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How to set up an eSIM card on a Motorola Razr

The future of the SIM is the virtual card eSIM and knowing how to configure it in our mobiles is an essential step that brings us closer to the future in communication. In this guide we will show you how to configure the last eSIM compatible mobiles.

We’ve already shown you how to set up an eSIM for iPhone, eSIM for Samsung Galaxy, eSIM for Huawei P40, eSIM for Google Pixel and in smartwatches like eSIM for Apple Watch. This time we are going to show you the steps you need to follow to set up an eSIM on a Motorola Razr.

Activate eSIM on your Motorola Razr as a main line

In the beginning eSIM was only allowed to be configured in clocks as an extension of the main line. Devices such as the iPhone with its Apple Watch allowed this type of setting, giving independence to the smartphone’s clock. Something indispensable in cases where we need to go out and leave the phone at home.

Now, Motorola has taken the risk of abandoning the common physical SIMs and leaving your phone only with the possibility of activating an eSIM. This has been a double-edged sword as operators are slow to support this new technology.

In this guide we will show you two ways in which you can activate an eSIM card on your Motorola Razr with the operator of your choice:

Activate eSIM on your Motorola as normally

Time needed: 8 minutes.

A continuación te mostramos los pasos que debes seguir para configurar una eSIM en un Motorola Razr desde los Ajustes, como línea principal.

  1. Go to Mobile Network

    Go to settings > Internet and Network

  2. Add Operator

    Go to Advanced > Operator > Add Operator, then click on Next

  3. Scanning QR Code

    Focus on the code with your camera until the mobile recognizes it.

  4. Download eSIM profile

    After recognizing it, press Start to start the process.

  5. Activate the eSIM card

    It is done automatically and you will see that now your mobile has a mobile signal indicator

  6. Verification of eSIM

    Your new data plan will appear in the list of added operators.

Activate eSIM in Motorola Razr during First Start

If you bought a Motorola Razr and when you turn it on you are given options to add an eSIM card. Here we show you the steps you must follow to activate an eSIM at that first moment.

The above situation can also occur on your phone when you reset it to factory default. If you omit these steps on your first start, you can configure it later from the Settings, as shown above.

  1. Click on Start configuration without SIM card. This option is displayed after choosing the language of your mobile.
  2. Connect to a WiFi network. This step is important because you are required to have Internet access to download the eSIM profile.
  3. You can copy information from your previous phone. Omit this option if you don’t see the need for it.
  4. Scanning QR code. The camera will turn on to focus on the QR code provided by the operator before starting this guide.

*To avoid repeating instructions, continue from point 4 of the steps to configure an eSIM on a Motorola Razr from the Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions when configuring eSIM on Motorola Razr phone

Does eSIM work on my Motorola Razr if my carrier offers it on iPhone?

No. The iPhone is supported by most operators, this does not mean that your Motorola Razr will work. You need to check with your carrier to make sure it is supported.

Will my Motorola Razr support my carrier’s eSIM in the future?

It is likely that after an upgrade you will be able to enable eSIM support on your operator, as the Motorola Razr hardware has this technology built in.

Does removing a mobile plan mean that I unlinked my eSIM with my operator?

No. To terminate your eSIM service you must contact your operator.

How do I activate dual SIM on the Motorola Razr device?

The Motorola Razr only allows you to have one SIM active at a time. It does not have a physical slot for you to insert a physical SIM.