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Best eSIM for Japan in 2024

Looking for the best eSIM for Japan in 2023? Here's everything you need to know about the available alternatives in the market!

Julio Osuna

January 22, 2024

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If you need the best eSIM for Japan for your trip, then you might want to look around the available options in the market. But we’ll make it easier for you to choose among the best eSIMs for traveling to Japan in 2024.

Therefore, here you have the best eSIMs for Japan and what they offer for travelers.

Digital SIM card for Japan

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Do eSIM cards work in Japan?

Yes. Different mobile operators within Japan allow eSIM usage within the country for locals and travelers. Companies such as NTT Docomo, Rakuten Mobile, KDDI, and SoftBank allow customers to buy eSIMs to use in the country. The Holafly eSIM for Japan works with the AU by KDDI mobile networks.

Why should I get an eSIM for Japan?

When using an eSIM, people can forget about roaming services in Japan. This service makes it easier for people to stay connected thanks to the different data plans companies offer. For example, Holafly gives unlimited data with all their packages for Japan.

The only downside comes with compatibility. It’s required to have an eSIM-compatible device which makes it accessible for people who have these devices. There are no other cons we could mention regarding this service.

As for the pros, it will be easier to get cellular internet in Japan with an eSIM. Companies provide unlimited data for their different packages, while also providing 24/7 customer support through different channels, immediate delivery, and an easy activation process that only requires an internet connection!

Red Japanese temple. Source: Unsplash

Which is the best eSIM for Japan?

When taking a look at the best eSIM for travel to Japan, people need to know about the prices and what these offer. So let’s point out what the top 6 best eSIM card for Japan offer to travelers!

eSIM featuresHolaflyFlexiroamYeSIMGigSkySakura MobileMobal
Do they charge for the eSIM?NoNoNoNoNoYes, on the +90 days eSIMs. No extra charges for the rest of eSIMs.
Voice CallsNoNoNoNoNoYes, only on the +90 days eSIMs. Not available for the less than 90 days eSIMs.
Top-UpYes. (Top-up for unlimited data plans increases the amount of working days)YesYesYesYesNo
Unlimited dataYesNoYesNoNoNo
Comparison between Holafly, Flexiroam, YeSIM, GigSky, Sakura Mobile, and Mobal.

If you are interested in data plans with coverage in multiple countries, Holafly is one of the best providers of Asia eSIM card alternatives.

1. Holafly eSIM: Japan Unlimited Data

Japan eSIM Holafly
eSIM for Japan. Source: Holafly store

Holafly comes as the main option to get an eSIM for Japan travel. This international company has become the go-to option for travelers all around the world who want to get unlimited data with a high-quality service while abroad. People can now buy an eSIM from the company through their official website or mobile app!

The Holafly’s Japan eSIM for tourists offers 8 different data packages which vary from 5 days for $19 to 90 for $99 with unlimited data. And if you are not traveling alone, you can get as many eSIMs as you need!

Holafly has other features that make it the best option to get an eSIM for Japan. Here are some additional features to mention about the company:

Holafly 4.6 rating on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

2. Flexiroam

Flexiroam Logo. Source: Amazon

Another alternative for people to use when traveling to Japan is Flexiroam. Founded more than 10 years ago, the company has earned a good reputation thanks to the service it provides to travelers. 

The company offers different eSIMs for traveling, and Japan is part of the list. The company offers customers their purchase service through their website or mobile app. The different eSIM for travel to Japan alternatives will be shown on both platforms.

For Japan, there are different data plans available for tourists to use. Currently, the data plans available vary from $15 for 1 GB of cellular data for 15 days, and the most complete plans offer 7 GB of cellular data for 15 days for $66.

3. YeSIM

YeSIM Logo. Source: Apple Store.

YeSIM is the third option for those who want to travel to Japan. The company offers people access to a virtual store where they can search an eSIM for their preferred destination in different languages.

Currently, YeSIM allows to make purchases from their website and app. They have different payment options available, such as Binance Pay and payment with cards. Also, the company only works with Euros, so all payments with other currencies will have a small increase in the price.

YeSIM now has limited and unlimited data packages. For limited data prices, these vary from €12 for 7 days with 3GB of mobile data to up to €45 days for 20 days with 20GB of mobile data. For the unlimited data packages, these vary from 7 to 30 days with prices ranging from €23 to €64.

4. GigSky

GigSky Logo. Source: PR Newswire.

GigSky is the fourth option we have on the list. Currently, there are three different data packages to get an eSIM for Japan.

For people to get an eSIM to travel to Japan from GigSky it’s required to create an account to complete the purchase process. Other than this, there are different payment methods to get the eSIM!

As for the data plans, there are different options:

  • Asia Pacific: From 7 days with 1GB for $9 to up to 30 days with 10GB for $75.
  • World Plan: 30 days for $70.
  • Japan eSIM: From 7 days with 1GB for $5 to up to 30 days with 5GB for $23.

5. Sakura Mobile

eSIM Japan
Sakura Mobile Logo. Source: Sakura Mobile

A local option comes with Sakura Mobile. They offer a variety of services, and people can get an eSIM for Japan before traveling with them.

Sakura Mobile offers eSIMs for Japan with limited data. Different prices vary from $18 to $80, but these might vary as all payments are processed with the Japanese currency. As for how long these packages last, some options vary from 10 to 60 days!

One thing that’s important to note about Sakura Mobile is they charge an extra fee, which is the V.A.T. All orders will include this extra rate which is 10% of the eSIM value. As for payment methods, people can either use PayPal or a credit or debit card.

6. Mobal

eSIM Japan
Mobal Data Plans. Source: Mobal

The last option we have for the best eSIM for Japan comes with Mobal. The company offers a variety of eSIM data packages depending on how long people are staying, as their plans vary from long-term to short-term trips.

One thing about Mobal is that they don’t charge the extra V.A.T fee, which makes it cheaper than Sakura Mobile but not cheaper than other alternatives, such as Holafly. Their prices vary from $13 to $33 for eSIMs that last from 8 to 31 days. 

On the other hand, people staying longer than 90 days will get an eSIM for $20 and then choose a data plan that costs from $8 to $29, depending on how much data they need. But beware as payments are processed using the Japanese currency.

Lastly, people have access to different payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Which one offers more mobile data?

Holafly gives unlimited data regardless of the data packages travelers get. Compared to the rest of the alternatives, only YeSIM offers the same, but their prices are way higher, making Holafly a better option for travelers.

The rest of the alternatives mentioned on the list offer limited data packages to travel to Japan, which makes them not as good as Holafly for visiting the country.

What is the most recommended eSIM?

The best eSIM for Japan in Reddit is Holafly. Different users have previously used the service and prefer taking Holafly rather than other options in the market.

Users on Reddit recommend the Holafly eSIM. Source: Reddit.

Which operators support the eSIM in Japan?

At this given moment, all cellular carriers in Japan support eSIMs! Some of the previously mentioned eSIM companies work with these carriers to offer a better service to travelers.

Currently, Rakuten, Y! Mobile, au by KDDI, and NTT DomCo are all cellular carriers with eSIMs available. 

FAQ about eSIM in Japan

Is Airalo eSIM good in Japan?

Based on several experiences, Airalo eSIM is not a good option to use while traveling to the country
This is based on the experience of various travelers from Reddit who have used their eSIM, on which they comment things such as poor connection, bad data speeds, and even low response times coming from Airalo customer support. You can read more about the Airalo eSIM in Japan on this Reddit thread.

Is Japan Wireless eSIM legit?

Yes. Japan Wireless is commonly used by travelers in Japan, and the company is legit to use, even though is not the best option in terms of prices/mobile data.

Should I get an eSIM or physical SIM for Japan?

In 2024, the eSIM comes as a great option for travelers. If you have an eSIM-compatible device, this is the best option for you to take with an eSIM for Japan. If you have a SIM-only device, then your option is the traditional SIM card, but we highly recommend the eSIM for travelers.