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Holafly vs Airalo: Which eSIM is better?

Holafly is the option for travelers who need more mobile data, while Airalo is a cheaper option. Read more on this Airalo vs Holafly review.

Leoneska R.

February 21, 2024

4.6 /5 Trustpilot star
Highly rated Based on +36.000 customer reviews on Trustpilot
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Trusted worldwide Over 1 million travelers across the globe have trusted Holafly
Unlimited data Unlimited data Limitless data plans in more than 170 destinations
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Holafly is a company established in 2017, while Airalo was founded back in 2019. Since then, both companies have been working on keeping travelers connected through eSIMs, a great option to stay connected while abroad.

In terms of eSIMs, both companies have been developing their product to reach more and more travelers throughout the world. Therefore, it’s essential to know more about the Airalo vs Holafly comparison. And that’s what we will do so travelers know which is the best option for them to take.

Airalo vs. Holafly: Overall Comparison

Even though we will go through the main features of both companies in detail, it’s essential to see an overall comparison of what they offer.

Here, we’ll talk about prices, amount of data, rating, customer support, and other important features both companies offer.

Rating Trustpilot4.7 stars2.6 stars
PricesFrom 19 USDFrom 4.5 USD
Amount of dataLimited/Unlimited data plansLimited data plans
Coverage+170 destinations+200 destinations
User experienceEasy to buy, install, and activateFast purchase, easy installation
Customer serviceBy chatting 24/7 in different languagesAvailable 24/7 in different languages but more complicated to access
Device SupportAll smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops compatible with eSIMSmartphones, tablets and laptops that are eSIM compatible
Flexible Refund PolicyUp to 100 % *Up to a 100% under Airalo T&Cs
Data SharingShare data available in limited data plansAvailable for limited data plans
Voice callsMake and receive calls in some European destinationsAvailable in some data plans with an extra fee
Top – UpYesYes
Airalo vs. Holafly comparison.

Overall, both companies have good features in terms of how they work. But taking a closer look at how each one works, it’s fair to say that Holafly has more advantages than Airalo. Especially in terms of mobile data and pricing.

Data plans: Prices and amount of Data

When talking about data plans, both companies stand out from other competitors. Airalo is known for having cheaper service on most of their destinations, while Holafly offers slightly higher prices. Still, most of their data plans include unlimited data. Overall, these are the main features in terms of prices and amount of data.

Let’s start with Holafly. 

The company now has coverage in more than 170 destinations, and for most of these, data plans include unlimited data starting at $6 at specific destinations and $19 for some others. Limited data plans might vary their price depending on where people are traveling. So, it’s important to keep this in mind.

esim new york
eSIM for New York. Source: Holafly

The main advantage of these eSIMs is the amount of data they offer, as Holafly focuses on unlimited data packages. It might be a bit more expensive, but having access to such amounts of data makes it better. This works well for other destinations as eSIM plans with unlimited data for travelers are great to take.

On the other hand, Airalo is present in more than 200 destinations around the world. Still, none of the available data plans offer unlimited data to travelers, and that’s the main disadvantage for the company. 

airalo app-destinations
Airalo App. Source: Airalo

Truth be told, it’s a bit cheaper than Holafly, but having limited data packages means people have to buy more to stay connected.

Also, Airalo lacks text messages and phone calls in many popular destinations, such as Europe. But this feature was added to some destinations on Holafly, so people must know they will rely on mobile data while using these eSIMs.

Overall, Holafly stands out more than Airalo due to its features. Unlimited data, phone calls in most European destinations, and a variety of data plans for limited and unlimited data destinations. 

As for prices, most Airalo eSIMs start at $4.50 for data plans that include only 1GB of mobile data. While some unlimited data plans on Holafly start at $6 for one day. 

Average Speed and Coverage Comparison

When making an Airalo vs. Holafly comparison, it’s important to know how good the data speed and coverage are when relying on the eSIMs offered by these companies. 

As these companies offer coverage in more than 170 different destinations, rather than telling which one has better coverage and speed, let’s take a look at both features and how each company works with them.

Average Speed

Based on where people are traveling, the data speed will vary depending on the local carrier the eSIM works with. But one of the advantages of Holafly and Airalo is the fact both work with 4G and LTE speeds. 

This information can be found on the product pages of eSIMs. 

The disadvantages of the speed found in these companies might come with the carriers they work with. If there’s an issue with a carrier, chances are the eSIM will work with lower speeds or something similar.

For now, here’s a side-to-side comparison of some destinations.

42.9MBs on Brazil31.4MBs on Brazil
30.0MBs on the eSIM in Japan39.4MBs on Japan
8.03 on Spain2.02MBs on Colombia
Speed comparison for some destinations.

Overall, both companies offer good data speeds, but it’s important to note the speed might vary depending on the carrier they use in certain locations


As for now, Holafly offers coverage in more than 170 destinations, while Airalo offers coverage in more than 200 destinations. On this Airalo vs Holafly comparison, rather than telling one has more destinations than the other, let’s see in detail where these companies provide coverage.

First, both companies work with global and regional data packages. If you are planning to visit more than one country in a continent, like Europe, there will be an eSIM for Europe or eSIM for the UK that will give you coverage in different countries without needing to get more than one.

What makes a difference here is that Holafly data packages include unlimited data packages.

In terms of additional features, Holafly stands out from Airalo in places like China. The eSIM for China comes with a VPN, which makes it easier for travelers to stay connected and access certain apps while abroad. Both companies, as mentioned before, offer phone calls to certain destinations. Airalo includes text messages with some of their plans as well.

Holafly home website

Overall, it’s fair to say both companies are tied on how good their coverage is around the world, but Holafly has a slight advantage thanks to the additional features on their eSIMs.

Airalo vs. Holafly: User Experience and Customer Service

When it comes to comparing two services, how good the user experience and customer service are are a must to analyze.

Let’s analyze how Airalo vs Holafly works with these two features.

User Experience

In terms of websites, both Holafly and Airalo sites are easy to use. The user-friendliness is always there, and people won’t have to worry about having a hard time trying to find the eSIM they want to purchase.

airalo vs holafly apps
Airalo app. Source: Airalo.

Both companies also have an app that’s available for Android and iOS devices. Airalo has had its app for a long time, but Holafly has been rapidly working to offer a user-friendly app that makes it easier for everyone to use. 

The Airalo and Holafly apps allow people to make purchases, manage eSIMs, get support, and much more. 

Holafly mobile app for Android. Source: Holafly

Both eSIMs are easy to install and activate, and both companies have created guides to make it easier for their users to learn how to add an eSIM to their devices, even if they are not familiar with this product.

As for now, Airalo has some features worth noting, such as dark mode on their app and the chance to get $3 on Airmoney for every person they invite and make a purchase. On the other hand, Holafly has a cleaner app, which makes it easier to use for travelers.

Customer Service

In terms of customer service, Holafly takes the lead compared to Airalo. Airalo offers people a sort of “live chat,” but that’s actually a bot that will give you several questions to answer. Depending on whether you need more help or not, chances are you need to contact them through email.

It’s important to note that Airalo on the website support is only available in English

Airalo support in Japanese. Source: Airalo.

If you change the language on the website, the live chat will still appear in English, but you can get support in other languages if you contact them through other channels that are available if you press on the three dots on the live chat.

holafly customer support
Holafly live chat. Source: Holafly.

Now, about Holafly, customer support is available in different languages. The only thing you need to do is change the language on the site, and you are good to go. And there are different channels to get support as well, not only on the live chat that appears on the site.

Holafly support is also faster, as most answers from customer support are answered in less than a minute. As said before, there are also other channels to contact them, such as WhatsApp and email.

Overall, Holafly stands out from Airalo due to the different channels and response times from customer support

Device Support

In terms of device support, both companies have wide compatibility with mobiles. These are the most common devices when it comes to traveling with an eSIM, so if you have a Samsung Galaxy S24 or iPhone 15, you won’t have to worry about your device not being compatible with an eSIM.

Also, Airalo and Holafly eSIMs are compatible with tablets and laptops, which increases the range of devices that people can take with them on a trip and stay connected while abroad.

 But only Holafly gives information about their eSIMs being compatible with smartwatches, something Airalo doesn’t tell on their site.

Overall, both companies are good in terms of compatibility, but Holafly is clearer about which devices work with their eSIMs and has a wider compatibility range.

Flexible Refund Policy

When trying to make a refund, both companies have their own policies. People have to know how to complete the process and the reasons why companies can provide a refund to their customers.

Holafly refund policyAiralo refund policy
Three types of refundsOnly refundable if the device is not compatible with the eSIM
Full or partial refunds to usersRefunds are only available for 30 days after the purchase
Up to 6 months after the purchase to ask for a refundTerms and Conditions are less flexible towards customers

Overall, Holafly has a better refund policy than Airalo. Rather than providing more solutions due to poor service, Holafly prefers to give their customers enough options to help them in case there have been issues with the eSIM.

Airalo, on the other hand, is way too restrictive towards who can ask for a refund and how to do it. This makes it less easy to ask for a refund, and chances are, customer support from the company will try to find other solutions rather than give a refund.

Data Sharing: Holafly vs. Airalo compared

Let’s talk about data sharing on both companies. Currently, Airalo and Holafly offer data sharing on some of their data plans

Airalo offers data sharing on all of its data plans, while Holafly only offers data sharing on destinations where it offers limited data packages, but this isn’t always the case

People have to look at the technical details of the eSIM from Holafly to see whether it offers data sharing or not. The eSIM Canada travel doesn’t offer data sharing, but offers unlimited data, which makes it a good option to use.

It’s important to mention that the Airalo data-sharing feature is not mentioned on the product pages. This information can be found in the company’s FAQs and blog, but it doesn’t fully clarify this feature.

Also, it’s important to mention that, rather than saying that one eSIM is better than the other due to having a data-sharing feature, travelers should choose the one that suits them most. 

If you need unlimited data, Holafly is your go-to option. But if you need data sharing, then Airalo gives you a solution for more destinations.

Voice calls 

For some months now, both companies have added phone calls to their eSIM packages. In this case, there are main differences between both, especially on where this feature is offered.

Holafly offers phone calls with an Austrian phone number for many European destinations. Airalo only offers phone calls in a handful of countries, but they also add text messages to their packages.

Depending on the traveler, chances are having unlimited data is better than phone calls and text messages, so it’s important to check what data package suits them more. 

An important thing to mention is that Holafly doesn’t charge an additional fee to people who buy an eSIM that includes phone calls, while Airtalo does charge more for getting phone calls and text messages.


The top-up feature is worth the mention as people can either get more days or data for their eSIM and stay connected on the trip.

In terms of how to get a top-up for an eSIM, both companies make it easy for people to get one. 

This feature is available on the website and mobile apps, which allows people to add more days or data to their eSIM in no time.

Overall, there are no advantages or disadvantages to mention about this service on any company. Getting a top-up will cost the same as getting a new eSIM. But people won’t have to worry about installing and activating one again. 

Holafly vs. Airalo: Reddit Opinions

For people wondering what they think about both eSIMs, here are some opinions from people on Reddit who have previously used Holafly and Airalo services.

airalo vs holafly opinions
Opinions on Airalo in Europe. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
Opinions on Airalo and Holafly. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
Airalo opinions from Reddit. Source: Reddit.
airalo vs holafly opinions
User mentioning the unlimited data packages from Holafly. Source: Reddit.

Conclusion: Which eSIM is better?

After seeing everything both companies have to offer in terms of data plans, customer service, user experience, additional features, and much more, it’s time to tell which one is a better option for travelers.

At this point, Holafly eSIM is a better option for travelers

This is because the company has more user-friendly features than Airalo. The unlimited data packages make it a good option, but the additional features are where the real differences are seen and how these can impact travelers.

So, if you want to travel around the world and stay connected, take an eSIM from Holafly and enjoy their services while you meet a new destination!


Airalo vs. Holafly: Which is better for Europe?

Holafly and Airalo are good options for Europe. Based on customer experience, the Holafly eSIM for Europe is a better option as it provides unlimited data and phone calls. It makes it a more friendly user option for traveling.

Can Airalo be trusted?

Overall, Airalo can be trusted, but people need to know the service is rated at 2.4 on Trustpilot, which means there are many issues regarding its usage and how good its customer service is.

Is Holafly worth it?

Yes. Overall, the company service is better than that offered by Airalo. With a 4.7 ranking on Truspilot, Holafly is rapidly becoming the favorite for travelers who want to travel with unlimited data!

Is there anything better than Airalo?

Yes. For travelers who are looking forward to traveling in 2024, a better option is to take the Holafly eSIM. Their service is more user-friendly and is more focused on providing travelers with a better experience.

What are the disadvantages of Airalo? 

They don’t have unlimited data packages. They don’t have phone calls to many important destinations, and their refund policy is too strict. Lastly, they aren’t rated too well among travelers.

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