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Prepaid SIM card for Andorra: Where to Buy in 2024?

No more roaming charges and enjoy an internet connection during your trip to Andorra with the Andorra SIM card.

Leoneska Ruiz

January 1, 2024

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If you’re traveling to Andorra, you need to think about how to connect to mobile internet on your trip. Paying extra for data roaming is very expensive, so we recommend buying a prepaid Andorra SIM card, which offers all the internet you need at a low price. Whether you’re walking the streets of Andorra la Vella or visiting the Church of Sant Joan de Casselles, connecting to the internet has never been easier.

In this article, we’ll talk you through the different companies that offer SIM cards. We will also talk about the technology that has come to innovate, the virtual SIM card. These are solutions with more versatility and better delivery time than the physical options. You will learn all about where to buy, their prices, and your options as a tourist.

Where can I buy a SIM card for Andorra?

In case you didn’t know, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, so you might think that buying a prepaid SIM card can be complicated. On the contrary, the process is not much different than in other destinations, and as a visitor, you have a few options ahead of you. Because of its proximity and history, the alternatives you have are similar to those you would have in Spain and other European destinations

Andorra sim card
Tourist using cell phone in Andorra

Basically, if you plan to visit Andorra, the ways that you can use to buy an international SIM card as a visitor are

  • Purchase a physical international SIM card before your trip through online stores that deliver to your location.
  • Obtain a local SIM card through the only phone operator that works in Andorra once you arrive in the country
  • Move to the next generation and purchase an embedded SIM card or eSIM card for Andorra through online stores with immediate delivery.

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Buy before you travel.

It is our recommendation and that of many travelers in the world to buy your prepaid SIM card before your trip. This usually happens because online stores offer better deals for tourists than local phone companies. It makes even more sense in Andorra, where only one operator has a monopoly on the service. Of course, you will find more than one option on the web selling international SIM card for Andorra, so you should always confirm if the provider you choose can deliver to your country. Another factor in confirming is the payment methods they offer and if they allow you to make the purchase.

Normally another important point to confirm is which local network you will be connected to once you are in the country. Even though they are international SIM cards from online stores always use local networks to work. In this case, there is only one mobile operator in Andorra, so if the store offers the service, they will surely use their coverage and connection speed. This is the case of Holafly and their virtual SIM card for Andorra, which we will talk about later.

Pros of buying a data plan for abroad before traveling

If you choose to buy a prepaid SIM card or a virtual SIM card for Andorra before your trip you will enjoy some benefits such as:

  • You will always be in the country with internet

One of the great advantages of buying your SIM card for tourists before your trip is that you will be able to activate it as soon as you arrive in Andorra. This way, you will always be connected to the internet for any eventuality you may have.

  • More options at hand

As we already mentioned, there is only one phone company in Andorra, so the options are limited. On the other hand, there are a lot of online stores that offer SIM card services for Andorra with plans for tourists.

  • You can save money on your trip.

There is no doubt that prepaid SIM cards are cheaper than international roaming services. Even eSIMs are able to further reduce these costs due to savings in material and shipping prices.

  • More compact solutions

With a virtual SIM card, it will be as easy as installing it in your phone, and you will have mobile internet everywhere, unlike the pocket wifi that is easy to lose and that you always have to have with you to make them work.

Buy your tourist SIM card in Andorra.

Normally another option you have as a tourist to buy a local SIM card is to do it once you arrive in the country through a telephone operator. The case of Andorra is a bit particular because, as mentioned above, there is only one local telecommunications company. Fortunately, they offer prepaid SIM cards for visitors, although they are a bit expensive by European standards. Below we will talk about Telecom Andorra and its options for you.

Telecom Andorra

Telefonica is the only one to offer local options for prepaid customers who may be interested. As a tourist, you have two options you can take; the first one with 1GB of navigation to use in one month and 20 minutes of local calls. The second option is 3GB for a thirty-day period, also with 60 minutes of calls to local numbers. In case you use up your data, you can top up with the credit on your line to continue browsing. This recharge can be done through their App, Web, or in physical branches. Plans are renewed every 30 days, and the Telecom local SIM card is valid for 14 months, after which it will be deactivated.

How much does a prepaid SIM card for internet in Andorra cost?

You don’t have many local options to compare, but if we consider other destinations in Europe, the Telecom Andorra plans can be a bit expensive for the basic 1GB plan, you pay 10$, and for the 3GB package, up to 20$. After you use up your quotas, you can continue browsing but with fixed rates close to 10$/GB. You can pre-purchase through their website, and you will be asked for identification and some photos and wait for validation. You will also have to pick up the SIM card at a physical location.

As you can see, there are not many local options for prepaid SIM cards for Andorra. But what is an excellent solution are the virtual SIM cards that Holafly has for this destination and 170 other countries in the world. We will introduce you to them below, so stay tuned for more information.

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Holafly eSIM for Andorra: a great alternative.

Unlimited data eSIM for Andorra
Holafly virtual card rates for Andorra. Source: Holafly

One of the alternatives that give you more possibilities to keep mobile internet in Andorra is the Holafly eSIM for this country. These digital SIM cards are the electronic solution that has arrived on our phones. Being completely virtual, you can buy them before or during your visit to Andorra, and after that, you will install them on your phone in very few steps. As easy as it sounds, you only need an internet connection and a phone compatible with the technology. In the Holalfy online store, you will find an option for you.

You don’t have to worry about coverage or speed; Holafly embedded SIM cards for Andorra use the local Telecom network, so these points are assured. We know that your trip to the country can easily take you to other destinations in Europe, and in this case, there is also an option with coverage in several countries on the continent. You can expect to have the same advantages as with a physical SIM card, but in addition, we will give you some particular pros and cons of Holalfy’s eSIMs below.

Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual SIM cards


  • Purchase any time 

You can do it before arriving or once you are in Andorra, you just need an internet connection and enter the Holalfy store. You select the destination and plan, purchase, and immediately, you will receive a QR code in your email to activate the eSIM. For this same reason, if you visit nearby destinations like Spain or Portugal, you can buy eSIM to stay connected in Spain immediately!

  • Customer service every day

The purchase process and the website are easy to understand. Still, if you need help, you can use the 24/7 customer service for any eventuality in more than five languages at your disposal.

  • Data sharing available

It is excellent news that with Holafly’s digital SIM cards for Andorra, you can share data with other devices. Always keep in mind that this feature is also available in unlimited plans like those of Italy eSIM but you will only be able to share a portion of the daily megabytes

  • Top-up alert for you 

This is a particularity of Holalfy eSIM for Andorra and other destinations. Once you have consumed 90% of your plan, you will receive an email with the option to Top-up and extend your service. If your trip lasts longer, you will not be left without communication.


  • Not all phones are supported.

The main obstacle that virtual SIM cards have is that being an emerging technology, not all phones are updated to use them. In case you want to confirm if your device is compatible, you can check the list that Holalfy has on its website.

How much does a tourist eSIM for Andorra cost?

One of the new advantages of Holafly’s eSIM for Andorra is that you have customizable plans. This means that you can choose the number of days you want as long as it is between one minimum and 90 maximum. Some configurations and their prices are listed below

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
1 day Unlimited data$6.00
5 daysUnlimited data$21.00
10 days Unlimited data$37.00
15 days Unlimited data$51.00
20 daysUnlimited data$62.00
Table 1. Holafly’s Andorra virtual SIM card rates. Source: Holafly

As we can see it is still a very interesting option if we want to have unlimited data and the opportunity to share connection with other devices.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions customers ask us most,

What other ways can I get internet in Andorra?

You can activate data roaming and use data provided by your current provider. But be aware that this will be very expensive. If you plan on using this option, you can expect a hefty phone bill when you get back home. Alternatively, you could buy Pocket Wi-Fi (a portable device that generates a WiFi connection for your phone). This option is also expensive, and you’ll have to carry the device everywhere. Finally, you can always count on eSIM for Andorra, efficient and secure.

How much does data roaming cost?

Roaming services in Andorra vary between mobile providers as each operator has a different rate. But on average, the value per MB is usually between $7 and $15. Watching a film on Netflix at that rate could cost hundreds. That’s why we recommend buying a SIM card to avoid roaming costs.

What do I do if my eSIM card is not working?

If you have any problems with your embedded SIM card with data in Andorra, don’t worry, because, with Holafly’s customer service, you will be able to enjoy 24-hour customer support and advice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of connecting to the Internet through Free Wifi?

It’s always nice when you get free WiFi in a cafe or shop. But public WiFi can be quite risky and uncomfortable. Anyone can access these networks, the connection is slow, and the security of your data is nullified. Why? Because the networks are unprotected and so they’re at risk of hacking. Data theft is quite common. You also cannot rely on finding free WiFi throughout your trip.