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Best Philippines SIM card for tourists

Get out and about the Philippines with the best SIM card to stay connected! Read about prices, rates and coverage.

Manuel M.

November 17, 2023

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Have the adventure of a lifetime through this beautiful country and stay connected with the best Philippines SIM card! You will be able to post all your photos and videos on social media. We want to give you all the information you need to get data while you’re around Manila or surfing the waves at Boracay. You’ll read about international and domestic providers, plans, rates, and much more.

eSIM for the Philippines

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Philippines SIM card Online

Getting a SIM card to connect to the internet while in the Philippines is a breeze and there are plenty of options. You’ll have international and local domestic carriers like Holafly, Smart Communications, and Globe Telecom. Let’s dive in!

Holafly: virtual SIM card with unlimited data


Holafly has become a big player in the communications industry, especially when it comes to international travel. With the aim of providing customers with a stable and reliable data connection, this company was founded in 2017. They provide coverage in over 170 countries worldwide and connect to the best local networks in the area.

Another feature included with their virtual SIM card is a 24/7 multilingual customer support team ready to help in case you run into any issues. All you need to get an eSIM is a digital SIM-compatible device. This is not only limited to smartphones; they provide compatibility for laptops, smartwatches and even tables.

Plans and Pricing

Holafly’s eSIM pricing is very accessible for the perks that are included. As we mentioned before, their data plans generally come with unlimited data, so basically, you just need to know how long you’re going to be away.

Don’t forget that you can customize your plan with any number of days between one and 90. Here’s a glimpse of some data plans:

  • 1 Days: Unlimited Data for $6
  • 7 Days: Unlimited Data for $27
  • 10 Days: Unlimited Data for $37
  • 15 Days: Unlimited Data for $51
  • 20 Days: Unlimited Data for $62
  • 30 Days: Unlimited Data for $75
  • 60 Days: Unlimited Data for $107
  • 90 Days: Unlimited Data for $139

Advantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

Disadvantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

  • The compatibility of this digital SIM may be limited to more recent high-end phones.
  • For plans that don’t include calls you can use apps like WhatsApp and Telegram for live conversations.

Local Carriers in the Philippines

Besides international providers, there are also local carriers that offers postpaid and prepaid plans for travelers who are just stopping by. You can purchase your own SIM card in person at their physical stores or convenience stores. Just have your ID and passport ready because they might ask for documentation. Here are some intriguing options:

Smart Communications

Smart Communications
Smart Communications. Source:

Plans and Rates

Smart Communications’ provides cellular services to locals and has been around since 1992. They offer prepaid plans that start at $1 for 5 days with 5 GB included and up to $3 for 7 days with 12 GB of data. Their postpaid plans start at $11 per month with 5 GB, and the most expensive monthly plan is $45 with unlimited data. All you have to do is go to one of their stores with your passport and documentation and request one of these plans. You might need a credit check.

Where to get Smart Communications’ SIM Card

Once you’re in the Philippines, you can go to a convenience store and ask for a prepaid SIM card. If you want a postpaid monthly plan, then you have to walk into a local store.

Advantages of Smart Communications

  • Coverage all throughout the Philippines
  • Calls included in their plans

Disadvantages of Smart Communications

  • You might have issues with the language barrier
  • Prepaid cards run out of data
  • Postpaid SIMs require a credit check and documentation.

Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom. Source: Wikipedia

Plans and Rates

Globe Telecom also offers a portfolio of services to residents, and their postpaid monthly plans begin at a price of $11 with 6GB of data included and can go as high as 45 dollars a month. Just like the previous cellular carrier. On the other hand, prepaid services begin at 3GB for 3 days for $1, and you can get up to 25GB for 15 days for $8.

Where to buy Smart Communications’ SIM Card

Similar to Smart Communications, you can get one of their prepaid and postpaid plans at a local store or an official store. Take a photo ID with you and proof of address, just in case. You can give the address of the hotel where you’re staying.

Advantages of Smart Communications

  • Various plans and packages
  • They offer an app where you can check your bill

Disadvantages of Smart Communications

  • The language barrier might make it difficult for you to understand
  • You’ll have to carry your documentation with you

Which SIM card is best in the Philippines?

After checking in depth the options for you as a traveler to continue using your phone in the Philippines, the cellular operator that takes first place is the Holafly virtual SIM for the Philippines. With unlimited internet included in all their plans for the Philippines plus around-the-clock customer service, this makes them the most reliable option. Additionally, don’t stress about trying to get your eSIM on a computer because you can simply download the app and do everything from there! With Holafly, you won’t miss a thing.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I buy a Philippine SIM card in the US?

Yes! You can definitely get a SIM card for the Philippines in the US. However, you’ll have to make sure you have enough time to wait for the package to arrive. Holafly’s eSIM doesn’t require you to wait since you can get it from anywhere, anytime!

Which SIM card has unlimited data in the Philippines?

Holafly and Smart Communications are some of the few providers that offer unlimited data. Nonetheless, remember that with Smart Communications, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

Is there a language barrier when dealing with customer service for local SIM cards in the Philippines?

Local carriers may have limited English-language customer support. Holafly offers 24/7 customer service in multiple languages for international travelers.

Can I buy a SIM card at NAIA airport?

There are definitely kiosks and stores within the airport where you can purchase a SIM card. These SIM cards will most likely be expensive and not include all the data you’ll need for your holidays and travel. Make sure you verify these terms and conditions thoroughly.