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Best eSIM for Andorra La Vella City: Which one to buy?

We compare the eSIM available to connect to the Internet in Andorra La Vella City, considering price, amount of data, and activation form.

Leoneska Ruiz

August 6, 2023

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If you’re traveling to Andorra La Vella soon, you’ll already be thinking about how to connect to the internet while you’re there. Unlike other European countries, accessing the internet in Andorra La Vella City can be expensive because you will have to pay for data roaming. But there is a new option which offers affordable and secure internet in Andorra La Vella. Say hello to the eSIM for Andorra La Vella City.

It is a new trend in consumer cellular tech that provides internet just by scanning a QR code. And in this article, we’ll show you how the eSIM works and which card you should buy.

eSIM for Andorra La Vella City

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Why buy an eSIM card for Andorra La Vella City?

The eSIM (short for embedded SIM) is a virtual SIM card that offers internet and calls. Currently, few phones are compatible with eSIM technology, but experts predict it will be the future of cellular technology.

But how does the eSIM work? Well, all you have to do is scan a QR code – no long forms to fill in or contracts to sign and no stressful installation process. Once you’ve scanned the code, you can connect to the internet immediately.

This makes connecting to the internet abroad easier than ever! Just check that your phone is compatible with this revolutionary technology. And if you are planning to travel to other cities in Europe, the eSIM Europe for travel will be a great option to make it possible!

A traveler enjoys the snow in Andorra. Source: Pexels.

What’s the best eSIM when traveling to Andorra La Vella City?

Let’s compare the companies that provide eSIM cards for Andorra La Vella City, so you can make the best choice: Holafly, Ubigi, MTX Connect, and TravelSIM.

BrandDaysDataPrice (USD)SupportCompatible devices
Holafly1 to 90Unlimited data From $6 to 139$English, Spanish, German and FrenchiOS / Android
Ubigi (Global Variant)3050GB$69EnglishiOS / Android
Ubigi3010GB$59EnglishiOS / Android
MTX Connect3010GB$66.09EnglishiOS / Android
MTX Connect72GB$16.47EnglishiOS / Android
MTX Connect144GB$27.48EnglishiOS / Android
Conecty303GB$20SpanishiOS / Android
Conecty3010GB$40SpanishiOS / Android
Conecty3020GB$65SpanishiOS / Android
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM cards for Andorra La Vella. Holafly, Ubigi, MTX Connect, and TravelSIM

Which Andorra La Vella eSIM is cheapest?

The eSIM options for Andorra La Vella are similarly priced. But Conecty and Ubigihas a slightly higher price than Holafly and MTX.

Support to activate your Andorra La Vella eSIM

Holafly and Ubigi offers support through videos with instructions to purchase and activate your eSIM. Holafly, MTX connect and Conecty also offers chat support through their website.

Which Andorra La Vella eSIM has the most data?

Without a doubt, Hoalafly offers the most by having unlimited data on any plans you choose. This feature can be found in packages to other European destinations such as with the French eSIM alternative.

Which Andorra La Vella eSIM is easiest to use?

All eSIM products are activated by scanning a QR code, so each of them is easy to use.

Advantages of the eSIM card vs a physical SIM card

Now we know what an eSIM is, let’s find out why it’s better than a physical SIM card:

  • Easy purchase and activation process: you can buy your eSIM from an online store, and it will arrive in your emails in seconds. You just need to scan a QR code and there’s no long contract to fill out or fiddly installation process. You’ll have internet access in minutes.
  • Receive it to your email in seconds: as a virtual card, you receive your eSIM in seconds, no matter where you are. So, there’s no waiting around for packages or deliveries.
  • Eco-friendly: it’s simple. As a virtual product, the eSIM helps reduce waste. Do your bit to help the environment.
  • No chance of loss or damage: unlike a physical card, an eSIM cannot be lost, stolen or damaged. As long as you don’t delete your QR code, you’ll always be able to access the internet. So in case you have an issue, contact your provider first.

Cellphone providers and manufacturers are adopting the eSIM at a fast rate. Don’t get left behind – join the eSIM revolution now.

Which providers support eSIM in Andorra La Vella?

Andorra La Vella City has only one state carrier called Andorra Telecom, which offers eSIM. This service was launched in mid-2020. It supports cellphones that are compatible with this technology and can be requested as a physical SIM update or registered with a new number.

Andorra La Vella at night. Source: Unsplash.

eSIM for Andorra La Vella City: which card should I buy?

All the eSIM providers for Andorra La Vella offer fast and secure internet. You should choose the deal that suits your needs, considering how long the plan lasts, how much data it offers, and how much it costs. That way, you’re sure to get the deal you need. But we recommend the Holafly eSIM, as they offer excellent customer support, and good prices for their eSIMs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the eSIM for Andorra La Vella

Can I purchase an eSIM from an Andorran cellular provider?

Yes, Andorra Telecom launched eSIM support in mid-2020. You can request it as an update to your physical SIM or buy it separately by registering.

How else can I connect to the internet in Andorra La Vella City?

If you don’t have a phone compatible with eSIM, the best option is to buy a physical data SIM for Andorra La Vella City from Holafly. It comes with all the advantages of the eSIM, but it’s a physical card that you have to insert into your cell phone manually. You’ll receive the card within 3 days with free delivery. There are other options such as paying for data roaming from your current provider, but this is costly.