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Mobile Internet in Indonesia: What is the best option?

If you want to get the best out of your trip to Indonesia, you need to know all the alternatives to get mobile internet there!

Julio Osuna

June 26, 2023

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Traveling to Indonesia is getting the opportunity to get to know both a modern city where there are hidden and well-preserved Hindu temples. Travelers can get the chance to visit and get the best from both worlds, and having mobile internet in Indonesia will surely make the trip a lot better for everyone.

This is something that’s quite important to see, no matter what other people say. It’s necessary to keep an eye on how to stay connected, and there are many ways to make this possible. But there’s no need to worry! We have the perfect guide for you to know how to get mobile internet in Indonesia!

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Mobile Internet in Indonesia

When it comes to talking about cellular internet, there are plenty of ways for tourists to get an internet connection whether they are traveling or are at their homes. Therefore, it is important for buyers to know what alternatives are available for use to stay connected!

That’s why getting cellular internet in a place like Indonesia is quite important. And what’s better to know is the fact there are different services available. Options like roaming, Pocket WiFi devices, and alternatives like SIM and eSIM cards are on the list, and people should know all about them.

Therefore, let’s discuss each one of them to see what to expect from these services.

Landscapes in Indonesia. Source: Pexels.

Mobile Internet providers for Indonesia

One of the main aspects to knowing more about mobile internet in Indonesia is having information about what companies are available there to use. That’s why part of what this guide will provide is information about these providers.

Everything related to costs, advantages, disadvantages, and much more will be covered here. So, if you are traveling there soon, keep an eye on these options.

Prepaid SIM Card for Indonesia

When it comes to using local providers, it’s important for consumers to have a clear idea of how they will be able to get their service. The most common option comes with international SIM cards, but there are also local SIM cards that customers can get to use when traveling there. Therefore, it’s important to know about these operators to see what we can expect from them.

To begin with our list, we’ll get to know more about the local providers. These will allow people to buy SIM cards in Indonesia in physical stores. So, let’s get to know more about these alternatives and what they offer to customers.

Mobile internet companies in Indonesia


The first alternative for those interested in getting internet in Indonesia comes from Telkomsel. As for now, this company is the one offering the most coverage in all of Indonesia, which puts in first place on matters of quality and service. Also, it’s important to note that Telkomsel even reaches remote areas of Indonesia, which makes it a better alternative compared to its competitors.


A company that’s known throughout Indonesia comes with Indosat. The operator offers plenty of features, which include excellent quality in matters of wireless data and coverage in most parts of the country. The only downside compared to Telkomsel is the fact it has less coverage in certain areas of the country.


Lastly, we have 3. The provider is popular in different parts of Asia, and it’s mainly known due to the company offering low prices compared to other competitors. The company offers all types of traditional data plans. But in this case, the coverage covered by Tri is somehow lower than the previous operators.

International eSIM for traveling to Indonesia

For traveling to Indonesia, one of the best alternatives is to use an eSIM. These have become great options for all types of travelers, making them a popular alternative for different destinations. eSIMs are easy to purchase through online stores.

eSIM Indonesia by Holafly

eSIM with unlimited data for Indonesia

For those who want to use an eSIM, there are some great options available out there. A clear example of this comes from Holafly with their eSIM for Indonesia. The company is currently offering all types of eSIMs, and of course, Indonesia is part of the destinations where the eSIM from Holafly works.

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
1 dayUnlimited$6
5 daysUnlimited$21
10 daysUnlimited$37
15 daysUnlimited$51
20 daysUnlimited$62
30 daysUnlimited$75
60 daysUnlimited$107
90 daysUnlimited$139
Table N° 1: price comparison for eSIMs offered by Holafly in Indonesia.

Another thing to keep in mind are some of Holafly’s advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages of the Holafly prepaid eSIM for Indonesia

  • There’s no need to worry about the activation process, as all that’s needed is a QR code to install and activate the eSIM.
  • Choose your plan with any number of days between 1 and 90 maximum
  • Hotspot: enjoy 500mb per day to share with others.
  • The Holafly eSIM works with the best Indonesian carriers to provide excellent coverage.
  • There’s no need to worry about the purchase process as people can buy it in a matter of seconds with just an internet connection.
  • People can use the Holafly eSIM alongside a SIM card in case they want to take both when traveling.
  • Customer support from Holafly is available 24/7, so consumers won’t have to worry about not getting proper assistance if needed.

Some disadvantages of the eSIM to having mobile internet in Indonesia

You may be interested to know about the best eSIM for Yogyakarta.

Roaming in Indonesia with your local operator

Now that you have information related to the eSIM, it’s now time to talk about how domestic operator roaming services work and their rates. Therefore, it’s important for consumers to know about these rates and be prepared for what to expect. So, let’s talk about some of these enterprises.


For people who live in Australia, Telstra might be the best option for them to use. Even though there are more alternatives available, thanks to their International Roaming Day Pass, customers can use their data allowance while traveling. But there are other plans too. In this case, there’s a pay-as-you-go plan which costs 3 USD per consumed MB.


As for Europe, there’s 02 as an alternative. This wireless operator allows customers to get access to different roaming services according to where they are traveling. In the case of Indonesia, the price to pay to use the roaming service there is $6. Also, people can get the chance to use all their local allowance when using O2. 


As for the United States, there’s Verizon. For those who want to travel around the world and stay connected while doing it, Verizon is a suitable alternative for US locals. But it’s important for people to know the price of the Verizon roaming service is $10 per day, so it’s necessary to keep that in mind.

Pocket WiFi for Internet in Indonesia

Another alternative on the list comes with Pocket WiFi devices. These devices became important for some travelers because of their size. Thus, there are also Pocket WiFI devices available to use in Indonesia.

When it comes to choosing which company to use, there are plenty of alternatives available on the market. Most of these companies are based in Europe and offer prices that will vary from $70 for a single week of use. It is important to know these companies also have other charges, such as delivery fees and penalties for those who lose these devices.

In this case, companies like Travelers WiFi and My Webspot, which are based in Europe, and Cello Mobile and MioWiFi, which are based in the USA and Latin America.

Overall, what we can mention is the fact these devices aren’t cheap to use. Especially when consumers know they may be charged penalties from $100 to $250 if the device gets lost.

Free WiFi in Indonesia

The last option available on the list comes with free WiFi. This option allows people to stay connected when traveling in Indonesia with free networks, but being honest, it’s not the best option available to use. It is only available in a handful of places, which is an issue.

Free WiFi connections are mostly available in places like hotels or restaurants. Maybe in some malls, there will be a free connection. But the issue is these won’t always be available for people to use. 

Also, there are some apps people could use to get help find free hotspots. But always remember, these are free networks, so try not to provide personal info while using them.