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Airalo Top-Up: How to Add More Data

Learn how Airalo Top-Up works: Discover the availability, costs, pros, cons, step-by-step instructions for adding more data, and more.

Julio Osuna

April 14, 2024

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Some data packages include an Airalo top-up as an additional feature. But how does this service work, and how can people get it? Let’s discuss this and give users the step-by-step process for getting an Airalo top-up.

What is an Airalo eSIM?

An eSIM is the evolution of the traditional SIM card. It is available to use on eSIM-compatible devices, and depending on which mobile device people have, they can store more than one while traveling.

About the company, Airalo is an international eSIM carrier. The company provides travelers with the option of getting different data packages. In 2024, Airalo will only offer data packages with limited data.

To get an Airalo eSIM, people have to choose the destination they are visiting and choose the data plan that suits their needs. These data plans vary from 7 to 30 days with various amounts of data!

airalo top up esim brazil
Airalo data packages for Brazil. Source: Airalo.

How do data plans work on Airalo eSIMs?

Data plans on Airalo work based on two things: amount of data and days of use. People can choose from different options when choosing what eSIM to take.

It’s important to note that not all data packages from Airalo allow the use of the top up feature. An Airalo eSIM top-up is only available on certain packages, and people can read whether it is available or not when reading the details about the eSIM.

Airalo top up information. Source: Airalo.

When choosing an Airalo eSIM, travelers can read its details, including the days and amount of data. These details include:

  • Network information.
  • Plan type.
  • Activation policy.
  • eKYC.
  • Top-up.
  • Other info.

What is Airalo’s top-up service?

If you are wondering how to top-up Airalo when using their eSIMs, the first thing to know is what this service is. This service works in two ways: adding more days to your data package or adding more GBs to your eSIM

For the Airalo top-up service, the most common scenario is when people need more data to keep using their eSIM. The company will let travelers know when their data package is almost over, as they send a notification when the data plan is at 10%.

Airalo eSIM information
Airalo eSIM information. Source: Airalo.

Depending on whether the top-up feature is available for the purchased package, Airalo users can buy a new package without needing to install a new eSIM. 

Is your Airalo eSIM ready for a Top-Up?

Not all Airalo eSIMs include a Top-Up service. When people decide to buy an eSIM, one of the additional features they need to check is whether the data package includes or not this feature. Don’t think your Airalo eSIM is not working if this option is unavailable.

There is no information about which Airalo eSIMs include Top-Up. That’s why people have to read before completing the purchase process to see if they can add more data later.

There’s no Airalo top-up cost compared to buying the new data package. If yours is available, simply choose one of the different options for the destinations you are visiting.

How do I check how much data I have left?

When using an Airalo eSIM, there are two ways to check how much data it has left. 

  • Check your data usage on the Airalo website:
    • Go to your Airalo account.
    • Go to the “My eSIMs” section.
    • Check the eSIM you want to check.
    • If the top-up feature is service, a “Top-Up” button will appear in the same window. If necessary, press it and buy a new package.
  • Check your data usage on the Airalo app:
    • Open the Airalo app.
    • Go to “My eSIMs
    • Check the eSIM you are using, and if needed and possible, get a top-up package to avoid downloading and installing a new one.

People who have an iOS device can install a widget on their home screen. This widget will allow us to check the data usage of the current eSIM, which saves travelers some time.

How to top up Airalo eSIM: Step by step

If you are wondering how to activate Airalo top-up, here’s a step-by-step guide for recharges on eSIMs with this feature active. 

The process is pretty similar on PCs and mobiles, so this is what you need to do:

  • Go to your Airalo account.
  • Choose the Airalo eSIM to top up. Remember to check if this feature is available for the package you are buying.
  • Choose the data package you want to buy based on how much data and days you need.
  • Proceed with the payment, and once completed, the eSIM will get the data and days top-up.

Remember, there’s no Airalo refund in case people missed reading about the top-up section.

Is it better to top-up or have unlimited data?

When it comes to choosing what is better, to have unlimited data or to have a top-up service available, the winner is quite clear. But there’s an additional thing about having unlimited data packages, as these have the top-up feature included, but that’s a feature from Holafly.

The Airalo top-up seems like a good idea for travelers who need to stay connected while traveling, but there’s no need to spend more money on something else when there are better alternatives in the market. 

Here are some additional things to know about the unlimited data and top-up services from both companies.

All data plans offer top-ups, including unlimited data packages to add more days.Not all data plans include top-up
Data-sharing information is not included on eSIMs packagesData-sharing information is not included in eSIMs packages
Cheaper packages, as there’s no need to buy multiple times to get more dataMore expensive due to the need to stay connected

How do you get an unlimited data plan from Holafly?

As said before, Airalo doesn’t offer unlimited data packages in 2024. All of their data packages offer limited amounts of data, and this is something found in their main destinations, like the USA, UK, Japan, and so on.

Even though there are different options to choose from, having unlimited data is something travelers prefer. That’s where the Holafly eSIM turns out to be a better option for meeting the world.

Holafly offers eSIMs with unlimited data. Some of these packages even allow sharing up to 500 MBs of data per day with other devices. The company currently has more than 170 destinations, so choosing the ideal eSIM is not something to worry about.

People can buy an eSIM from Holafly with unlimited data through their app or website. All the data packages will be available on any of the chosen options. These data plans vary from 1 to 90 days, which is great.

unlimited data esim usa holafly
Holafly eSIM for USA. Source: Holafly.

For us, it’s clear that Holafly is a better option for travelers. They offer more data packages with unlimited data while including better features! 

FAQ about Airalo Top-Up service

Can eSIM be top-up?

Not all Airalo eSIMs are eligible for a top up. It’s necessary for travelers to check the additional information of an eSIM to see if that package includes or not the top up feature.

How do I refill my eSIM?

To refill an eSIM, visit the Airalo app or website and check if the eSIM you are using can add more data. If it can, buy the data package you need for your trip.

How do I buy data on eSIM?

If you purchased an eSIM and need to buy more data, you need to log in to your Airalo account and check if the eSIM is eligible to add a top up. If not, 

How can I have an eSIM with unlimited data to travel?

To get unlimited data while traveling, the best option is to take Holafly with you. Making a side-to-side Holafly vs. Airalo comparison, Holafly is the only company offering unlimited data on most destinations.