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Learn how to get and activate a Vodafone eSIM UK

With the Vodafone eSIM UK you can enjoy internet connectivity during your stay in this great country.

Leoneska Ruiz

January 31, 2024

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Let’s start with what is an eSIM? This technology has arrived to offer a convenient and more flexible internet connection for everyone. It is a more compact and durable alternative, and many operators have upgraded to this service, including Vodafone. Learn how to buy and activate Vodafone eSIM UK and discover this ideal solution to use your phone in the country!

With these advantages mentioned above, virtual SIM cards are perfect for traveling users or those who use multiple devices. They are much easier to activate and allow you to share services on other devices, such as smartwatches. In this way, a UK eSIM with unlimited data allows you to use your apps and gadgets without worrying about consumption.

Person using the phone in the UK. Source: freepik.

Pricing and plans of Vodafone eSIM UK

First hand, we can consider Vodafone eSIM UK as free. The operator allows you to request one, but it will not be activated until you buy an eSIM deal or data-only plan. The plans are very varied, and the choice depends on the type of user you are. We will be reviewing some of the options below.

Prepaid plans

At the moment, eSIMs are only available in postpaid plans. In pay-as-you-go plans, there are only physical SIM cards. This bundle with a price range between £10 and £40 (approximately $12.5 and $50). Regarding benefits, we find data to navigate from 7 GB to 200 GB, the most expensive package with unlimited data. All bundles include unlimited minutes and local texts.

An excellent solution for this is to purchase a virtual SIM card for the UK through Holafly. Their online store offers prepaid plans for all types of customers. With unlimited data on all options, easy purchase and installation, and access in more than a dozen languages on their website.

virtual SIM card for the UK with unlimited data

>>Buying a virtual SIM card with a prepaid plan is more accessible through online stores, offering unlimited data like local carriers in the UK. As the Holafly’s eSIM UK with unlimited data << Get 5% OFF. Code: MYESIMNOW5

Postpaid plans 

This type of plan is focused on long-term users. It requires a contract and more requirements but has more benefits and options as advantages. We can buy Vodafone UK eSIM with data-only plans or a virtual SIM card that deals with data, calls, texts, and more. The price ranges from £15 and up to £44 (approximately $19 and $55). You can also lock in the price of your plan for 12 or 24 months with these plans. 

Devices compatible with Vodafone eSIM UK

If we talk about mobile phones, the Vodafone eSIM UK is compatible with the Apple iPhone XS or newer, the Google Pixel 3 or newer, certain Samsung Galaxy phones, iPads, and other models you can see on their website. On the other hand, eSIMs can also be used in smartwatches, laptops, and other IoT-compatible devices. If the device has the technology and can use the Vodafone UK network, you can connect with a virtual SIM card.

Steps to get Vodafone eSIM UK

If you have a compatible phone and want to connect to a high-speed network, then the Vodafone eSIM is your option. The operator has physical stores and authorized agents throughout the country, plus its prepaid virtual SIM cards are sold at other distributors. It also has a virtual store to buy them but to be used by a resident or local customer. We will explain the requirements and steps for each option.

Requirements to buy Vodafone virtual SIM card online

Vodafone is the only operator in the UK that allows you to buy a digital SIM card online. However, the service is not accessible to tourists because of the information required on the website. On the other hand, if you are a Vodafone customer who wants to transfer your plan to a new eSIM or if you are a new customer interested in joining the network, you will have to take into account:

  • Have internet access for the whole process and to visit the Vodafone online store.
  • Confirm that your phone is compatible with Vodafone eSIM and its network. 
  • Personal information such as local address and phone number
  • Have a monthly payment method available
  • Create and register an account on the Vodafone website
  • Only postpaid plans are available for online purchases of the virtual SIM card.

Follow these steps to get it online

The online purchase is relatively straightforward once you meet the requirements. On the Vodafone website, you should look for the data-only plans or SIM-only deals option. Either of the two will display the available plans to select from. When you choose one, you can proceed to the checkout, where you must indicate that the service is activated on an eSIM. Fill in all the requested information, pay, and you will receive the virtual SIM card.

Vodafone eSIM UK in Shopping basket. Source: Vodafone.

Requirements to purchase Vodafone digital SIM card in a physical store

In this case, the process is more straightforward, but it may take time to locate a store where to buy. In the same way, virtual SIM cards are available with the activation of post-payment plans, so tourists cannot apply. To buy in a physical store, you must.

  • Have a phone compatible with eSIM and unlocked to use Vodafone networks.
  • Be a local or resident customer with access to post-payment plans.
  • Document that identifies you, such as ID, Passport, or similar document
  • Have methods of payment accepted at the site
  • Follow the steps of the customer service staff for purchase and installation.

How to install according to the type of device

When you buy a virtual SIM card with Vodafone or any other provider, the installation process varies a bit depending on the make and model of your device. For this reason, it is essential to know how to install our service, even more so when we do not have the assistance of the operator’s staff or when we buy online. In short, we will tell you how to install it on some devices.

Install on Apple iPhone

Once you have the QR code you receive when purchasing or transferring a Vodafone eSIM UK, you can start the installation. With your phone connected to a WiFi network, look for the settings menu, then go to mobile data and add eSIM. There, you can select to use a QR code, and after scanning, it will start installing and activating your service. there are guides like Holafly’s guide to installing iPhone eSIM you can use.

Install on Android Device

Several brands use Android as their operating system, and although some layer their phones, the installation process is similar. You must also be connected to a WiFi network, then look for the network and internet menu. In the SIM card option, choose “download eSIM instead,” scan the QR code, and the installation and activation will begin. To be more accurate, use the Holafly guide for installation on eSIM Oppo, Samsung eSIM, or Google.

Install on Smartwatches

The Vodafone UK eSIM is compatible with some Apple, Google, Oppo, and Samsung smartwatches. In most cases, the installation requires you to have your mobile phone and watch close to each other and within Vodafone coverage. Then go to the smartwatch application on your phone, go to the mobile data option, and finally, configure the pairing between devices. Also, to help you in the process, we have the Apple Watch eSIM installation guide.

Also get to know with us some of the best eSIM for the United Kingdom!

Companies also offering eSIM in the UK

Virtual SIM cards are not only versatile because of their digital nature but also because many providers have adopted the technology, and we find offers locally and internationally. For this reason, getting it with Vodafone UK is not the only alternative, and we will know other providers you can count on.

Holafly unlimited data digital SIM card for the UK

holafly esim customization uk
Holafly eSIM for the UK. Source: Holafly

For travelers, getting an international eSIM is faster and the Holafly eSIM for the UK is a great alternative to get unlimited data and data sharing in the UK. Thanks to the customization feature, people can get unlimited data with prices ranging from $6 to $139, depending on your stay in the country.

But, Holafly offers more than a customization feature. Currently, the company has added a top-up service, a mobile app to buy and manage eSIMs, 24/7 customer support in different languages and through different channels, regional plans with the eSIM Europe travel, and much more!

So, if you plan to stay connected on your trip, the Holafly eSIM for the UK is your best alternative!

Three virtual SIM cards for the UK

Like other operators in the country, it offers virtual SIM cards only with postpaid plans, so as a tourist, you can’t buy them. Prices range from £14 to £35 (approximately $17.5 to $42.5). The plans are very varied. There are monthly options and also long-term options of twelve or 24 months. Many of them include unlimited data. They include other benefits, such as unlimited messages and local calls, among other options. 

O2 embedded SIM card for the UK

One of the last local options to buy a virtual SIM card in the UK is O2. However, the operator does not have the service in prepaid plans, so only local customers can buy them. eSIM plans range from £17 and up to £32 (approximately $22 and $40), with data from 12GB and up to 150GB, including an unlimited alternative. You can sign up for monthly and long-term plans of twelve or 24 months.

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Frequently asked questions about Vodafone eSIM for the UK

Can Vodafone UK eSIMs have prepaid plans?

No, at the moment, they can only be purchased with a data or postpaid SIM-only plan. In case you want to buy a prepaid eSIM, we recommend you to use Holafly and its online store, where you will see options for the UK with unlimited data and easy to buy.

How much does it cost to activate a Vodafone eSIM?

The Vodafone virtual SIM card is free. You can request it and then activate it. For activation, you must contract a postpaid plan to start using your service typically.

Can you use Vodafone eSIMs internationally?

Yes, as with physical Vodafone SIM cards, you can use your data service abroad. Depending on the area in which you travel, you will have to pay a daily fee or have a specific data plan.

Do Holafly eSIMs include international calls?

Yes, many of the plans for European destinations include an Austrian number and minutes to make international calls. You must confirm it in the technical specifications of the eSIM. An example is the Italy eSIM for iPhone that you can use for your trip.