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Learn how to get and activate a T-Mobile eSIM USA

Connecting to a 5G network with nationwide coverage is easy with a T-Mobile eSIM USA. Find out how to get, activate and price of the service.

Leoneska R.

September 11, 2023

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Many people are interested in connecting to a 5G network, and with a T-Mobile eSIM USA, you will have one of the most extensive network coverage in the country. With a virtual SIM card, you can sign up for a data plan without installing a chip in your phone and making your cell phone’s internet connection faster. 

Considering this, knowing how to buy one, how to install it, and its prices is essential information whether you are a new user or want to move your traditional SIM service to a new eSIM. We will explain what you have to do and all the alternatives to acquire an eSIM card USA.

T-Mobile eSIM USA
Couple using their cellphone during their trip. Source: Unsplash.

Pricing and plans of T-Mobile eSIM USA

With this operator, we have several prepaid or postpaid plans that include a virtual SIM card with the purchase. The only way to acquire one is with a data plan. The good news is that the eSIM has no additional cost. The prices of these data plans vary according to the connection speed and the benefits included; we will discuss these options below.

virtual SIM card for the USA with unlimited data

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Prepaid plans

This type of plan is focused on people who want to measure their data consumption. You will be paying in advance what you will use. It also focuses on tourist customers; you can buy them without contracts, and they have fewer requirements than the postpaid options. You can pay $40 to $60 monthly for a prepaid eSIM with unlimited data at 4G speed. The amount of data at 5G speed varies depending on the plan, and you must have a compatible phone to access that network.

Postpaid plans

On the other hand, postpaid plans are purchased on a contract basis, so only resident customers can buy them. Depending on the number of lines, some discounts apply. There are also offers related to professions such as military, veterans, or first responders. The price range goes from $60 to $90 for a line with eSIM included. All include unlimited data, and a portion is in premium data; also, the most expensive option includes 1 Screen of Netflix.

Devices compatible with T-Mobile eSIM USA 

First, T-Mobile will ask for the IMEI of your device to confirm that it is compatible with the virtual SIM card and its network coverage. They also have a search engine to look up compatible devices by make or model. You will see that not only are there compatible phones, but eSIMs can be used in smartwatches, mobile hotspots, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

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Steps to get T-Mobile eSIM USA

After verifying that your device is compatible, you can choose the data plan you want to get your eSIM. Prepaid and postpaid plans have different requirements, and you can purchase your service online, through a retail store, or even by calling customer service. Choosing an alternative may be conditioned by whether you are a new T-Mobile customer if you are a tourist or a resident, or if you just want to transfer your SIM card USA to a virtual one.

Requirements to buy T-Mobile virtual SIM card online

To be able to buy online, we must be resident customers or at least have credit information, so if I am a tourist, it is more complex to take this alternative. Besides this, the process is quite simple. When accessing the web and choosing the plan we want, the form will be displayed with information to fill out before making the checkout:

  • Access the website and be connected to the internet for the process.
  • Confirm the IMEI of your phone. 
  • Personal information such as local address and phone number
  • Credit approval information
  • Login
  • Have one of the following payment methods available

Follow these steps to get it online

First, you must go to the T-Mobile website, the cell phones section, and then the mobile SIM card. Once there, you will be able to select eSIM as the activation method after entering the IMEI of your device to continue. Finally, you can access the shopping cart, choose the plan to activate the virtual SIM card, and fill out the necessary information to pay for and receive your service.

T-Mobile eSIM USA
T-mobile eSIM. Source:

Requirements to purchase T-Mobile digital SIM card in a physical store

It is the most traditional method and allows you to buy both postpaid and prepaid plans. It is ideal for tourists in the country who can only buy the latter. In this case, it is essential to have a phone compatible with T-Mobile eSIM USA and their network and find a store or authorized agent of the operator. Once there, you will be asked for it:

  • Have a phone compatible with eSIM and unlocked to use T-Mobile networks.
  • Personal information such as name, ID, or passport. 
  • Have available means of payment accepted at the branch.
  • Follow the steps of the customer service staff for purchase and installation.

How to install according to the type of device

After purchasing our embedded SIM card, we can proceed to install it. The process varies a bit between brands, but generally, it is pretty similar. Knowing how to do it is essential when we do not have customer support or when we buy with another provider; in essence, we can use these tips for either case.

Install on Apple iPhone

As always, you need to be connected to a WiFi network for the installation. When configuring your iPhone, you will be prompted to activate an eSIM or transfer from a previous phone. After this, you will see the notification that the T-Mobile Cellular Plan is ready to be installed.

The operator clarifies that when you do not have your previous phone when you transfer from Android to Apple or have a prepaid plan, you must contact them through their customer service for installation.

When you cannot perform the automatic installation or do not have access to customer support services, you can proceed with a manual installation. This requires you to have the activation QR code at hand and to help you in the process, Holafly has an installation guide for iPhone eSIM.

Install on Android Device

Suppose this is the first time you are installing an eSIM on your Android device and signing up for service with T-Mobile. In that case, the process will be automatic by pressing the notification to install or transfer your T-Mobile plan. You must be connected to a WiFi network to receive the notification and installation.

You can also do it manually by accessing your phone’s settings. After that, depending if it is an Oppo eSIM, Google, or eSIM Samsung, you will have to follow a few steps. Holafly has guides for each brand on their website.

Install on Smartwatches

In the case of compatible smartwatches, T-Mobile has no restrictions. For installation, you must have the watch and the phone nearby and be within the coverage area of the operator. You must also confirm that both are on the same T-Mobile account. After that, you will be able to pair them through their applications. If you need a more detailed guide, you can use Holafly’s guide for eSIM Apple Watch.

Companies also offering eSIM in the USA

Obtaining an eSIM with a specific carrier can be complicated for some customers. The good news is that we have several options. Some online stores offer virtual SIM cards for the USA and other American carriers with more alternatives. We will talk a bit about some of these.

Holafly unlimited data digital SIM card for the USA

eSIM with unlimited data for the USA

Buying an eSIM with a local operator is more difficult for tourist customers, and online providers are a better option. Holafly is an online store that focuses on providing these services to users from all over the world. Their eSIM USA for tourists offers unlimited data plans for 1 to 90 days, with prices starting at $6. The best part is that the entire purchase and installation process can be done remotely without additional requirements or contracts.

To purchase an eSIM from Holafly, you will need a phone that supports embedded SIM cards and an internet connection. They offer plans for over 160 countries, and you can top up your balance using various methods. They also have 24/7 multilingual customer service and multiple payment options. Their virtual SIMs are prepaid, and some plans offer coverage for multiple countries, such as the eSIM North America.

Verizon eSIM card for the USA

Verizon is a primary American wireless carrier that has been growing in popularity in recent years. The company offers a virtual SIM card (eSIM) that can be used with prepaid or postpaid data plans. The eSIM is free, but it must be purchased with a plan. Prepaid plans start at $35 monthly, while postpaid plans start at $60 monthly. Verizon also offers the ability to add services to its plans, such as streaming subscriptions or Walmart memberships.

AT&T eSIM card for the USA

AT&T is a leading telecommunications company in the United States that offers postpaid and prepaid eSIM plans for all types of customers. Prices range from $25 to $70 per month, and most plans include unlimited data. AT&T’s coverage and customer support are similar to Verizon’s, and the company also offers discounts for multiple lines and certain professions. However, AT&T does not offer free subscriptions to streaming services like Disney+.

Frequently asked questions about T-Mobile eSIM for the USA

Can a tourist customer purchase a T-Mobile eSIM online?

First of all, unless you have a local address and credit approval information, you cannot purchase an eSIM online. You can either go to a physical location to buy a prepaid eSIM with T-Mobile or use an international online store like Holafly and purchase your service in just minutes.

How much does it cost to activate a T-Mobile eSIM?

The operator does not charge for the virtual SIM card, but it is a requirement to purchase a postpaid or prepaid data plan to request one. You will only pay the cost of your chosen service, including activation through a digital SIM card, with no additional fee.

Can you use T-Mobile eSIMs internationally?

In this case, the virtual SIM card and the physical SIM card from T-Mobile work similarly. You can use it abroad through roaming services. These charges are expensive, so if you are going to travel, it is advisable to use the Holafly store and its eSIM for more than 160 destinations worldwide.