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My eSIM card is not working: How to solve this problem?

If your eSIM card is not working, or if you have connection problems and you don’t know how to fix them, keep reading this article and find help.


March 28, 2023

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If your eSIM card is not working, or if you have connection problems and you don’t know how to fix it, keep reading this article. We’re going to help you with that, we’ll show and provide answers to some of the frequent questions about this topic, so you can make an informed decision. Pay attention to the following information. Let’s begin.

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My eSIM is not working

Before we begin, you must make sure that your eSIM card is compatible with your device because this is one of the most common problems. Check the list of compatibility that you can find on different websites, depending on the operator you choose.

If your device is compatible with the eSIM card, keep reading, because we are going to tell you about other issues that you may encounter.

Check the data plan of your eSIM card

It is very important that you verify if your device has unlocked bands, this means that it lets you use an eSIM card from a different operator, or that it has a data plan provided by your carrier.

If the cellphone is unlocked or it uses the same data plan from your regular cellular provider, you have to make sure that the data plan is set up, and ready to be used. The network provider has to let you use the dual SIM functionality so the eSIM can work properly.

To find your data plan, we recommend you go to settings > mobile/cellular data.

In some cases, like with Holafly, you can buy a virtual SIM USA and other destinations and check the data plan from their official app. This way, you can monitor and manage your cellular data consumption.

Reboot your Smartphone and check the coverage.

For iOS, we recommend you ensure you are in a place with strong coverage. After that, reboot your device and go to settings > mobile/cellular data; if you are abroad, make sure that the data roaming is activated: settings > mobile/cellular data > mobile/cellular data options > data roaming.

If it does not solve the problem, try to reset the network: settings > general > transfer or reset (device) > reset > reset network settings. It is important to note that with this option, you will also reset network settings and passwords. WIFI, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and Access Point Names (APN).

In Android’s case, make sure that you are in a place with good coverage before rebooting your cellphone. After that, try deactivating cellular data and activating it again: settings > mobile/cellular data network > mobile/cellular data. If you still have problems, reset the network: settings > general > reset network settings > reset settings.

Update your software to look for a version with more compatibility.

If the eSIM card is still not working, you can update the system, this way you can discard that it is a problem with your smartphone software version. (If the system has no pending updates, this option will not be very helpful).

  • For iOS: Make a backup of the device with iCloud → Connect the device to a power supply and make sure you have a WiFi connection → Enter: Settings ⇒ General ⇒ Software update ⇒ Choose the update you want to install.
  • For Android: Enter: Settings → System → System update → Select the pending update and follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Reset the factory configuration

This is not the most recommended option if your eSIM doesn’t work, since with this option, you will delete all the data on your phone, as indicated, restoring the device to the factory setting.

With iOS, you have to do the following: Go to Configuration → General → Transfer or restore iPhone → Restabilize.

With Android: Configuration → System → Additional adjustments → factory reset.

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The eSIM card does not work on the iPhone

Some of the most frequent problems are related to compatibility or configuration. So, if the eSIM card does not work, we recommend you check the following:

  • Check that your iPhone is unlocked or that both cellular data plans belong to the same operator.
  • Make sure that the plan is configured and ready to use.
  • Check if your operator supports Dual Sim with eSIM.
  • If a CDMA operator provides the first SIM, the second SIM will not be compatible with CDMA.
Unlocked iPhone
Source: payetteforward.

If the eSIM card is still not working, we recommend you call your operator and ask for more in depth assistance.

The eSIM card was not correctly activated

You will know that the eSIM has been activated, if when going to settings → Mobile cards and networks, the name of the eSIM appears in the system.

Check the eSIM configuration so that you can have access to services such as calls or data, since this will be important for when you want to use the eSIM.

Errors with the eSIM configuration

If your eSIM card does not work because you cannot set it up, make sure that your operator is compatible with the Dual SIM service. Although if you have a corporate or company cellular service plan, it may be about authentication problems with the supplier.

After this, make sure that your operator has coverage in your zone, and that the data plans and services are activated and ready to be used.

How to activate the eSIM?

From its installation, the eSIM is automatically activated. But in the same way, you must keep in mind that if it is an eSIM card with cellular data, it has to be activated by scanning a QR or through your provider’s official app.

We recommend requesting the operator a configuration guide to activate the eSIM if necessary.

The eSIM does not work: Manual activation

The eSIM activation is automatic, so you will only have to turn on your cellphone to let the installation complete the process.

But if you prefer to do it manually, you can activate the iPhone eSIM card while setting up the device. With the eSIM Carrier Activation (Activation of the eSIM by the operator) or eSIM Quick Transfer (fast transfer to eSIM), the operator assigns an eSIM to your cellphone from the time of purchase, which can be activated in the initial configuration.

If these options are not available, contact your operator to activate the eSIM card with a QR code or the providers’ official app.

The eSIM card does not have signal

The most common problem is that your operator or service does not have stable coverage in the zone where you are located. If it is an international trip, we recommend you make sure that you will have coverage on the place you will be.

If you have strong coverage, we recommend you make sure that the eSIM card does not have limitations because of billing issues.

The eSIM does not work. It is broken. Would it be possible to fix it?

Since it is a virtual device, it cannot be broken or lost, so the problems with the eSIM cards are always related to errors in the configuration or installation.

The eSIM does not work: it has expired

The eSIM cards from cellular phone companies have no expiration date. If the device tells you that the eSIM code is not valid, get in touch with your operator’s customer service to solve the error.

If you have an international eSIM card, and it has expired, it means that you have used up all the cellular data offered, or that the number of days has come to an end. To solve this problem, you will have to get a new eSIM card.

Other reasons why the eSIM card is not working

Lost or loss of eSIM

In case of theft or loss, you must report the problem to your cellular operator, and at the same time, you will have to request a new eSIM.

Activate the eSIM on another device

First, check if the device is compatible with eSIM and if the cellphone is unlocked. Then, you must make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the operator’s network because otherwise, it won’t work correctly.

If the device has been reported as lost or stolen, the eSIM cannot be installed.

The eSIM card was erased mistakenly

If you eliminated your eSIM of cellular data accidentally, we recommend you contact the customer service of your provider. But if it is an eSIM of your traditional telephone company, enter your cellphone profile on the website and select obtain a new eSIM.

Not much coverage or services of the eSIM

The connection speed will depend on the network service linked to the eSIM. For this reason, in case of submitting connection speed issues, you must contact your specific service provider so that they can provide a solution to your problem.

eSIM has not yet been activated

The activation is immediate and automatic after the purchase. If you have not received the QR or eSIM activation code, contact your carriers’ technical support or customer service.

The APN is not well configured

This option will only be available in case your operator allows it. Some cellular operators only let you set up the APN when connecting to foreign networks, but you can check if you have this option available following the next steps: Enter settings → Mobile/Cellular data → More options → Mobile/Cellular network.

Then, write the name of the access point address. But if you followed the steps and the cellular network option does not appear, your operator may have this option blocked for security reasons, so you will have to contact your phone company.

Transfer the eSIM to another device

Both devices must be eSIM compatible. If it is the eSIM card from a cellular operator, you can go to your account from the company’s website and look at the section ‘Transfer eSIM or change device’.

Make sure you have the IMEI of your device close because you’re going to need it.

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