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Best eSIM for Kyiv: Which one should I buy?

If you have doubts about which service you can take to Kyiv in Ukraine, you need to know everything related to the Holafly eSIM!

Julio Osuna

June 28, 2022

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Kyiv is a city full of history. It is probably one of the most important cities in Ukraine, and that’s something people can’t deny. Being the capital of the country, many cultures arise and live together in the same place, making it a perfect place for travelers. So, if you are interested, maybe using an eSIM for Kyiv is a good idea to consider.

If this sounds like an interesting place to visit, then you will probably enjoy a trip to Kyiv to get to know everything it has to offer. So, keep an eye on everything we will say here as the information is important to know! 

Where can I buy an eSIM for Kyiv?

As for now, there are many ways from which people can get an eSIM. This is great as travelers can get the chance to use the method they like the most, and with the one they feel more comfortable with.

  • Cellular Operator physical stores. People can go to the physical location of their preferred cellular provider and, if the service is offered, ask for an eSIM to travel to wherever desired!
  • Online stores. It’s undeniable that more people than ever before are making purchases online, which is why businesses like Holafly have grown to be so crucial to tourists who like to obtain their eSIM in a quick and simple manner.
  • Can’t use an eSIM on your cellphone? You can still obtain an international SIM card, so don’t worry!

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What is an eSIM?

We have numerous questions while discussing eSIMs. The first is: Exactly what is an eSIM? Well, for those who don’t know, it basically works as a digital SIM card with most of the regular characteristics of a traditional SIM card.

The only thing to keep in mind is that eSIMs don’t allow users to get a new telephone number, but this shouldn’t cause too much concern.

Advantages of an eSIM for Kyiv

Let’s discuss the advantages of using an eSIM in Kyiv so that people may learn more about the service.

  • When using eSIMs, customers won’t be asked to change their phone numbers while abroad.
  • eSIMs are compatible with 4G as long as there is coverage available.
  • They can use their eSIM to share data if necessary.
  • To use an eSIM, users won’t need to change their WhatsApp number.
  • On the same device, people can use both SIM and eSIM cards at the same time!
  • Customer service is offered to Holafly users whenever they need it!

For the rest of the European cities, the same eSIM working for Kyiv works there as well, which is something great to know and to keep in mind!

How do I activate my eSIM card for Kyiv?

It is normal to have some skepticism when using a new service. No need to be concerned; we will discuss how to activate this service right now!

  1. Choose a data plan for your eSIM at the Holafly online store before selecting your final destination.
  2. After finishing the checkout procedure, keep a lookout for the email containing the QR code.
  3. Finish the activation process, and if you can, modify the eSIM’s name.
  4. Turn on the roaming service as soon as you arrive in Kyiv to make your eSIM functional.
  5. If you buy your eSIM from Holafly, they will provide you with round-the-clock customer service if you experience any problems with your eSIM.

We can’t forget to mention the fact people must have access to an internet connection to complete the process, and that’s something to consider.

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How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Kyiv cost?

It’s time to talk about the prices of the service offered for the Holafly eSIM for Kyiv.

Days of useDataPrice (USD)
5Unlimited data$19
7Unlimited data$27
10Unlimited data$34
15Unlimited data$47
20Unlimited data$54
30Unlimited data$64
60Unlimited data$84
90Unlimited data$99

As there are so many options, people won’t have anything to worry about! Additionally, if you travel to other destinations in Europe you can be connected with all Holafly offers, including the eSIM options for Spain with unlimited data.

SIM card for Kyiv

Are you curious if there is an eSIM substitute? Nowadays, there is one that is well-known, and we are referring to the international SIM card. It is just as simple to obtain as the eSIM, which is why it has replaced the eSIM.

However, give that the eSIM is a recent trend, not all cellphones are compatible yet. You would have to purchase a local prepaid SIM card once you arrive at your destination. There are also options to get one before you leave. Inform yourself on how to top-up the SIM card so you don’t end up with out a connection abroad.

Advantages of the virtual SIM card vs. the physical chip for Kyiv

  • Requires no physical space on a phone to operate: In contrast to SIM cards, which require physical space on a phone, eSIMs operate entirely digitally.
  • eSIMs don’t affect the environment: Since they are a digital service, which implies no pollution or plastic, they won’t have any negative impact on the environment once they stop working.
  • A smartphone can use both SIM cards and eSIMs at the same time: There’s no need to worry if you wish to use them both; they will function flawlessly.

Kyivstar Mobile eSIM card for Kyiv

Kyivstar Mobile is one of the services tourists can use when traveling around Ukraine. Let’s see what they offer to people!

  • Work on a few last-gen devices.
  • People have to change their data plan to use an eSIM.
  • Doesn’t consume data on determined apps.
  • Activation can be completed through the Kyivstar app.

Kyivstar Mobile is a good idea for Ukrainian citizens, but getting one as a traveler might be difficult, so that’s something to consider. 

Vodafone eSIM for Kyiv

For Kyiv, there’s another service we can use as well. Vodafone is known all over Europe, so let’s see what we have to tell about it.

  • People can exchange a SIM card for an eSIM if required.
  • The activation process is done with a QR code.
  • People can use it when traveling worldwide.
  • Works with the same data plan as the SIM card.

Vodafone seems to be a suitable alternative when it comes to using an eSIM. But, travelers won’t have an easy time getting one, which is why we recommend using the Holafly eSIM.

Which is the best eSIM for Kyiv?

Here, we have covered a wide range of topics. It is time for us to select one option from the ones we just stated because we can tell that selecting an eSIM is not something that is particularly simple. It’s a great question because everyone wants to bring the greatest option with them when they travel.

For us, the Holafly eSIM for Kyiv is far a better option than the rest, not just because of its pricing but also because of how simple and inexpensive it is to obtain one!

Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Kyiv

Can I use the Holafly eSIM for Kyiv in other European countries?

It will depend on which eSIM people buy. But yes, there’s a way to get an eSIM that works well in other countries too.

Can I buy more than one eSIM to travel?

Yes! There’s no limitation on how many eSIMs people can get when traveling.

Does eSIM give people a phone number?

No. eSIMs don’t give people a new phone number to use while traveling.

How is the eSIM activated?

Once the purchase process is completed, clients will receive an email with the QR code to activate the eSIM.

Recommendations to choose the best eSIM for Kyiv

  • Unless you don’t have to, avoid using the eSIM to download content such as videos, movies, and games.
  • Remember to check the entry requirements before traveling to a new country to avoid any problems when visiting Kyiv or other locations.
  • If the eSIM on your phone isn’t working, keep in mind that SIM cards offer an alternative.

We sincerely hope that the details we’ve given you thus far have been useful for each of your visits. Furthermore, you now know which is the best eSIM you can use when traveling around the world!