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Top 4 best eSIMs for Thailand in 2024

Explore this natural paradise with the best top 4 eSIMs for Thailand in 2024 and all the perks and benefits included!

Manuel M.

January 1, 2024

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The natural wonder of Thailand is a travelers’ paradise. But it’s important to remain connected while you’re there and that’s why you’re here today, reading about the top 4 best eSIMs for Thailand in 2024. The southern region of the nation is distinguished by gorgeous coastlines and magnificent islands with clean beaches and turquoise oceans, such as Phuket and Koh Samui. Thailand also has tropical rainforests, such as the Khao Yai National Park, and the Chiang Mai region is famed for its lush vegetation.

To share all your adventures in Thailand, you’ll have to be connected to the internet. There are several options available, but the best one is an eSIM. Continue reading to find out more and be well-informed to make the best decision and use your cellphone in Thailand without worries.

eSIM for Thailand

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Why should I get an eSIM for Thailand?

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand Source: Unsplash

eSIMs are a recent trend that has been taking over the communications industry. These digital chips are the future replacement of the traditional SIM card. Every day more manufacturers are incorporating this tech in their cellphone models, and many new smartphones are being launched without a SIM slot. Carriers are offering customers to transition to the eSIM as long as their cellphones are compatible.

The eSIM brings along the regular features of the SIM card plus additional perks and advantages. These virtual cards can be easily requested from the cellular provider and for you as a traveler, you can seamlessly buy one online for your trip. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Then, once you get the activation code, you’ll be connected in minutes!

Generally, an eSIM is much cheaper than other connectivity options. For example, renting a pocket WiFi device or using your domestic provider’s roaming service in Thailand can end up costing you hundreds. On the other hand, connecting to free public WiFi can be dangerous and you don’t want a security breach while you’re abroad.

Which is the best eSIM for Thailand?

We know that you want to have everything ready for your trip abroad. You’re probably also researching all your ticket, booking and connectivity options while you’re away. I can be easy to end up overwhelmed with so many providers and companies that offer eSIMs. We’re going to help you and explain the top 4 best eSIMs for Thailand in 2024. Read about all the features and details that you can enjoy.

Depending on how much time you want to spend in Thailand, how much you’ll use your data connection and your budget is how you’ll be able to decide which is the best option to stay connected. Don’t leave now and check your options available from Holafly, Flexiroam, Gigsky and YeSIM. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Holafly


The first option we recommend for Thailand is Holafly. This company was founded in 2017 and has been working hard to give travelers connectivity everywhere they go without having to worry about expensive roaming rates. This is possible thanks to their international eSIMs, also available to connect with Holafly’s eSIM in Japan or to travel to other destinations in Asia and maintain coverage with an Asian eSIM.

With their eSIM for Thailand, people will get unlimited data for as long as they are in the country. Currently, the data plans from the company vary from 5 to 90 days, and prices go from $19 to $99 depending on how long people are staying.

So, to get mobile internet in Thailand, Holafly comes as the main option for travelers. The company works with TrueMove H and DTac Thailand, which provide high data speeds.

Holafly eSIM for Thailand. Source: Holafly store

Besides the fact that Holafly provides the best connection in Thailand, this company also has excellent customer service. The advisors will be able to help you in English, Spanish, German and French. Aside from their telephone line, they also have other communication channels like WhatsApp, chat and even email. The best part is that they are available around the clock 24/7. The payment methods to get the Holafly eSIM are the Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

Holafly customer reviews. Source: Trustpilot

2. Flexiroam

Founded in 2011 by Jef Ong, a Malaysian entrepreneur, set up Flexiroam with a vision to revolutionize international roaming. Jef understood the challenges and high costs associated with traditional roaming services when traveling abroad. Flexiroam has grown in the market and expanded their products and services. With coverage in over 100 destinations, Thailand is on the list with plenty of data packages. With a valid term from 3 days to 24 days, these plans include from 500 MB up to 10 GB. Prices and rates go from as low as $2.50 up to $33.00.

This huge variety of plans and packages offers customers a wide range of options to choose the best once according to their needs. Keep in mind that you can get an eSIM from the official website and through the app. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, either of these smartphones are compatible with the app. From there you can purchase and download the eSIM to install and activate the plan.

Long Tail Alley, Thailand. Source: Unsplash

Thanks to all the previously mentioned features is why this provider is on our best 4 top eSIMs for Thailand in 2024. The only downside is that their plans offer only a limited amount of internet. This can be an issue if you use a lot of data or watch videos while you travel.

3. YeSIM

Third on the list, YeSIM is another option where customers can buy and activate a data eSIM on their device. This digital chip card provider is based in Zug, Zug, Switzerland and has been offering services since 2019. Little by little, they gain recognition.

Through their iOS or Android app, you can purchase your eSIM and install it. One of the first perks to mention is that you don’t have to activate your eSIM right then and there. From the app you can set up the eSIM to activate at a later time. This way you can buy before you leave and connect as soon as you land.

YeSIMs plans go from 9 euros up to 42 euros, with included data going from just 3 GB up to Unlimited data. Now this plan last plan may seem similar to Holafly’s, but keep in mind that it only lasts for 15 days. Remember to read the fine print regarding the fair usage policy when it comes to their unlimited plan. In Thailand, this eSIM package connects to the dtac network, the best in the country.

Finally, keep in mind the payment methods. This also tells you if you can easily get an eSIM from this provider. With YeSIM the only payment methods that they offer are through credit card and Ycoins.

4. Gigsky

Rather than wandering around in Thailand looking for a SIM card, buy your eSIM before travelling and stay connected abroad. Gigsky is our last stop on our post of the best 4 top eSIMs for Thailand in 2024. This provider’s aim is to improve customer’s internet connection around the world.

Similar to the other carriers that we’ve mentioned previously, Gigsky also provides internet connection and eSIMs. Through their app and online platform, you can select your destination, check the terms and conditions of the available plans and choose the best one that suits your needs. They currently offer three plans that cost $5.99, $16.99 and $26.99. They include 1 GB, 3 GB and 5 GB and valid for 7, 15 and 30 days respectively. The payment option that you can use on the Gigsky app and platform is just credit card.

Best eSIM plans for Thailand: Which one to choose?

We’ve finally reached this section where you can easily compare features, perks, and advantages. Considering that there are several factors that come to mind and that influence your final decision. You want to choose the best one. Some things to remember are the prices, rates, included data, valid dates, and accessibility. Additionally, check how easy it is to pay for the eSIM depending on the payment methods included.


Thanks to its vast coverage, hassle-free activation, unlimited data plans, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service, Holafly stands out as the best eSIM choice for tourists visiting Thailand. Holafly provides a strong and dependable mobile data connection across the country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting Bangkok, resting on the beaches of Phuket, or immersing yourself in the cultural marvels of Chiang Mai.

The activation procedure is quick and simple, allowing you to download and activate the eSIM profile on your compatible smartphone without the need for physical SIM cards or trips to local stores. This means you may begin using wireless data in Thailand as soon as you arrive.

Check the comparison chart below to get a better idea of the best option to connect in Thailand.

HolaflyUnlimited Data5$19.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data7$27.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data10$34.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data15$47.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data20$53.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data30$64.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data60$84.00iOS/Android/Web
HolaflyUnlimited Data90$99.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam1 GB3$4.50iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam1 GB8$5.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam3 GB8$12.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam1 GB15$5.50iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam3 GB15$14.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam5 GB15$20.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam5 GB24$20.50iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam7 GB15$24.50iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam7 GB24$25.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam10 GB24$33.00iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM3 GB5€9iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM5 GB7€13.50iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM10 GB10€29iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky1 GB7$5.99iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky3 GB15$16.99iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky5 GB30$26.99iOS/Android/Web
Table 1. eSIM international providers’ comparison chart.

Which one is the best price?

The price that a product has isn’t the only factor to consider when buying. Aside from the price, the included features, data, and valid time are important factors to keep in mind. In the case of Thailand, Flexiroam offers a data plan for $4.50, but it only includes 1 GB. This amount of data only lasts for about one day, and that’s if you don’t watch videos on your phone apps.

But when you have unlimited data, you don’t have to worry about ending up without any data. With Holafly, you won’t have to stress about using up all your data. But that’s only one of the many advantages that Holafly brings to the table with the Thailand eSIM.

Which one offers more mobile data?

Clearly, Holafly comes as number one when it comes to the provider that offers the most amount of data. You might have noticed that YeSIM also has a plan that includes unlimited data. However, you might not want to stay 15 days in Thailand. In this case, you can choose the 5-day unlimited plan or even the 60-day unlimited plan. Either plan will keep you connected and worry-free during yout stay.

Which local operators offer eSIMs in Thailand?

The local provider that offers eSIMs in Thailand is AIS. You should remember that getting an eSIM from a local operator may be a little bit more difficult. You’ll be asked for ID and your passport and probably to fill out a form or sign up for a plan. These are generally long-term plans, this is useful if you’re deciding on staying in Thailand to live.