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The Best eSIM for Switzerland in 2024: Top 7 Picks

Pick the best eSIM for Switzerland in 2024. You'll learn about top 7 providers, rates and much more. Connect and enjoy.


July 2, 2024

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Preparations for your trip will not be complete unless you plan how to stay seamlessly connected while in Switzerland. Keep in mind that even though it is an EU country, Switzerland is not part of the European Union. So, if you already have some roaming allowance for the EU, check if Switzerland is on the list of covered countries. There are different ways to get your internet connection up and running during trips, but getting the best eSIM for Switzerland definitely takes the cake. That way, you can easily access Uber and ride-sharing apps in cities like Zurich or Geneva. 

You can share stunning photos of the best places in Switzerland, such as Matterhorn or Lake Geneva with your friends and family in real-time. A Switzerland eSIM allows you to quickly book tickets for famous attractions like the Swiss National Museum or Jungfrau Railway online and avoid queues. 

Also, let’s not forget using maps, translating languages, checking restaurant ratings online, and much more. With Switzerland eSIM plans, you can do that without breaking the bank with roaming charges and have more control over your travel budget.

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Urban train in Zürich, Switzerland Source: Pexels.

What’s the Best eSIM for Switzerland?

If you don’t plan on calling many Swiss numbers or texting local numbers, your best option is to get an eSIM for Switzerland from one of the global eSIM providers. In this article, we’ll give you quick and meaningful reviews of Holafly, Yesim, FlexiRoam, SimOpions, Saily, Maya Mobile, and Nomad. Depending on how you spend your data packages while traveling, you’ll definitely find an eSIM card here that matches your needs.

Your other option is to try to get a Swiss SIM card from local networks that you can hopefully transform into an eSIM. We’ll also look into those options for you if you think getting a local phone number and a regular SIM card is necessary for your trip to Switzerland.

Let’s get started with an option that offers you the most generous mobile data plan.

Which is the best eSIM for Switzerland?

When you’re getting everything ready for your trip to Switzerland, it can be easy to forget small details. And just like this destination, this is applicable for any vacation spot. Having an internet connection is vital. That’s the reason why we want to take you step by step on the top 4 best eSIMs for Switzerland. Other characteristics will be presented, such as different providers, rates and prices, and confirming about the compatible devices.

We’re going to review four different providers that offer eSIMs for Switzerland, they are Holafly, YeSIM, Flexiroam, and Truphone. As the main alternative for travelers to this mountainous European region. Let’s dive in!

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1. Holafly Switzerland eSIM with Unlimited Data

Holafly Switzerland eSIM gives you an unlimited data plan to use in Switzerland for as many days as you like. You can choose from 1 to 90 days of validity and even buy several eSIMs.

Holafly Switzerland esim
Source: Holafly

Key facts:

  • Prices for your Holafly eSIM with unlimited mobile data range from 6 USD for one day to 139 USD for 90 days.
  • You can use the tethering option, but there’s a limit of 500 MB a day.
  • There’s a Holafly app that makes managing your Switzerland eSIM much easier.
  • You have wonderful 24/7 customer support at your disposal via app, website, or WhatsApp.
  • The Trustadvisor rating for Holafly is 4.6 based on almost 39,000 reviews.
  • Your Switzerland eSIM will use 3G/4G/LTE/5G network speed based on local network capabilities.
  • The website is available in 19 different languages.
  • You can choose from 5 different currencies when purchasing your eSIM data plan.

Holafly Switzerland eSIM is an excellent option for people who don’t want to worry about mobile data usage. Whether you want to enjoy your Netflix series after a long day of exploring the Alps or attend business meetings on the go, unlimited mobile data is what you need, and Holafly eSIM delivers. 

2. Yesim

Yesim offers its users a virtual number in addition to their eSIM for Switzerland and other countries. This number can’t make or receive phone calls, but it can be used to receive registration SMS codes for different services. If this is something you plan on using while traveling, then Yesim definitely has the upper hand over the competition.  That being said, let’s do a more thorough review of Yesim’s offer for Switzerland, starting with prices.

Yesim standard esim offer for switzerland
Source: Yesim

Key facts:

  • Yesim has both Unlimited and Standard plans. 
  • Unlimited data is available for one day ($7.70), 7 days ($25.30), 15 days ($47.30), and 30 days ($64.90).
  • Standard plans have four options ranging from 3 GB to 20 GB, with prices ranging from $12.10 to $35.20. 
  • Yesim has a referral program and Ycoins that you can use as cash-back options.

Yesim is an excellent option for those who want anonymity while registering on different apps. Their data packages are not that varied, but they still have four options as standard and four unlimited data options. With their referral and cash-back program, this might be a good choice for those who think they will be using eSIM services from Yesim in the future.

3. FlexiRoam

FlexiRoam also has Fixed and Unlimited eSIM plans. Their lowest fixed data packages for Switzerland start with 1 GB, a smaller allowance than Yesim’s. Let’s review FlexiRoam’s offer.

Flexiroam fixed plans for switzerland
Source: FlexiRoam
Flexiroam unlimited plans for switzerland esim
Source: FlexiRoam

Key facts:

  • FlexiShare option allows you to pool your data allowances as a group.
  • FlexiShare isn’t available for Unlimited plans.
  • The Unlimited plan is capped due to the Fair Usage policy, so there’s a download speed cap after 3 GB daily.
  • You need the FlexiRoam app to activate and manage your eSIM card.

FlexiRoam is the best option for groups of travelers who don’t spend too much data. This is due to the FlexiShare option, which allows people on the same fixed plan eSIM cards to share their data among themselves. If you and your group of travelers all buy the same plan, you can pool your data packages and share them that way. Of course, there’s the Unlimited data plan for those who want to enjoy the perks of an internet connection at all times.

4. SimOptions

SimOptions offers its own eSIM cards, but it is mainly a marketplace that covers offers from different eSIM providers. 

SimOptions offer for Switzerland
Source: SimOptions

Key facts:

  • SimOptions is both a marketplace and an eSIM provider.
  • You can also buy a prepaid SIM card on their website.
  • Their other eSIM card provider for Switzerland is Orange.
  • SimOptions sometimes have sales.
  • Always check the offers against the original provider’s website.
  • Its eSIM cards can cover 5G.
  • SimOption eSIM cards don’t have top-ups available.
  • There are no unlimited data plans.

If you review SimOptions’ offer, you will notice that Orange eSIM options are the only other eSIM provider for Switzerland. The main difference between a SimOptions and Orange eSIM card is that Orange eSIM plans include phone calls and SMS messages, while SimOptions are purely data plans. 

5. Saily

Saily is a fairly new eSIM provider on the market. It was created by Nord Security, so eSIM technology is not its primary focus, even though it is a reputable company in its business. They offer five basic eSIM plans for Switzerland, and all the plans are fixed in terms of data they offer.

Saily esim offer for Switzerland
Source: Saily

Key facts:

  • Saily app is necessary for managing your eSIM card.
  • You can get a refund if you can’t activate your only eSIM plan.
  • Unlike Holafly eSIM, Saily doesn’t offer unlimited data plans.
  • Created by Nord Security, developers of NordVPN.
  • Tethering to other devices is possible.
  • Five different plans starting from 1 GB/7 days/$3.99 to 20 GB/30 days/$33.99
  • Top-up is available if you need additional data.

Saily has a good reputation due to its parent company. However, in terms of offers and data plans, it is obvious that it is new to the market. It is a good option for those who don’t need unlimited data plans and are dedicated to Nord Security brand. Otherwise, there are more reputable eSIM plan providers on the market.

6. Maya Mobile

If you review Mobile Maya’s offer, you will see that their eSIM data plans are valid for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days, and 30 days. This applies to both Unlimited and Standard plans. 

Maya mobile esim offer for Switzerland
Source: Maya Mobile

Key facts:

  • 5G available, depending on the coverage area. Remote areas of Switzerland might be excluded.
  • Maya Mobile eSIM for Switzerland connects to Sal and Sunrise networks.
  • Unlimited data comes in Lite, Standard, and Max versions with different high-speed internet daily caps.
  • Mobile hotspot included in Standard and Max plans with unlimited data.
  • Regional Europe+ eSIM covers Switzerland.

Maya Mobile is a good option for those who want to visit other EU countries besides Switzerland. Their Europe+ eSIM coverage extends to 36 EU countries, including Switzerland. Additionally, their plans start at 5 days and 3 GB, so those who feel they need fewer days or less data can look for other available options with other eSIM providers. Maya caters to advanced data consumers.

Conclusion: What Are the Best eSIM Plans for Switzerland?

All these excellent eSIM providers have different offers that make them stand out in different ways and cater to specific needs. 

Holafly: best for unlimited data

Holafly offers unlimited data in Switzerland for 1 to 90 days, with prices ranging from $6 to $139. It includes tethering with a 500 MB daily limit, 24/7 customer support, and a Trustadvisor rating of 4.6.

Yesim: best for registration SMS codes and anonymity

Yesim provides both unlimited and standard plans. Unlimited plans start at $7.70 for 1 day, and standard plans range from 3 GB to 20 GB, costing $12.10 to $35.20. It features a referral program and virtual numbers for receiving registration codes.

FlexiRoam: best for group data sharing

FlexiRoam offers unlimited and fixed plans, with a FlexiShare option for group data pooling on fixed plans. Unlimited data eSIMs have a daily 3 GB speed cap. Plans are managed via the FlexiRoam app.

SimOptions: best for their variety of options and deals

SimOptions is a marketplace offering their own eSIMs for Switzerland and also Orange. It supports 5G, includes options for phone calls and SMS, and occasionally offers sales.

Saily: best for Nord Security fans

Saily, created by Nord Security, offers five fixed data plans ranging from 1 GB/7 days for $3.99 to 20 GB/30 days for $33.99. It supports tethering and has a top-up option.

Maya Mobile: best for traveling across multiple EU countries

Maya Mobile offers plans valid for 5 to 30 days, with both unlimited and standard options. Unlimited plans vary in high-speed data caps and include mobile hotspots in Standard and Max plans. It also provides a Europe+ eSIM covering 36 EU countries.

Tips for Choosing the Best Switzerland eSIM Plans

Before you pick a data eSIM to help you stay connected on your trip to Switzerland, think a bit about your phone habits. 

  • What do you plan on doing during your trip to Switzerland? 
  • Do you see yourself making many video calls and sharing many photos with friends and family? Are you about to have video conferences and live streamings and use similar video communication channels? 
  • Do you just want to send a WhatsApp message here and there and check your Google Maps occasionally? 

These answers will help you determine the best eSIM for data in Switzerland that caters to your specific situation.

FAQs About Best eSIM for Switzerland

Which eSIM works in Switzerland?

Almost all global eSIM companies that work in Switzerland have eSIM data plans. Look into Holafly, Yesim, FlexiRoam, SimOptions, and more. Some local mobile carriers also allow you to transform your SIM card into an eSIM, but you usually have to visit their retailer to do so.

Which SIM is best for Switzerland for tourists?

Unless you really need to use a local number, an eSIM is a better option than a SIM card in Switzerland. If you need to have a local phone number for SMS and calls, look into Mucho Mobile, MTEL, Salt, or Yallo.

Does Holafly eSIM work in Switzerland?

Yes, Holafly eSIM works in Switzerland and offers excellent coverage area, unlimited data plans for the precise number of days you need, and 24/7 customer support. With this eSIM you’ll never run out of data in Switzerland and you can still keep your physical SIM cards in your phone.