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Mobile internet in Aruba: What is the best option?

Learn the alternatives to get mobile internet in Aruba; eSIM, SIM card, Pocket WiFi, and international roaming.

Carolina S.

November 4, 2022

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Having a mobile internet connection in Aruba, like in any other part of the world, has become a basic need. Although this is a small island, it has beautiful beaches and many hotel areas to welcome tourists. That is why it’s so important to have a connection that helps you book a restaurant or move around the island.

The European influence in Aruba is more than obvious wherever you go there. That’s why you will find a unique convergence of languages ​ranging from English, Dutch, and Spanish to Papiamento. So, you won’t be surprised to see cellular operators that you’re already familiar with.

However, there are many options available to get internet in Aruba. In fact, this is why we have compiled the best ones in this post. Learn how to get mobile internet in Aruba with eSIM, International SIM card, Pocket WiFi, and international roaming. To explain, we will detail each of these options.

eSIM for Aruba

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Virtual eSIM to have internet in Aruba

In the first place, you should know what an eSIM is. To clarify, it’s a chip integrated into the cellphone’s hardware, so you won’t need a chip or a plastic card to get cellular service, but rather, it operates from the cellphone software, together with the provider.

In general, when you buy a virtual eSIM to have cellular internet in Aruba, the carrier will provide you with a QR code so that you can activate it. This activation code is sent to you by email, or, in some cases, you can see it from your profile on the provider’s website or app.

Once you get the QR code, you must scan it with your cellphone camera. And after a couple of steps, you will have the eSIM ready to use. In the case of Holafly eSIM for Aruba, the virtual SIM card is sent by email as soon as you confirm your purchase. No cumbersome procedures or paperwork. In addition, this eSIM offers a quality connection to the main tourist attractions of Aruba.

Price of the eSIM for Aruba

DaysGBPrice (US dollars)
7 days3 GB$37.00
15 days7 GB$44.00
30 days15 GB$54.00
Table 1: Features and prices of the Holafly eSIM for Aruba.

Advantages of the Holafly eSIM for Aruba

  • High-speed connectivity on 4G networks LTE.
  • Option to share data with other devices.
  • You don’t have to wait for the delivery because it arrives by email.
  • Ideal for tourists, digital nomads, and business travelers.
  • It’s possible to continue using the usual SIM card.
  • Different plans and validity periods to choose from.
  • Customer service 24 hours a day.

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Compatible cellphones for the Holafly eSIM for Aruba

Also, eSIMs work mostly on the latest generation of phones. So, you need to consider which cell phones are compatible with eSIM. Nowadays, most smartphones are compatible with this technology, but to give you an idea, here we mention them:

  • iPhone XS, XR, and later versions, iPhone SE 2 (2020)
  • Google Pixel 3, 3A, Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4A, 5, and recent variants
  • Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro, and recent variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards, Galaxy Fold onwards, Galaxy Note 20 onwards, and Galaxy Z Flip onwards
  • Oppo Find X3 Pro and Oppo Reno 5A
  • Motorola Razr (2019) and Razr 5G (dual SIM)

On the other hand, you should know that for the Holafly eSIM for Aruba to work on your cellphone, it should be unlocked.

SIM card to have cellular internet in Aruba

Another way to have cellular internet in Aruba is to buy a prepaid SIM card. For many travelers, this is the most convenient choice, even more so if we consider that cellular operators offer good coverage on the island under the 4G network. Although, 3G networks are still around in certain areas.

The prepaid SIM cards, as the locals say, can be bought without any ID. You can buy one of these as a tourist, and even top it up at the Queen Beatrix International Airport through the official stores of Digicel and Setar cellular operators.

However, keep in mind that in Aruba, you will have to pay a tax for completing transactions in dollars.

Pocket WiFi in Aruba

Pocket WiFi is a very useful alternative for some travelers. This is a device very similar to the router you have at home, only smaller. Therefore, you can carry it in your pocket or handbag when you go on a trip.

With this portable internet device, you can connect multiple devices, from phones to computers. Of course, the Pocket WiFi works with a data plan, but you can also top it up every day.

Also, you should keep in mind that these devices can be rented or bought, but they’re expensive. If you rent it, you must sign a liability contract or pay insurance against possible damage or loss of the device during the trip. Certainly, this raises its final price.

And on the other hand, most providers offer a few GB per day in Aruba. However, this is not so convenient if you must constantly surf or stay connected to the internet.

International roaming in Aruba

International roaming is another choice to have cellular internet in Aruba. Indeed, it’s one of the easiest ways to get connectivity because you can continue using your cellphone and phone line without any problem.

But not everything is as simple or easy as it seems. This is because this service is usually very expensive. So, when you return home, you will find yourself with a fairly high bill.

Depending on the domestic operator you have, the roaming service is charged for each service consumed. For instance, incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing SMS, as well as for the data that is used.

Moreover, customer service is usually not the best when you are abroad. So, if you need support help, it may not be that easy to get or communicate with an agent.

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International roaming prices in Aruba

ProviderServices and costs
AT&T$2.05 for each MB used. $3 per minute of call. $0.50 per SMS sent.
VodafonePrice for video calls: $1.81/min. Call set up: $0.59 20GB data plan / Renewal every 4 weeks $15.00/month.
T-mobile$15 for each MB used.
Table 3. International roaming prices in Aruba

Internet coverage map in Aruba

Internet coverage map in Aruba. Source: GSMA

What’s the best option to have internet in Aruba?

To finish this article, we want to leave you our recommendation to have internet in Aruba. Well, if we consider the advantages and ease of use of each of the options that we have detailed in this post, undoubtedly, we choose the digital eSIM.

Yes, when buying the eSIM to have cellular internet in Aruba, the connection as soon as we landed on the island is guaranteed. In addition, we’re not going to use another device that is not our cellphone, and, of course, we will have peace of mind not worrying about international roaming rates.

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What can I do if the eSIM doesn’t connect to the internet in Aruba?

With Holafly, you get customer service 24 hours a day. To use it, you can contact us through the chat on the website or with a customer service agent at

What’s the network that the eSIM connects to in Aruba?

Looking always to offer the best service, Holafly eSIM for Aruba connects to the Digicel network.

What are the network frequencies present in Aruba?

· 4G bands: B3 (1800)
· 3G bands: B1 (2100)
· 2G bands: B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B8 (900)