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Learn how to get and activate an Orange eSIM France

Staying connected with an Orange eSIM for France makes it easier to use your devices. Discover what you need to buy and activate the service.

Leoneska Ruiz

September 15, 2023

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This operator was the first in the country to offer eSIM options for its customers; we know that this technology makes it easier to have mobile internet on your phone. With us, you will learn how you can buy and activate an Orange eSIM France on your phone and other devices, plus find out what other alternatives you have to communicate!

Orange was the first local operator to upgrade to this type of chip. However, today, you can purchase an prepaid eSIM France from other local and international options. No matter if you are a local user or if you are traveling in the country, we will tell you what you can do in each case.

cell phone france
Friends using their cellphone in France. Source: freepik

Pricing and plans of Orange eSIM France

This operator does not sell its virtual SIM cards separately. To have one, you must have a contracted data plan, specifically postpaid plans, as it is unavailable in prepaid plans. When you transfer your physical SIM to a virtual SIM card, you must pay a fee of 10€. They have several options for mobile packages and also a specific eSIM plan for Smartwatches with an activation fee of 10€ and a monthly subscription of 5€ ( approximately 10.73$ and 5.36$). We will talk about it in detail below.

Virtual SIM card for France with unlimited data and data-sharing

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Postpaid plans 

These packages are focused on long-term customers. For this reason, only residents or local users can contract them. As for the plans, we find options from 16.99€ and up to 64.99€ (18.24$ and 69.73$ respectively). The operator secures the price for twelve months and then can increase it. Packages include 20 GB and up to 240 GB at 4G or 5G speeds, depending on the choice. You also enjoy limited text and calls.

Prepaid plans

As mentioned, Orange eSIM France cannot be activated with prepaid plans, only with physical SIM cards. So if you are a tourist customer or interested in these packages, you will not be able to use this operator.

Luckily, other providers like Holafly offer virtual SIM cards for France accessible to tourists. All their plans are prepaid, and buying them on their website takes only minutes. There are options for more than 160 destinations, and in the case of France, you have unlimited data France eSIM and data sharing with the available plans. In a later section, you can see the details and prices of their plans.

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Devices compatible with Orange eSIM France

Before buying an Orange virtual SIM card for France, you should confirm that your device is compatible with their network. On their website, there is a list of phones and smartwatches that can use their eSIM. Among them are brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, Oppo, Fossil and Huawei. If you are considering buying a prepaid digital SIM card with Holafly, they also have a list of compatible phones, eSIM smartwatches, eSIM-compatible laptops, and other devices.

Steps to get Orange eSIM France

At this point, we have already confirmed that our device is compatible with Orange eSIM France and we want to buy one. We have to be clear that to get it we must buy a postpaid plan. This contracting process can be done online or through a physical store, authorized agent, or similar.

Requirements to buy Orange virtual SIM card online

When you are an active Orange customer or a new customer with access to postpaid plans, you can buy or transfer a package to your virtual SIM card online. The process can be done from a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection. A WiFi connection is also required for the installation. It is recommended to do it from home or in a secure area. The requirements to be able to use this way are

  • Have a computer or mobile phone with internet access
  • Verify that you have a phone compatible with eSIM and unlocked to use the Orange network
  • Have a valid identity document that can be verified on the website
  • Have a physical or email address for billing purposes 
  • Have a contact phone number as well as an email address
  • Have a payment method and IBAN to complete the purchase.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the online contract.
  • A postpaid plan is required when purchasing the eSIM.

Follow these steps to get it online.

Once you have all the requirements, you can get your virtual SIM card from Orange on their website. Once there, you go to the mobile and plans option and then to the mobile offers option. At that point, you can choose the plan and continue with the purchase. You will be asked for information such as if you are a new customer, if you want to add services, if you want a new number, among others. You must choose to activate the plan on an eSIM and then pay.

Requirements to purchase Orange digital SIM card in a physical store

The most significant advantage of buying in a physical location is that you have the assistance of the staff for the process or questions you may have. Beyond this, the requirements are similar and only available Orange eSIM with postpaid plans. Also, keep in mind to take with you the following to be able to sign up without delays.

  • Have a compatible and unlocked phone. 
  • Have access to postpaid plans, i.e., be a local customer or resident in the country.
  • Valid identification document for the purchase
  • Be able to pay through the method of payment available at the site.
  • Have information such as address, contact number, email, or any other personal information requested.
  • Follow the steps indicated by the staff of the headquarters.

How to install according to the type of device

It is essential to know how to install the digital SIM card in our device when we acquire it online with Orange or any other provider. Depending on the model and brand of your device, it may be more straightforward or take more steps to install. Let’s quickly look at how to install it on some operating systems.

Install on Apple iPhone

Once you have the installation QR code, open your phone’s camera or look in the mobile data menu to add an eSIM. In both cases, you must scan the QR code to start the installation. Only if you purchased with Orange, at this point, you would be asked for a validation code that you receive by SMS. Otherwise, the eSIM download will continue. Finally downloaded, you must add the cellular plan and select it as the primary SIM. If you want to review the steps, use Holafly’s iPhone eSIM installation guide.

Install on Android Device

In this case, what happens is that many brands and phones use Android as their OS, and each one customizes its interface a bit with layers. To install an eSIM, you must go to the settings menu, search for networks or a similar menu, and then manage SIM or directly install eSIM. At that point, you must install it with QR and scan it with the camera. If you contract with Orange at this point, you will be asked for the validation code. Otherwise, it will simply install the cellular plan. 

After installation, you can name the package to differentiate it from other plans. Select the virtual SIM card as the primary SIM and enjoy the connection on your phone. If you have any questions, we invite you to use the guides that Holafly has for various devices such as eSIM Oppo, Samsung eSIM, or Google.

Install on Smartwatches

In the case of smartwatches, you need to have your phone nearby and be within the Orange network coverage. Then, you enter the mobile application of your watch and select the mobile plans option. Choose to subscribe and accept the conditions; when you are an Orange customer, you must enter your username and password. Log in, enter your mobile connection code, accept the order, and commit to paying the additional fee, and the activation of the eSIM Watch will start.

Companies also offering eSIM in France. 

Both local operators and international providers have alternatives to Orange eSIM for France. So if you notice it is complicated to buy with this operator, don’t worry. There are other options for you. For you to compare the panorama, we will briefly look at some providers and the plans they offer with their embedded SIM cards.

Holafly unlimited data digital SIM card for France

Unlimited data eSIM for France
Holafly’s eSIM for France.

It is one of the best options online for offering eSIM data plans for France travel and many other destinations. Their prepaid packages for this destination include unlimited data on all options plus data-sharing. Prices range from $6 for one day of use to $139 for ninety days.

This option is ideal for tourists, frequent travelers, and people who require a lot of data with excellent browsing speed. With Holafly, you can recharge your digital SIM card through top-ups, multiple payment methods; if you visit more countries, the eSIM card for Europe will give you unlimited data, too, and customer service in more than five languages to solve any concerns with the service.

Free mobile virtual SIM cards for France

To purchase a virtual SIM card with Free Mobile, in addition to signing up for one of their plans, you must pay a €10 (10.8$) activation and registration fee. Then, you must select a package to be able to use it. Among their popular options, we find the Forfait Free 5G for 19.99 € per month ($21.5), which includes 250 GB of navigation and unlimited local calls and messages.

SFR embedded SIM card for France

This French operator charges 1€ for its eSIM and 10€ for its activation (1.08$ and 10.8$ respectively). In addition to this, you must recharge or contract a plan to be able to use it. These packages are the SFR Mobile and SFR Mobile Pro with prices between 26.99€ and 64.99€ per month (29.03$ and 69.9$ approximately). They include data for browsing, unlimited local calls and messages, and the possibility of keeping the cost for twelve months.

Frequently asked questions about Orange eSIM for France

Can Orange France eSIMs have prepaid plans?

They cannot be contracted with prepaid plans, only with postpaid plans. To solve this, you can use Holafly eSIMs prepaid and with unlimited data. You will be connected to the networks of Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free Mobile, the best local operators.

How much does it cost to activate an Orange eSIM for France?

The virtual SIM cards of this operator cannot be purchased separately. They must be purchased with a data plan. Also, in some devices like smartwatches, you must pay a fee of 10€ or 10.8$ approximately to activate them before using them.

Can you use Orange eSIM for France internationally?

Yes, it can be used abroad, just like physical SIM cards. Depending on the plan you have contracted and the area you are visiting, roaming rates may apply, so you should check with the operator before using your eSIM abroad.