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Learn how to get and activate a Verizon eSIM USA

With Verizon eSIM USA you can connect to high-speed Internet, learn how to get and activate it, its prices, and other great alternatives.

Leoneska Ruiz

September 8, 2023

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There are many mobile carriers in the USA, so it is normal to not know how to order or activate a digital SIM card service with one of them. We will show you how to request a Verizon USA eSIM, the prices of their packages, and the activation process on some of their platforms.

Staying connected is essential in our daily lives, and getting an internet connection makes it easy to use apps on your phone. With a USA eSIM for travel, you can have good coverage and speed throughout the country, plus you can use them on your phone, smartwatch, laptop, and many other devices! You will no longer have to rely on a WiFi network or other alternative.

Person using devices with a digital SIM. Source: Pexels.

Verizon eSIM USA pricing and plans

As mentioned above, we can divide the plans offered by Verizon into postpaid and prepaid, each with its own terms and conditions. As for prices, we can consider a range between $25 and $70 per month for a digital SIM with data, calls, and local messages. If you buy multiple lines, Verizon offers discounts related to your profession or occupation, such as military, nurses, teachers, or students.

On the other hand, when you sign up for a Verizon eSIM, you can add additional services to your plan, such as subscriptions to streaming channels (Disney, Apple One, among others) or Walmart memberships. Also, suppose you are a high-data user. In that case, they allow you to opt for unlimited data plans, plans with international coverage, and plans for devices such as tablets, mobile hotspots, or laptops.

Virtual SIM card for the USA with unlimited data

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Prepaid plans

Verizon’s prepaid options are popular for allowing tourists to purchase a virtual SIM card without signing a contract. At the same time, local customers can bring their own devices and use the company’s service without much hassle. Verizon has four plans that you can activate in the USA. In comparison, prepaid plans are easier to purchase, but postpaid plans allow you to add extra services to your package. Prepaid plan prices and benefits are:

  • The basic plan is $35 with talk and text
  • Upgrade plan with 15 GB plan for $45, includes unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited data plan for $60 includes unlimited talk and text. Includes unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited Data Plus plan for $70 includes unlimited talk and text, 50 GB of premium network, and 25 GB of premium mobile hotspot.

Postpaid plans

One of the main differences from the postpaid plans is that they require a contract, so you must be a US resident and over 18 to purchase one. Verizon has three “base” unlimited data options, to which you can add extra services such as streaming if you wish. One of its most popular packages is the Unlimited Ultimate plan, offering a line (prepaid SIM card USA or digital SIM card) with unlimited data and an ad-free subscription to Disney+. The three post-paid eSIM plan options are:

  • Unlimited welcome for $60 includes unlimited data and 5G speed.
  • Unlimited Plus for $65 includes unlimited data, 5G speed, and 30 GB of premium mobile hotspot data.
  • Unlimited Ultimate $75 includes unlimited data, 5G speed, and 60 GB of premium mobile hotspot data.

You have unlimited messaging and calling on any of the plans and enjoy 5G coverage when available. You can use your plan while using eSIMs in Mexico and Canada without paying additional fees. It is expected to find alternatives in online stores with multi-region coverage, such as happens with the Holafly eSIM North America.

You may be interested to know how do eSIM cards work.

Devices compatible with Verizon eSIM USA 

Virtual SIM cards provide many benefits for their versatility and efficiency, but it is essential to know that not all devices can support them, so you should check if your phone is compatible. Verizon USA eSIMs can be used in phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, cars, and even pocket WiFi as long as they are compatible.

There are plans specifically for these gadgets that we will discuss later, but as we mentioned before opting for any of them, Verizon will ask you to confirm if they can indeed use the service. To help you with this, Holafly has updated lists of eSIM smartwatches, compatible laptops, and other devices that can use this technology.

Steps to get Verizon eSIM

As with the plans available, the steps to obtain an eSIM with Verizon depend on whether you are a new customer or an existing Verizon customer and whether you are a tourist or a resident of the country. In all cases, the most direct way is to go to a Verizon store or an authorized agent and request the service there; the staff will help you through the process.

However, you can also apply online when you are a customer and have access to My Verizon. Access your profile and go to the option to move your number to a new virtual SIM; the process will be remote in this case. As a tourist, you can apply online only for prepaid digital SIM plans, but you will be asked to confirm your phone’s IMEI to ensure that your device works with the Verizon network.

Requirements to buy Verizon virtual SIM card online

When you go to My Verizon, you can apply online to switch your existing number to a new embedded SIM. By following the steps outlined on the website, you will seamlessly activate your data plan on your phone. You can forget about physical chips and enter the era of the Verizon virtual SIM card. However, you need to meet these requirements to purchase and activate it:

  • Have an unlocked phone compatible with this technology.
  • Have an internet connection for the purchase and installation process.
  • Be a Verizon customer or local customer to be able to access My Verizon and move your plan to an eSIM
  • Follow the steps to install the service on your new device.

Follow these steps to get it

Time needed: 11 minutes

When you confirm that you meet the requirements to buy online, you can follow these steps to complete the purchase.

  1. Go to the Verizon website.

    Once there, look for the plans section and select the category that fits you.

    Verizon eSIM online step   1
    Source: Verizon

  2. A new device, or do you already have your phone?

    When you choose a category, the next step is to indicate whether you will buy a phone or bring your device.

    Verizon eSIM online step 1
    Source: Verizon

  3. Select your device

    This applies when you bring your device. If you are buying a phone, you can skip this step.

    Verizon eSIM online step 2
    Source: Verizon

  4. Information about your device

    You must select the model of your phone, where you bought it and the IMEI of the device.
    Verizon eSIM online step 2
    Source: Verizon

  5. Choose one of the available plans

    After confirming that your phone can use the Verizon network, you can choose one of the postpaid or prepaid plans.

    Verizon eSIM online step 4
    Source: Verizon

  6. Proceed with the payment and wait for the delivery

    Finally, you can choose to pay by any of the available payment methods. You will be asked for personal information to complete the purchase and receive the virtual SIM to install. In either case, you can contact Verizon’s customer support for further clarification.

Requirements to purchase a Verizon digital SIM card in a physical store

This is the most direct method, so if you are not related to online shopping or a tourist who wants to use Verizon’s service, this is probably the most ideal alternative. Going to a physical store to purchase a virtual SIM card may seem inefficient, but it is customary to need the store’s staff assistance. In any case, the requirements for requesting a digital SIM in a physical store are as follows:

  • Have an eSIM-compatible phone that is unlocked to use the Verizon network.
  • Go to a Verizon physical store or authorized Verizon agent. 
  • Request to purchase an eSIM with a data plan, follow the steps directed by Verizon staff and provide the requested information.

Follow these steps to get it

In this case, being the most direct method, you only have to look for the physical store or authorized agent closest to your location. You can help yourself with the Verizon website, which has a “find stores near me” section. Once there, you must have your phone request an eSIM, and the staff will guide you through the entire purchase process.

How to install according to the type of device

After successfully purchasing our Verizon eSIM USA by any method, it is time to learn how to install it on our device. It is imperative when you get the service online and do not have the assistance of Verizon staff. This also applies when you buy a virtual SIM card from another provider because the installation process is the same. In general, for each phone brand, the steps are as follows.

Install on Apple iPhone

All Apple iPhone XR/XS or newer and iPhone SE (2020) or newer models running iOS 12.1.12 or later are compatible with Verizon eSIM USA. These can be installed in two ways. The first and most direct way is by scanning the QR code you receive when you purchase data service from the carrier. You can install it manually, but you will need the SM-DP+ address, also included at the time of purchase. 

It is essential to know that for the whole process, you need to have an internet connection, so we recommend doing it from home or a secure WiFi network. To help you with the process, you can also use Holafly’s iPhone eSIM installation guide.

Install on Android Device

The most popular Android devices using Verizon eSIM are the Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 Xl, Pixel 4a5G UW, Pixel 5, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro. When you have signed up for the service, you can install it by searching in your phone Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network. Tap the plus sign (+) next to Mobile Network. 

You will see a new screen with the message download your SIM instead? At this point, you should have the QR code on another screen or device to scan and install the virtual SIM. After this, you just wait for the activating Verizon message to be displayed, which may take about five minutes. Finally, complete the installation. If you have any doubts, you can repeat the steps in this eSIM Google Pixel installation guide.

Install on Smartwatches

Verizon has a policy with smartwatches that only one device can be activated per embedded SIM card with a data plan. In addition, if you have activated services from another operator, you can only have one associated with the Verizon eSIM used in the smartwatch. 

When we have full understanding of these conditions, the installation process is almost automatic. In the case of the Apple Watch eSIM, you go to the My Watch > Cellular menu and select the plan you want to use. Verizon eSIM for the USA supports smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Fossil, and Google, among others.

Companies also offering virtual SIM cards in the USA

So far, we have discussed Verizon options, its prices, plans, and ways to buy them. However, it is essential to know that there are other local and international options offering this type of service, also with benefits and essential points to highlight. We will mention some of these alternatives to Verizon in the USA.

Holafly unlimited data eSIM for the USA

eSIM with unlimited data for the USA
Unlimited data eSIM for the USA. Source: Holafly.

One of the leading online options is the Holafly unlimited data USA eSIM to use in the country. Its great advantage is the ease of purchase for local customers and tourists, especially without leaving aside the option of unlimited data and data sharing of up to 500 MB daily. You have plans from 1 to 90 days of use with prices between $6 and $139. You can make the purchase and installation process from home without signing contracts or verifying your phone at a physical location. 

All of their plans are prepaid, so there will be no additional costs to those stated. Plus, you can load your digital SIM through top-ups to extend the days of use. Holafly’s embedded SIM is compatible with a wide range of devices, and the company has customer support in more than five languages to assist users worldwide 24/7.

AT&T eSIM for the USA

It is also known as one of the leading operators in the country and, of course, offers eSIM services to get data and calls in the USA. Among its plans, we find postpaid options for resident customers and prepaid options for customers of all types. As for prices, we can expect to pay between $25 and $70 for the data plan and unlimited data options are included in most of them.

Compared to Verizon, they have similar coverage, support, and pricing. AT&T also has a discount option when we buy multiple lines, which also applies to some professions and occupations such as military, teachers, or nurses. One difference to highlight is that AT&T does not offer the option of subscriptions to streaming services such as Disney+ or others.

T-Mobile eSIM for the USA 

One of the last local options is T-Mobile. Among the three operators mentioned above, they have the most significant number of customers and coverage in the USA. Their digital SIM with data ranges between $60 and $90. In all cases, we will have unlimited data at different speeds. When we buy more lines, the prices are usually reduced, and no annual contracts are needed to purchase their services. 

They do not lag behind the competition and offer professional discounts. As a main advantage, they enjoy unlimited hotspots so that you can share data with your phone at unlimited 3G speeds.

Additional services offered by Verizon eSIM USA

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that Verizon offers eSIM plans for devices other than phones. Examples of this are plans for Smartwatches starting at $10 per month for unlimited data. There are plans for tablets or laptops starting at $20 and up to $30, including premium browsing and unlimited data on standard broadband. Finally, mobile hotspot plans start at $20 and go up to $80. Even smart home options with security cameras and unlimited in-vehicle Wi-Fi starting at $20 per month. 

You can get all these additional services from Verizon thanks to the flexibility of the technology. Of course, each of the plans includes conditions of use, and you must ensure that the devices are compatible with the technology and networks of the operator.

Frequently asked questions about Verizon eSIM for the USA

Can I move my Verizon SIM card plan to a Verizon virtual SIM?

Yes, as a Verizon customer, you can request through your profile on their website to switch your service to an eSIM. This way, you do not have to carry out a physical location. If you confirm your phone’s IMEI on the web, you can do the process remotely without paying any fee.

Is Verizon embedded SIM card free?

When you are an active Verizon customer, transferring your plan from a SIM card to an embedded SIM card is no additional cost. If you are a new customer, when you purchase an eSIM, you must do so along with a data plan, so the cost will be the cost of the method you choose to activate.

Can you use Verizon eSIMs as a prepaid customer?

All Verizon customers can use virtual SIM services if they have a compatible phone. If you are a new prepaid customer, you must go to a physical store or authorized agent to purchase and install the virtual SIM card service.

Can you use Verizon eSIMs internationally?

Like the physical chip, the virtual SIM card allows you to use your local plan internationally. However, use outside the USA is considered a roaming service, and if you don’t have a plan with international coverage, you can end up paying a lot of money. An alternative when traveling is to use Holafly’s prepaid digital SIM card with coverage in more than 190 destinations.