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Yesim Review: Is It a Valid Option for Travelers in 2024?

Read a Yesim review and check their offers, prices, and features. Learn what real users have to say about their experience with Yesim eSIM.


June 5, 2024

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When traveling, having reliable mobile internet access is non-negotiable. Sure, you can try using local Wi-Fi connections, but how do you hail an Uber if you’re out and about exploring the city? Use your mobile data? Yes, and no. Sometimes, it can be more expensive than that Uber ride. The correct answer in 2024 is – use an eSIM service. There are many to choose from. In this article, we’ll give you an extensive Yesim review. 

Let’s discuss Yesim, its offerings, whether it’s a good option, and whether you should consider other eSIM providers as an alternative.

What Does Yesim Have to Offer?

Yesim offers eSIM cards and virtual phone numbers. They offer these as short-term options but also have long-term plans and business solutions. Yesim strives to be able to offer good internet speed on their mobile data plans. They try to achieve it via eSIM technology, rendering the need for a new SIM card by local operators obsolete. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yesim eSIM

Here are some main takeaways from this Yesim eSIM review. Keep reading for more information about Yesim offers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Virtual number option
Tethering is available
Global pay-as-you-go option
Standard and Unlimited plans have few options
Regional plan validity is not always transparent from the offering
International eSIM is Ycoin only option

Yesim eSIM Review: Discover Plans, Pricing and Features

Let’s take a closer look at Yesim eSIM service and how it all works so you can make your decision and check whether you should go for Yesim, use your own SIM card, or try your luck with other eSIM providers.

Yesim Data Plans

Yesim offers local, regional, and global data plans. Local plans extend to over 200 countries. Regional plans are very interestingly classified and offer Caribbean Cruise options. Other interesting regions are Scandinavian countries bundled up into one plan, or Asia split into Asia Pacific and Central Asia.

Yesim regional options

There’s a Global package that has 4 options:

  • Global package covering 135 countries
  • Africa and Europe covering 57 countries
  • USA Global with 40 countries
  • Business Destinations with 43 countries

It is not entirely clear what makes Africa and Europe a global and not a regional plan. 

The Global plan is capped at 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, or 20 GB. If you’re looking for a global unlimited data package, opt for International eSIM. 

international eSIM from Yesim

Remember that the International eSIM plan requires you to pay with Ycoins. 100 Ycounts are equivalent to 1 Euro. This is a pay-as-you-go option for which you’ll pay only for the mobile internet that you actually use.

One of the great things about the Yesim data plan is that you can use your phone as a hotspot for your other device. However, if you are tethering, remember that both devices will use your data. 

A word or two about data speed. Even though Yesim states they can support 5G, your network coverage will greatly influence your internet speed. It all comes down to the local telecommunications provider and how well their network works in certain areas. It’s always a good idea to check that before your trip.

Yesim works just like any other eSIM provider in terms of calls and SMS. You can send and receive these only online or using your usual SIM card. 

Yesim eSIM Prices 

Here are the data prices for several countries and regions that seem the most popular destinations. There are prices for Standard and Unlimited plans. Standard offers specific data allowances for a duration of time, while Unlimited plans have uncapped data usage.


Standard plans

3 GB7 days13.20 USD
5 GB15 days16.50 USD
10 GB30 days25.30 USD
20 GB30 days31.90 USD


7 days25.30 USD
15 days47.30 USD
30 days63.80 USD

United Kingdom

Standard plans

3 GB7 days11 USD
5 GB15 days14.40 USD
10 GB30 days22 USD
20 GB30 days34.10 USD


7 days25.30 USD
15 days47.30 USD
30 days63.80 USD


Standard plans

3 GB7 days16.50 USD
5 GB15 days19.80 USD
10 GB30 days34.10 USD
20 GB30 days57.20 USD


7 days42.90 USD
15 days63.80 USD

Europe (Multiple countries)

Standard plans

1 GB30 days8.80 USD
3 GB30 days13.20 USD
5 GB30 days16.50 USD
10 GB30 days28.60 USD
20 GB30 days34.10 USD


7 days31.90 USD
15 days53.90 USD
30 days82.50 USD
60 days137.50 USD
90 days192.50 USD

These are the prices, and Yesim offers different payment options. It has a bigger range of payment options even SimOptions or Mobimatter eSIM marketplace. You can use:

  • Cards – Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay (Android app only)
  • Apple Pay (iOS app only)
  • Binance Pay
  • Ycoins 
  • AliPay
  • Sofort/Klarna

If you want to save money, you may want to look into Ycoins – Yesim reward currency. A loyalty program is in place, so you can accumulate Ycoins and use them for future purchases, or even redeem a referral code for more Ycoins. 

Yesim eSIM Compatibility

You can use Yesim eSIM only on eSIM-compatible mobile phones and some tablets. At this moment, they are not compatible with PCs or laptops

Before purchasing Yesim eSIM, check their website or with customer support to see if your phone is compatible. Not all devices that usually work well with another eSIM service will work with Yesim.

For example, Yesim says that:

  • Device compatibility may vary between countries
  • Chinese iPhones aren’t compatible (e.g., iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR from China, Macau, and Hong Kong)
  • iOS must be 14.1 or later
  • Your phone must be unlocked
  • Issues with phones and installation in Turkey are solved by restoring to factory settings.

For more such details and information, visit Yesim directly.

Yesim App

You can find Yesim App on Google Store or Apple Store. Once you download and install it, you’ll have to sign up with a Google account or an email to use it. When that’s done, you have the option to work with eSIMs or virtual numbers.

You can use this app to easily and conveniently purchase plans, manage your eSIMs, and more. 

Purchasing plans through Yesim app
Source: Yesim App

You can also use this app to contact Customer service.

Yesim app customer support
Source: Yesim App

As you can see, the setup guide and Yesim installation options are right at your fingertips. You can easily contact support via in-app chat or WhatsApp. There’s also an FAQ option if you want to try that first.

Yesim’s Virtual Numbers

Besides eSIM cards, Yesim has another interesting feature – virtual numbers. These virtual can only receive messages. They serve as “spare” phone numbers you use to register on different apps and services.

The goal is to use them so you don’t have to leave your real number to receive your automation code. Virtual numbers are there to protect your privacy. You don’t need to provide identity verification to add one to your phone, and once installed, can be used instantly. You don’t even need an eSIM or SIM cards installed on your phone to use it.

Meaning – if you want to use WhatsApp or Telegram, for example, but not with your primary cell phone number – you buy a virtual one, sign up for a service, ask for the activation code to be sent to your virtual number, and activate your new Telegram. 

While you can use Yesim’s virtual number anywhere, it will have a country code of Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, or the United States.

Yesim virtual phone number
Source: Yessim website

There are two ways you can use this virtual number. You can choose one of the 4 offered countries and use that number to register for multiple services. Or, if you want to use that number only to register for a certain app, you can do that, too. Your options are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • OpenAI
  • Tinder
  • TikTok
  • Binance
  • Google

Additionally, sometimes, when you choose WhatsApp, for example, you can use that number to register on TikTok as well.

 Yesim Customer Service

Yesim create an extensive FAQ section on their website. This knowledge base can answer many user questions. However, if you still have some questions, there is a pretty basic AI chat option on their website. There doesn’t seem to be a live chat option at all. If it can’t answer your question, it will prompt you to leave your email and name so the support can contact you later.

You can switch the help center language to Russian or use it in English. The chatbot seems to be able to answer in English only. A similar situation is with the Yesim app. Contacting customer support creates a ticket. However, when asked, customer support reported using automatic translation to answer user questions.

yesim customer support answer
Source: screenshot of the conversation from a smartphone

Customer Experiences with Yesim 

Let’s dive into the customer experience and see if those who tried it recommend Yesim or advise against it. We’ve picked the most typical reviews from both ends of the spectrum, so you can take a look and make your own decision about this company and the quality of its service.

Positive Reviews

Customer service quality and good coverage are the most common reasons for positive reviews.

5-star review from Beni M
Source: Beni M for Trustpilot
5-star review from Henrik Jensen
Source: Henrik Jensen for Trustpilot

Negative Reviews

Most negative reviews are about the pricing, and quality of connection. 

1-star review from vermillion nova
Source: vermillion nova on Trustpilot
1-star review from customer
Source: customer on Trustpilot

Holafly’s Unlimited Data eSIM, an Alternative to Yesim 

Yesim seems like a good idea if you want a virtual number or even some eSIM options. Their offer, especially the standard one, offers quite limited range od packages . 

Additionally, if you want uncapped data options, Yesim offers few plans, all limited to a certain number of days. There is a pay-as-you-go Global option, but you need to top-up your Ycoin and there’s little control over your spending. 

If you really want peace of mind and to pay only for what you use, you should look into Holafly. Holafly unlimited data eSIM lets you pick the number of days you need nonstop, uncapped internet access, up to 90. There’s no need to pay for 20 days of internet access if you’re only going to be using it for 17. That’s the freedom of choice Holafly offers.

Holafly united kingdom unlimited plans
Source: Holafly

Holafly eSIM Advantages and Disadvantages 

Let’s list Holafly’s advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if it’s a worthy alternative to other operators on the eSIM marketplace.

Holafly ProsHolafly Cons
Customizable no-limit data plans
Excellent customer support
Hotspot option (with daily cap)
App installation not necessary
No SMS or call option
No virtual number option

Holafly Reviews on Trustpilot

Holafly has over 36,500 reviews on Trustpilot and is currently rated 4.6. While there are other ratings there, 84% of these reviews are five stars

holafly trustpilot

Source: Holafly on Trustpilot

Final Conclusions on Yesim’s Review

Yesim is one of the go-to options if you are looking for a virtual number and want to keep your primary number safe. This option can be interesting to people with an extensive network of fellow travelers, as they can earn referral Ycoin awards and use them for future purchases. 

Their International eSIM, in which you pay only for the data you actually spend, can work excellent for travelers who don’t spend much data and don’t use it for “data-demanding” apps, such as watching videos or different social media apps. 

Those who aren’t 100% sure about how much data they use or will be using on their travels are better off using unlimited plans from Holafly. In that way, there is no unexpected Internet usage that can turn into an unplanned expense.

FAQ About Yesim’s Review

Is Yesim trustworthy?

Yes. Yesim is a legitimate and trustworthy eSIM provider that offers both eSIMs and virtual number options. There are many online reviews with satisfied customers claiming that their service is legitimate and not a scam.

How does Yesim work?

You can use Yesim through their website or the Yessim app. Either way, you will have to create an account to be able to manage your eSIM or your virtual number. You need to check if your device is compatible with Yesim eSIMs, as there is a list of compatible devices on their website. Then you choose a plan or destination, and then purchase the plan you need.