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What is eSIM Manager?

To activate an eSIM, a SIM manager is required. We tell you what it is and how to install it on Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei.

Mark Robins

July 25, 2023

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The eSIM, unlike traditional SIM cards, is a digital product that can be activated from the device’s software. eSIM managers have been created to help this process. Let’s learn more about the eSIM manager.

Currently, both operators and manufacturers have developed different types of functional SIM managers in smartphones, computers, and wearable devices. Companies such as Ericsson, G+D, and Thales stand out for offering eSIM management support to several carriers worldwide.

This post will focus on the SIM manager developed by Google for Pixel phones and alternatives with similar functionality created by Samsung, Apple, or Huawei.

This service makes it easy to install and activate eSIMs – find out how you can use them.

What is Google eSIM Manager?

It is an application developed by Google to manage the profiles of new eSIM cards. It was initially released to work with Google Pixel mobiles and the Google Fi operator. This Manager app is not available in all countries. To check if the app is available in your country, you can visit the Google Play Store.

What is this application for?

With Google SIM Manager, you can download and install virtual SIM card profiles purchased from the operator’s store. You will also be able to purchase some virtual cards and choose which one to activate and deactivate at any time just by modifying the settings.

Google Pixel SIM Manager
Google Pixel SIM Manager. Adapted from Google

How to purchase Google eSIM Manager

This application does not work with all mobile devices. You will have to meet some requirements:

  • Android 8.0 operating system or higher.
  • Your cell phone must be eSIM compatible.

You can find this application on the Play Store for free, so if your phone is compatible, you can install it without problems

eSIM Manager for Samsung, Apple, and Huawei

SIM or cellular data manager for Apple Watch
SIM or cellular data manager for Apple Watch. Adapted from Apple

As well as the Google SIM manager, other applications for Android and iOS devices can act as digital SIM card managers. Let’s look at the different managing systems available for each device.

eSIM Manager for Apple Watch

You will find the application inside the Apple Watch application. It is used to manage the eSIM cards of the Apple smartwatch. For example, if you activate the MultiSIM service to be used on Apple Watch, you must access this application to register, pay and download the eSIM profile. You will also be able to see the profile you have installed on the watch and the data consumption.

The iPhone Virtual SIM Card Manager

You can find this Apple application pre-installed on compatible iPhones. To access this feature, you can find it on the phone’s settings. You can download the eSIM, activate it, deactivate it, give it a name, define the type of use, or delete it.

Digital SIM card Manager for Samsung phones

It works just like the iPhone virtual SIM manager. You can access it from your Samsung phone settings and add a data plan, deactivate it, or remove it.

Samsung’s eSIM Manager for wearable devices

Samsung has several smartwatches that are compatible with the virtual SIM. To manage each profile, you need to install the Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) application. If you want to know more about using this app, visit our guide on activating an eSIM on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

eSIM Manager for Google Pixel phones

Google Pixel has two eSIM managers. When you turn on your Pixel phone for the first time, follow the steps on your screen to activate it and set up your eSIM. The eSIM Manager on Google Pixel devices is specially designed to help manage virtual cards from US carriers such as Google Fi, Sprint, or AT&T.

The eSIM Manager for Huawei handsets

Phones manufactured in China have two physical SIM cards. Huawei phones are no exception, which is one of the challenges faced by the eSIM manager for Huawei devices. To see how it works, visit our guide on activating an eSIM on a Huawei P40.

eSIM Manager for Huawei wearable devices

If you have a Huawei wearable device compatible with eSIM, you must have the Huawei Wear application installed on your mobile. You can then manage the virtual SIM cards on your watch, add them, delete them, or deactivate them. It works just like the Samsung Wear app, so you will need a QR code to add an eSIM profile from your provider.

How to get an eSIM Manager?

We recommend getting one from a recognized store such as the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can then install the app to manage your eSIM.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM Manager.

Does Google eSIM Manager work on iPhones?

No. But iPhone has a virtual SIM card and physical SIM card manager installed by default.

How to install Google eSIM Manager on Apple iPhone?

This application is only available for some eSIM-compatible Android phones, not Apple.

Can I activate an eSIM without using Google’s application?

Yes, each brand has its own application. It comes pre-installed sometimes, and you must download it from the App or Play Store. There are also some third-party administrator options that are less recommended for use.

Can I buy an eSIM from the SIM Manager?

Yes, the Google application has built-in operators where you can directly purchase an eSIM. In other cases, the operators themselves may have applications to manage their eSIMs, as is the case with Holafly.

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