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List of eSIM carriers in the world

After the launch of the latest versions of the iPhone (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR), the eSIM or virtual cards have become the latest innovation of the moment. Here’s everything you need to know the eSIM carriers in the world that support eSIM.

Then, which eSIM carriers can you find around the world? Here you are the list, by continent. And you find more about virtaul cards in What is an eSIM and how does it work?

eSIM carriers in Europe

eSIM technology is widespread in Europe. These are the carriers that support virtual cards:

Asia: carriers that support eSIM card

The operators that support eSIM card in the Asian content are the following:

Carriers that support virtual card in America

Below is the list of eSIM carriers in America:

Africa: carriers with eSIM

Africa is the least developed continent in virtual card technology and currently only one operator has support for eSIM.

Oceania: eSIM providers

There are four mobile providers that can support eSIM on this continent:

Carriers that offer eSIM for Apple Watch

Most providers in the world have eSIM for Apple Watch and other smartwatches with eSIM. This eSIM works as a secondary line.

Note that to support eSIM for Apple Watch it is necessary to offer MultiSIM.