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Liechtenstein SIM card: Where to buy?

Discover the castles and travel back in time in Liechtenstein with the best SIM card for you. Stay connected and worry-free!

Manuel M.

October 31, 2023

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Feel like you’re in a fairy tale in the picturesque Principality of Liechtenstein and post the beautiful castles with the best SIM card for Liechtenstein. So, you have to be well-formed to choose the best connection available, and here we want to give you all the information you’ll need. Keep reading because we’ll discuss prepaid SIM cards, digital SIMs, and more!

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Vaduz Castle
Vaduz Castle. Source: Pexels

What Is the Best SIM Card for Traveling to Liechtenstein?

When traveling to Liechtenstein, you have several options to stay connected. There are several aspects that you have to keep in mind, like coverage, data, price and accessibility. Let’s immerse ourselves in the details of the best SIM card options, including Holafly’s virtual SIM card and local carriers.

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Holafly: Unlimited Data Virtual SIM Card

This startup company, founded in 2017, offers travelers a seamless way to connect to the internet in over 170 destinations worldwide, including Liechtenstein. You’ll connect to the best network available in the local area. In this instance, you will be connecting to FL1 Liechtenstein’s network.

Another great service is that you’ll get 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. The only requirement to get a Holafly eSIM for Liechtenstein is to have a digital SIM-compatible smartphone. Check if your phone is compatible. You can easily obtain your virtual SIM through their official website or mobile app.

Just go to their site and choose the best digital SIM for you, complete the payment and that’s it! You’ll get your virtual SIM card in minutes. Scan and connect! Easy-peasy.

Plans and Rates for the Virtual SIM in Liechtenstein

One of the great benefits of Holafly is that they offer plans that adjust to anyone’s needs. No matter how much time you’ll be in Liechtenstein, there’s a data plan for you. All of their plans include unlimited data, so all you need to worry about is how long you’ll be visiting. You can choose a plan that fits your specific needs, whether you’re visiting for a short duration or an extended journey. Check out the available data plans:

DurationData PlanPrice
5 DaysUnlimited Data$19
7 DaysUnlimited Data$27
10 DaysUnlimited Data$34
15 DaysUnlimited Data$47
20 DaysUnlimited Data$54

Advantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

  • Unlimited data to look for tours, restaurants and more!
  • Data sharing up to 500 MB per day
  • Strong and reliable coverage
  • No need for a physical SIM card; just scan and connect!
  • Effortless activation
  • Get your eSIM on the go, through the web or the app.

Disadvantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

  • Compatible mainly with the latest high-end phones
  • No minutes or text messages included, but no worries because with unlimited data, you can call and text through WhatsApp or Telegram.

Local Carriers in Liechtenstein

Besides international providers, there are some local carriers in Liechtenstein as well that offer SIM cards. Keep in mind that these are mainly aimed at residents. You’ll probably need to provide ID and documentation or proof of address, so have that on hand. Generally, local carriers have designated retail stores or even official stores where you can purchase a SIM card in person. Finally, the language barrier can be an issue; if you don’t speak German, you’re in for a pickle. Here are some popular choices:

FL1 Liechtenstein

FL1 / Telecom Liechtenstein
FL1 / Telecom Liechtenstein. Source:

This carrier has been around for more than 20 years, providing services to residents. One particularity is that they have completely transitioned to 4G and 5G; any network band prior is nonexistent. That tells you a lot about how communications are managed in the country!

Plans and Rates

FL1 Liechtenstein offers only three plans that have a varied number of services included. These packages are priced starting at $22 and go up to $67 per month, depending on your data and call requirements. These subscriptions come with a new phone number, minutes, data and text messaging. You’ll find yourself having to give all your friends and family your new number and explain that you have a new number to connect with abroad.

Where to Buy FL1 Liechtenstein’s SIM Card

You can purchase FL1 Liechtenstein SIM cards at their retail stores and authorized resellers across the country. Be sure to review the available plans to find the one that suits your needs.

Advantages of FL1 Liechtenstein

  • Reliable network coverage within Liechtenstein.
  • Various data packages and call options
  • Local customer support in case of issues.

Disadvantages of FL1 Liechtenstein

  • Only one store available to purchase your SIM card
  • Customer support is in German only
  • You’ll be required to provide documentation and an ID.
  • You’ll sign up for a long-term contract and a new number may confuse your contacts


7acht Liechtenstein. Source: 7acht official FB site

This is another carrier that offers residents connectivity services like TV, landline and even mobile phone networks. Like their competition, they have also moved to only LTE 4G or 5G connections. Again, have your documents and passport ready to provide and make sure you at least know how to ask for a SIM card in German.

Plans and Rates

Unlike FL1, 7acht offers a little more variety in mobile services and even some bundles with home services. They have plans and packages that start off with just 3G and up to unlimited data for $21 per month and can get expensive, all the way to $110 per month. Remember to provide an accepted method of payment, generally a credit card that will stay on file to charge you every month.

Where to get a 7Acht SIM card

There’s one 7Acht store where you can go and purchase your SIM card. Be aware of the open hours and try to do this once you leave the airport. You don’t want to be around without a connection for too long.

Advantages of 7Acht

  • Various plans are available
  • 99% coverage in the country
  • In-store support

Disadvantages of 7Acht

  • Customer service is only in German
  • It may take some time to find the store
  • Have your documentation on hand
  • Requires subscription or contract to get their SIM card


swisscom. Source: spectrum-tracker.

Our third and last carrier that we have on this list is Swisscom. They also provide a wide range of services for the locals, from their TV’s to their phones. Their offer includes both prepaid and postpaid options; however, it is a little more limited. Continue reading to find out more!

Plans and Rates

As mentioned, Swisscom offers both prepaid and postpaid options. In terms of prepaid, they have a pay-as-you-go plan, a kid’s plan and three plans that range from 7 days to 3 months. The price tag starts at $22 a month. The highest that it can go is $166 per month. The other plans depend on your consumption. On the other hand, with Postpaid, they only offer one option for $78 per month. This is a contract-based subscription and you’ll have to provide documentation. Many times, you may be required to run a credit check.

Where to get a Swisscom SIM card

There’s one Swisscom shop where you can go in with your papers and your phone’s translator to request a SIM card and a plan subscription. Take everything you need so you’re not going back and forth stressing about documents.

Advantages of Swisscom

  • 5G Network
  • Good coverage in the country

Disadvantages of Swisscom

  • Service is only available in the local language
  • Requires documentation and a contract subscription

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What Is the Best Prepaid SIM Card for Tourists in Liechtenstein?

All the previous providers that we mentioned have their own pros and cons. One of the biggest downsides, though, is that you’ll be wasting time trying to get a SIM once you arrive. This time should be used to create precious memories with those you love. Holafly provides the benefit that their SIM is digital. You can get it from anywhere, anytime. Once you land, easily connect to the airport’s WiFi and get your virtual SIM in minutes. What’s more, you can purchase before you leave and connect once you touch down in Liechtenstein. The best part of all is that you can do it all from your phone. Download the app and get your eSIM today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a SIM card necessary for staying connected in Liechtenstein, or can I use my existing SIM card?

While you can use your existing SIM card, it’s recommended to get a local SIM card or a Holafly eSIM for more cost-effective and reliable connectivity. Roaming will cost you a fortune.

What are the advantages of using a Holafly eSIM over a local SIM card in Liechtenstein?

Holafly’s eSIM offers easy activation, unlimited data, and compatibility with most modern smartphones, making it a convenient choice for travelers.

What is the network coverage like with a local Liechtenstein SIM card compared to Holafly’s eSIM?

Both local SIM cards and Holafly’s eSIM aim to provide reliable network coverage. However, network performance can vary based on the carrier and location within Liechtenstein and Holafly has contract agreements that give you the best connection at all times.

Is there any language barrier when dealing with customer service for local SIM cards in Liechtenstein?

Local carriers may have limited English-language customer support, while Holafly offers customer service in multiple languages for international travelers.