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How to get an eSIM with phone number?

When traveling, we want to be fully communicated; an eSIM with a phone number allows you to call and have data. Learn here how to get one!

Leoneska R.

June 20, 2023

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The embedded SIM card or eSIM is becoming increasingly common in our phones, and using one for our trips abroad is ideal. However, one of the features that is not very common to find in international eSIMs is the possibility of having a phone number with them. Now it is possible, and if you are interested in knowing what eSIM is and how to have one with a phone number during this article, we will answer you!

We will also discuss all your alternatives, how to use your phone number abroad to make calls, and some of the data plans and rates associated with the service. You will find everything you need to know to be fully communicated in your travels to many destinations in the world.

Europe eSIM with phone number

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What is a travel eSIM with phone number?

We know that when we buy a physical SIM card in your country, it includes a phone number. Well, now international eSIMs have a phone number as well. This feature often has some convenient benefits for many. Depending on your travel destination, you may be assigned a region code, but this varies between providers. Remember that to use a virtual SIM card, you must have a compatible mobile phone.

You could have the same area code as your destination country or one from a neighboring country with service in the region you are visiting. This difference does not usually condition your service. You will still be able to make and receive analog calls or send SMS, depending on the plan you sign up for. Remember that you will not stop having a data package with the virtual SIM card, so you can always count on calls and messages from applications such as WhatsApp or Skype.

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Where to get an eSIM with a phone number?

One of the most used online stores by travelers worldwide is Holafly. They have added to their eSIM the advantage of having a phone number when you buy one of their data packages. Holafly has digital SIM cards for over 160 destinations worldwide, and some packages include multi-country coverage. 

Some destinations with prepaid eSIM with phone numbers are Europe, Spain eSIM, Italy, France, and German eSIM. For all of these, unlimited data packages are available with which you will have a phone number to make and receive calls at no extra cost. These are just some of the destinations with numbers included. Many others in Europe also have this benefit.

Holafly’s online store is easy and safe to use. Just go to their official website, search for the destination you are traveling to, and you will see all the data plans available. If a phone number is included for the destination you choose, you will see it indicated on the page. After purchasing, you will receive the eSIM immediately in your email with a quick installation guide

Holafly is a more accessible alternative for tourists and travelers because of the facilities it provides. Buying an eSIM with a phone number abroad can be a complicated task. Remember that these services are usually available to local customers rather than foreigners when visiting a new country.


Having access to receive and make calls abroad without paying too much is very advantageous. This can make it easier to communicate with people in case they don’t have good internet speed. With Holafly eSIMs that include a phone number, you can receive calls from anywhere worldwide.

Plus, you can call over thirty destinations at no additional cost. You will have an Austrian number (+43) with which you can enjoy these benefits. Using an eSIM with a phone number when traveling allows you to switch services when moving from one country to another easily. You don’t need to do a physical installation or remove your local physical SIM card, so there is no chance of losing your data.


At the moment, you will not be able to send SMS with Holafly’s travel eSIM with a phone number.  You can use applications such as WhatsApp and Skype to send messages because you have unlimited data on all packages. Also, for now, the service with the phone number is not available for all destinations, only the ones mentioned.

Data Plans and prices for Holafly eSIM with phone number

eSIM for Europe
Source: Holafly Store

Holafly has various plans available with its virtual SIM cards, which range from five to ninety days of use. You can choose the most convenient according to the duration of your trip. In all the available packages, you will have unlimited data, and in the destinations that include phone numbers, you will have 60 minutes to receive calls and 60 minutes to make calls.

The cost of the plans ranges from $19 to $99 for the ninety-day package. Whenever you need it, you can extend the data packages for another of the available plans for the same destination. In addition to the regional option you can find local plans as one of the best eSIM card options to travel to Italy.

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How does the Holafly prepaid eSIM with phone number work?

A prepaid eSIM with a phone number works in the same way as a physical SIM card purchased locally. The ones Holafly offers include an Austrian phone number (+43), with which you can call over thirty destinations and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to do any additional configuration. Install the eSIM on your phone, and the minutes will be available with the data package. You can use 60 minutes to call and 60 minutes to receive calls. That is 120 minutes in total at no additional cost. In case of exceeding this limit, there may be additional charges associated.

FAQs about the International eSIM with Phone Number

Can eSIM be used for calling?

Holafly’s international eSIM Europe for travel with phone number allows you to make up to 60 minutes of calls to more than thirty European destinations. This has no additional cost to the contracted data package and does not require additional configuration on your phone. Just install your eSIM, and you can enjoy the available minutes.

How to make a Phone call with an eSIM?

You can call the available destinations when you install your Holafly virtual SIM card with your phone number. We recommend confirming if the country is included in the data package before calling. If it is, dial the number on your phone and make the call. You will have sixty minutes of call time available in any of the contracted plans.

Where is my eSIM number?

This may vary slightly between phone models. Generally, we can see it when we go to the configuration menu and look for the SIM/eSIM cards and mobile networks section. Once we enter, if we have our eSIM installed, we will see the phone number associated with it in this menu.