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Holafly vs Airalo: Which eSIM is better?

Holafly is the option for travelers who need more mobile data, while Airalo is a cheaper option. Read more on this Airalo vs Holafly review.

Leoneska Ruiz

June 17, 2024

4.6 /5 Trustpilot star
Highly rated Based on +38.000 customer reviews on Trustpilot
Reviews avatar Reviews avatar Reviews avatar +1M
Trusted worldwide Over 1 million travelers across the globe have trusted Holafly
Unlimited data Unlimited data Limitless data plans in more than 170 destinations
Save money

Holafly saves you +30% compared to other roaming fees

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If you ask Trustpilot, Holafly is currently rated 4.7 stars, while Airalo has only 2.3 stars. Even though these are all trustworthy Holafly and Airalo reviews, there’s more to making an informed decision about an eSIM provider than just reading reviews. 

There are aspects in which Airalo eSIM might have the upper hand, but there are also features that make Holafly’s plans better. So, Holafly vs Airalo – depends on your needs and expectations from your eSIM company. Let’s dive deep into what makes each of these companies special.

Airalo vs. Holafly: Overall Comparison

The best eSIM services have fair prices, generous eSIM data plans, a user-friendly interface, good customer support, user ratings, and other important features. Here is a big picture of how these two companies compare.

Rating Trustpilot4.7 stars2.3 stars
PricesFrom 6 USDFrom 4.50 USD
Data allowanceLimited/Unlimited eSIM dataLimited data
Coverage+190 countries+200 destinations
User experienceEasy to buy, install, and activateFast purchase, easy installation
Customer service24/7 chat in different languagesAvailable 24/7 in different languages but more complicated to access
Device CompatibilitySmartphones, tablets, and laptops that are eSIM compatibleSmartphones, tablets and laptops that are eSIM compatible
Flexible Refund PolicyUp to 100% with certain conditionsUp to a 100% under Airalo T&Cs
HotspotAvailable in limited and unlimited plansAvailable for limited plans
Top – UpYesYes
Airalo vs. Holafly comparison.

Holafly’s eSIM wins regarding data allowance, user experience and ratings, and the responsive support team. On the other hand, Airalo coverage seems slightly bigger, but Holafly is working hard to expand its extensive coverage to many destinations.

Airalo has budget-friendly options with limited data. That makes it great for travelers who don’t care about staying connected at all times and are careful and aware of how much data they use.

Holafly eSIM plans have unlimited data. This is better for those who love traveling abroad and staying connected without worrying about how much data they spend on Google Maps, ride-sharing apps, digital entrance tickets, and more. They don’t want to rely on free Internet abroad and would rather use their phone as they would back home with their SIM card.

Holafly’s hotspot option is limited. You can share up to 500 Mbps daily with other devices. However, the industry standard is that an eSIM card with an unlimited plan usually doesn’t have the hotspot option for obvious reasons. Still, Holafly offers tethering, but within reasonable amounts.

eSIM Data Plans: Prices and Data Allowance

Both companies stand out from other competitors when it comes to data plans. Airalo is known for having cheaper service on most destinations, while Holafly gives you a data plan with no limits but for a slightly higher price. 

  • If you won’t be using your phone much, no streaming, no music, no video calls – Airalo makes sense.
  • If you will be watching videos, video-calling people, enjoying music, using GPS, or even working, Holafly eSIM is the way to go.

Let’s compare the basic 7-day option for both companies for the same destination.

Holafly USA – 7 days with unlimited data for $29.

holafly esim offer for usa for seven days
eSIM for USA. Source: Holafly

Airalo USA – 7 days with 1 GB for $4.50

airalo esim for usa for 7 days
Airalo App. Source: Airalo

While $29 looks more than $4.50, it doesn’t look as expensive considering how much data you’re spending and whether you want to be connected to the Internet. Let’s put this into perspective.

  • Navigation, ride-sharing, location sharing: 5 -10 MB per hour for active navigation, plus 1-2 MB per hour for live traffic updates (Workyard)
  • Netflix: 250 MB per hour (Netflix)
  • Youtube: 300 MB per hour (Clario)
  • Spotify: 144 MB per hour (Livewire)
  • Facetime: 120 – 600 MB per hour (Apple)
  • Sending a photo via WhatsApp: 20 KM to 200 KB per photo (Quora)
  • Social media: from 80 MB/hour for Facebook to over 840 MB per hour for TikTok (Clario)
  • Browsing: 60 MB per hour (Clario)

Keep in mind that these are averages, and consumption depends on many factors. You can be spending much less or more in reality. That’s why paying a bit extra to know you aren’t in danger of running out of data is worth it. As you can see, this can quickly add up

The USA is just an example; you can look into different eSIM options for your next travel destination without data limits.

Another difference between these two companies is the validity of their plans. In most cases, Airalo offers 30 days of validity for its virtual SIM card. Holafly, on the other hand, has virtual SIM card plans that can last up to 90 days.

Airalo and Holafly: Average Speed and Coverage

Both eSIM cards have excellent speed and coverage worldwide. These two factors are essential when estimating the quality of your data plan’s Internet connection. 

Average Speed

In this regard, Holafly and Airalo are similar – offering 4G/3G and LTE in most countries, with 5G where available. The speed of your connection depends on the eSIM technology only to a degree. An eSIM from Airalo or a Holafly eSIM plan will develop only as much speed as local carriers can allow. 

Here are some of the speeds you can expect from both eSIM companies in different destinations.

42.9MBs on Brazil31.4MBs on Brazil
30.0MBs on the eSIM in Japan39.4MBs on Japan
8.03 on Spain2.02MBs on Colombia
Speed comparison for some destinations.


Holaflay covers 190+ destinations, while Airalo covers 200+. Remember that destinations don’t always equal countries. Some of these are regions. If you travel to more than one country, you want to look into an eSIM plan covering several countries. That’s when a regional eSIM card makes the most sense. 

Holafly Coverage

Source: Holafly

Regional Holafly eSIM cards cover:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • United Kingdom
  • Caribbean

Check the country list for regional plans, such as eSIM for Europe or eSIM for the UK. This will give you an idea of which countries it covers and how.

Besides offering eSIM cards with no data usage limitations, Holafly also offers VPN for destinations like China. This makes it easier for travelers to stay connected and access certain apps while abroad. 

Airalo Coverage

Regional Airalo eSIM plan can cover:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Middle East and North Africa

They also have a Global plan:

airalo global plan
Source: Airalo

Both companies have great coverage and seem to be arranging their regional plans slightly differently. That’s why you should always check the list of countries in such a data plan.

Airalo doesn’t use a VPN, but users report that they have used this eSIM card in China and can access the apps and websites they want. 

Airalo vs. Holafly: User Experience and Customer Service

Responsive and reliable support is essential for your eSIM card. You don’t want to get stuck on your travels without a working data plan, especially knowing data roaming can be costly. 

The best eSIM card is the one that’s easy to use and has a support team that helps you instantly when you need help.

Let’s explore Holafly vs Airalo in this regard.

User Experience

In terms of websites, both Holafly and Airalo sites are easy to use. Browsing destinations is an intuitive process. Picking and buying a desired eSIM card is just a few clicks away. It’s obvious how to get the support you need and where to seek contact information. 

airalo vs holafly apps
Airalo app. Source: Airalo.

Both companies also have apps available for Android and iOS devices. The Airalo app has been around for some time, but Holafly has also stepped up and created a great app.

The Airalo and Holafly apps allow people to make purchases, manage eSIMs, get support, and much more.

Holafly mobile app for Android. Source: Holafly

Both eSIMs are easy to install and activate, and both companies have created guides to help their users learn how to add an eSIM to their devices, even if they are unfamiliar with this product.

For now, Airalo has some features worth noting, such as a dark mode on its app and the chance to get $3 on Airmoney for every person they invite and make a purchase.

On the other hand, Holafly has a cleaner app, making it easier for travelers to use.

Customer Service

In terms of customer service, Holafly takes the lead compared to Airalo. Airalo offers people a sort of “live chat,” but that’s actually a bot that will give you several questions to answer. Depending on whether you need more help or not, chances are you need to contact them through email.

It’s important to note that Airalo website support is only available in English

Airalo support in Japanese. Source: Airalo.

If you change the language on the website, the live chat will still appear in English, but you can get support in other languages if you contact them through other available channels if you click the three dots on the live chat.

holafly customer support
Holafly live chat. Source: Holafly.

Now, about Holafly, customer support is available in different languages. You only need to change the website language, and you are good to go. There are various channels to get support as well like WhatsApp or the phone number clearly stated at the top of the website.

Holafly support is also faster, as most customer support answers are given in less than a minute. Overall, Holafly beats Airalo in this category due to the different channels and quicker response times

Holafly eSIM vs Airalo: Refund Policy

When trying to make a refund, both companies have their own policies. People have to know how to complete the process and the reasons why companies can provide a refund to their customers.

Holafly refund policyAiralo refund policy
Three types of refundsOnly refundable if the device is not compatible with the eSIM
Full or partial refunds to usersRefunds are only available for 30 days after the purchase
Up to 6 months after the purchase to ask for a refundTerms and Conditions are less flexible towards customers

Overall, Holafly has a better refund policy than Airalo. Holafly support will try to fix users’ issues with their eSIM because it’s in the user’s best interest. If they cannot solve the issue, they will grant them a refund.

Airalo, on the other hand, is way too restrictive regarding who can ask for a refund and how to do it. This makes it complicated to ask for a refund, and chances are, customer support from the company will try to find other solutions rather than give one.

Holafly vs. Airalo: Data Sharing

Let’s discuss the tethering options. Airalo and Holafly allow data sharing on some of their eSIM plans

  • You can share data with any of Airlo’s eSIM plans.
  • Holafly offers tethering with its limited packages. In case of their unlimited packages, you can share up to 500 Mps daily. 

You need to check the eSIM from Holafly to see whether it offers sharing. The eSIM Canada travel doesn’t offer tethering but unlimited data, which makes it a good option.

If you need unlimited data for only one eSIM, Holafly eSIM is your go-to option. However, Airalo offers a solution for more destinations if you need a constant hotspot option for other eSIMs and SIM cards on your next vacation.

Voice Calls 

Both companies have added phone calls to their eSIM packages fairly recently. However, there are main differences between Holafly vs Airalo eSIM, especially where this feature is offered.

  • Holafly offers phone calls with an Austrian phone number to many European packages.
  • Airalo offers phone calls in only a handful of countries and their Global plans, but it also adds text messages to its packages.

Depending on the traveler, having unlimited and seamless connectivity is likely better than phone calls and text messages, so it’s essential to check what data package suits them more. 

An important thing to mention is that Holafly doesn’t charge an additional fee to people who buy an eSIM that includes phone calls, while Airtalo does charge more for getting phone calls and text messages.


Both Airalo and Holafly store offer this feature in a user-friendly way on their website and mobile apps. You can top up your eSIM with days or data to their eSIM in no time.

Overall, this service has no distinctive advantages or disadvantages. A top-up for your eSIM profile will cost the same as a new eSIM, but people won’t have to worry about installing and activating one again.

Holafly vs. Airalo eSIM: Reddit Opinions

Here are some opinions from Reddit users who have previously used Holafly and Airalo services.

airalo vs holafly opinions
Opinions on Airalo in Europe. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
Opinions on Airalo and Holafly. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
Airalo opinions from Reddit. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
User mentioning the unlimited data packages from Holafly. Source: Reddit.

Conclusion: Which eSIM Is Better?

Holafly is better for an advanced internet user who relies on their mobile phone on their travels and doesn’t want to risk being stranded in foreign countries without internet access. Their unlimited plans are unmatched. 

Airalo is a better option for those whose main priority is a budget-friendly eSIM card. These users usually know precisely how much data they typically use.


Airalo vs. Holafly: Which is better for Europe?

Based on customer experience, Holafly eSIM for Europe is a better option as it provides unlimited data and phone calls, making it a more user-friendly option for traveling.

Can Airalo be trusted?

Airalo is a legitimate company, and it can be trusted. However, Airalo is rated at 2.3 on Trustpilot by Airalo users, which means there are many issues regarding its usage and customer service.

Is Holafly worth it?

Yes. Overall, the company service is better than that offered by Airalo. With a 4.7 ranking on Truspilot, Holafly is rapidly becoming the favorite for travelers who want to travel with unlimited data!

Is there anything better than Airalo?

Yes. Holafly eSIM is a better option for travelers looking forward to traveling in 2024 and staying connected. Their service is more user-friendly and focuses on providing travelers with a better experience.

What are the disadvantages of Airalo? 

They don’t offer unlimited data packages, don’t offer phone calls to many important destinations, and have a strict refund policy. Lastly, they aren’t rated well among travelers.

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