip is to Indonesia, do not hesitate to take with you the best SIM card for Indonesia to stay connected to the internet.

Leoneska Ruiz

January 1, 2024

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If your next travel destination is Indonesia, and you want to save on the high international roaming costs, buying a SIM card for Indonesia will be one of the best options. You will have to stay connected to the internet during your trip. Nowadays, having an internet connection is a must on our trips to keep in touch or share moments with our family or friends. 

Another alternative that you can not miss is the embedded SIM card (eSIM), with which you will be connected to the Internet even faster. Throughout this article, we will tell you about what is eSIM card, and how to acquire a prepaid SIM card or eSIM. Likewise, we will talk about its features, prices, and where to buy it so you can get the best internet connectivity service!

Unlimited data eSIM for Indonesia

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Where can I buy a SIM card for Indonesia?

One of the most frequent questions travelers ask about prepaid SIM cards is where they can buy this type of service. Let us tell you that nowadays, it is effortless to buy a SIM card for your travels. There are different ways to buy them from which you can choose the one that best suits your preference. 

First, with the advancement of technology, it is becoming more and more possible to make purchases online. That is why you can buy your prepaid SIM card for Indonesia through online stores before your travel. In this manner, you will have mobile internet from the moment you arrive in the country, in addition to other benefits we will mention later.

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If you prefer to make in-person purchases, you can also buy a SIM card once you arrive in Indonesia. Although you can choose between different physical stores, you will not have internet access until you buy a SIM card and install it. Also, be aware that if you arrive late at night or at dawn, it will be much more difficult to get a SIM card. 

Finally, an option you could also take when you have a new generation phone is an eSIM for Bali and Indonesia. With this option, you will not have to wait for delivery since the service is completely online. An excellent example of where you can buy your Indonesia eSIM from Holafly, a virtual store specializing in selling this type of service and much more! 

Buy before you travel.

As we have already mentioned, through online stores, you can buy your SIM card for Indonesia before you even start your trip. This is the choice of a large part of the tourists in the country and other destinations because of how easy it can be to buy through the web. Unlike doing it physically, you will have no language barrier, and in case you have a problem with your SIM card or phone, you can fix it from home. In recent years, the number of online stores that sell these services has increased a lot

It is definitely an excellent option to buy your tourist SIM card for Indonesia before arriving, but it is vital to keep some features in mind. International SIM cards need to use local networks in order to work. That is to say, in Indonesia, you will be connected to a local operator. For this reason, you should always choose SIM cards that use networks with good coverage and speed. You don’t want to pay for something that brings problems. You should also consider if the online store you select has shipped to your address and the cost involved.

With this in mind, you are ready to purchase your prepaid SIM card for Indonesia. One option to alleviate shipping and coverage issues is Holalfly’s eSIM. Their digital SIM cards are delivered immediately and connected to one of the best networks in Indonesia. More details on this alternative will be in a later section.

Pros of buying a data plan for abroad before traveling

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing your SIM card or eSIM before arriving in Indonesia

  • Don’t waste time without mobile internet.

By having your prepaid SIM card for Indonesia before you arrive, you will be able to activate it and get connected right away. This is ideal when visiting an unfamiliar place or keeping in touch with your family or friends back home.

  • Much more practical

Some solutions, like pocket wifi or searching for a public wifi network, can be time-consuming and require you to have additional devices. with a prepaid SIM card, you will only need your phone to have internet and communication in Indonesia.

  • Solutions for tourists

Certainly, online stores have better deals for tourists because their services are focused on them. Unlike local providers who seek to target their plans to longer stays or residents of the country.

Buy your tourist SIM card in Indonesia.

A more rudimentary alternative for tourists is to buy their local SIM card for Indonesia through a local mobile operator. Of course, you must wait until you arrive at your destination and then look for a physical store of one of these companies.

They usually have options at international airports, but it is essential to mention that you can only have three SIM cards registered in your name. You will also need to register your SIM card at the physical store, for which you will need an identification document and fill out some information.

In general, you should keep this in mind; we will introduce you to the local phone companies with SIM card options for tourists.


The largest company offering SIM cards in Indonesia is Telkomsel, and its coverage and services can be used throughout the country. With your tourist SIM card, you will be able to enjoy 25GB of surfing and 25 minutes of calls to be used in 30 days. Your passport information and phone IMEI will be requested for your purchase. You can check your balance through the Telkomsel website and only accept payments by credit card or cash. Finally, the tourist package can only be purchased once; in case of staying more than 30 days, you will have to contract other services through MyTelkomsel App, Dial *363#, or through the Nearest Telkomsel outlet.


This is another popular company in Indonesia that offers SIM cards and coverage with 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE plans. Their internet speeds are relatively fast, and you can purchase their SIM card plans once you arrive in Indonesia. Among their options are short-stay plans (2, 3, 5, or 7 days) with data packages from 1GB to 7 GB. There are also options for longer stays, from 3GB up to 50GB, to be used in 30 days. In the case of the 30-day plans, you will have included minutes for local calls. All plans have the option of auto-renewal as long as you have enough credit.


Finally, this operator allows tourists to connect to a 4G network in Indonesia through its prepaid SIM card. Among its options, we can find two data packages to be used in 14 days. The first one includes 30GB of browsing and 10 minutes of calls to local numbers, plus unlimited access to WhatsApp. The second offers unlimited data with a daily consumption of 1.5GB of high speed and 15 minutes of local calls. In both cases, you will be able to send SMS, but you will not be able to renew any of the prepaid plans after their expiration date.

How much does a prepaid SIM card for Indonesia cost?

As far as we can see, the number of plans and SIM cards for tourists purchased locally is reduced. Besides, the packages, in many cases, do not allow you to extend them, so if you stay longer, it will be problematic. We must not forget that we can buy a reduced amount of SIM cards in Indonesia, so you must take into account your length of stay. Despite this, we can find economical options with local SIM cards ranging from 5$ to 20$. Somehow compensating for the hassle of buying and maintaining them.

Here is the best solution for tourists visiting Indonesia. They are digital SIM cards that you can buy in online stores like Holafly, with which you can renew and maintain your service without problems.

Holafly eSIM for Indonesia: a great alternative.

eSIM with unlimited data for Indonesia
eSIM with unlimited data for Indonesia. Source: Holafly.

To start off, we would like to tell you about an innovative alternative that will also allow you to have an internet connection during your trip. We are talking about the eSIM, which is a new device smaller than a nano-SIM that is preinstalled on the cell phone’s hardware and does not need physical installation.

Also, as we mentioned before, these eSIMs work mainly on the latest generation devices, so they are incompatible with all types of phones. So, if you find that you can make use of an eSIM, we recommend that you purchase one.

Holafly, through its online store, offers these embedded SIM cards for Indonesia and 190 other destinations. You can also find multi-country options with which, for example, you can travel across Europe with only one eSIM. You don’t have to worry about payment methods because Credit and debit cards, Paypal, Google, and Apple Play are available in the store.

In case you have any questions, you can use customer support 24 hours a day, every day, in more than five different languages. To learn more about Holafly eSIMs, we present you with some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual SIM cards


  • Purchase and installation in a short time

Holafly eSIMs are completely digital, so their purchase and installation are made remotely. This way, you only need to have an internet connection to find the store, choose the destination and package you want, and after paying, you will receive an email with the QR that you will use to activate the eSIM.

  • Unlimited data packages 

Holalfy offers eSIM with unlimited data to Indonesia and other destinations. So with any of the packages you buy, you will not have to worry about a data quota. In addition, 500 MB per day for hotspot is also included.

Additionally, personalize your plan by choosing any number of days between one and ninety. This feature is also available in other destinations such as Turkey with their Turkish eSIM alternative.

  • Many options for you

You have a lot of plans available for Indonesia, so you will find the ideal one for your stay. With Holafly eSIMs, you will be connected to the 3G/4G/LTE/5G networks of Indosat, XL, and Telkomsel three of the best local phone companies with excellent coverage in the territory. Holafly offers similar alternatives with coverage in multiple countries as with its Asia eSIM with unlimited data.

  • You can renew and extend your plan.

This is a breakthrough in Holafly’s digital SIM cards, so you can buy another plan for the same destination in case the first one runs out. For this reason, you will not have to activate a new eSIM; the plan will be available immediately after the purchase of the Top-up.


  • You need a compatible phone.

As we already informed you, we need an eSIM-compatible phone to be able to use eSIM. Technology is slowly being integrated into more and more devices. You can see Holafly’s list of compatible phones to help you check if your phone can use eSIMs.

How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Indonesia cost?

As we mentioned before, you can choose any number of days for your plan, the more days the total cost will increase. Here are some prices for reference:

Days of useDataPrice (€ and USD)
1 dayUnlimited data$6
5 daysUnlimited data$21
10 daysUnlimited data$37
15 daysUnlimited data$51
20 daysUnlimited data$62
30 daysUnlimited data$75
60 daysUnlimited data$107
90 daysUnlimited data$139
Table 1. Price comparison of some eSIM plans of Holafly for Indonesia.

Which is the best SIM card for Indonesia?

To decide which is the best SIM card for your trip to Indonesia, it is necessary to compare its different features, its costs, and obviously, the coverage you can get. That is why we can definitely say that Holafly offers the best virtual SIM card for Indonesia. 

With them, you can enjoy different features such as 24-hour service and unlimited data, so you will not have to worry about running out of data at any time. And best of all, the purchase process is simple, fast, and does not require any type of contract signing or agreements. 

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Frequent questions about the best SIM card for Indonesia

Which operator are Holafly’s Indonesia SIM cards from?

Their Indonesian data virtual SIM cards are from Indosat, one of the best in the country. 

Can I make calls, or is it data only?

No, this card only includes data. We recommend you make calls via Skype or WhatsApp.

From when do the days start to count?

The Indonesian virtual SIM card is activated when you scan the QR code of the eSIM. Once landed, and from that moment, the days start to count. The card expires after the days of validity and is counted by calendar days, not hours.

What if I have a problem with my SIM card for Indonesia? 

Depending on the type of service your operator offers, your problem can be solved. Some Indonesian operators can solve your problems during a specific time range in the day. In the case of Holafly, they offer 24/7 service and support for their virtual SIM card.

Does Holafly have options for several countries?

Yes, these regional plans such as the unlimited data eSIM UK, Europe or North America allow you to have coverage in several destinations with a single package.