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Best eSIM for Taipei: Which one should I buy?

Don't forget to bring the best eSIM card for Taipei on your next trip to Taiwan, with which you will have the best internet connection.

Leoneska Ruiz

August 28, 2023

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If your next travel destination is Taiwan, and you will be visiting the fantastic city of Taipei, you will surely want to share your experience when visiting this city with your family and friends. So to achieve the above, it is necessary that you have a stable internet connection during your trip, and the ideal option for you is to take the best eSIM for Taipei with you.

An eSIM is an alternative that will undoubtedly allow you to have a good internet connection on your trip, and in addition, you will be able to save on the high costs of international roaming. That is why through this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the eSIM for Taipei, from its advantages, where to buy it, costs, and much more. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Taipei

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Where can I buy an eSIM for Taipei?

The first thing you should know is that there are two most common ways of getting an eSIM. Before you start your trip, or when you arrive in Taipei. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Firstly, you can purchase your SIM card from an international online store for Taipei. Nowadays, many online stores offer connectivity services for travelers. An example of this is Holafly, a Spanish store that offers excellent phone services for travelers. This option facilitates the purchase since you can do it from home and have internet when you arrive in Taipei. 

On the other hand, if you rely more on physical stores, you can also purchase an eSIM card in many physical stores of local operators once you arrive at Taipei airport. However, please note that you will have to take the time to search for these stores, choose the plan you want and then make the purchase to be able to connect to the internet. 

Finally, if your cell phone is incompatible with eSIM, then this option is not for you. On the other hand, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card for Taipei.  

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What is an eSIM? 

It is very simple to know what an eSIM is, as they are very similar to the standard prepaid SIM cards that many operators and online stores sell. The big difference is that eSIMs are embedded in many of the latest generation phones, so they are activated online through a QR code. 

This makes the eSIM one of the most accessible alternatives to acquire since you can buy it from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it is very beneficial for those who have their trip coming up and need an option that can be purchased quickly

Advantages of an eSIM for Taipei.

One of the best eSIMs you can find for your trip to Taipei is the Holafly eSIM, which has a lot of advantages, which we will discuss below: 

  • You will enjoy unlimited data with the eSIM for Taiwan for your time in Taipei. Alternatively, you can get the best Asian eSIM for travelers if you plan to visit multiple countries.
  • While you will not be able to make outgoing voice calls with this eSIM, you will be able to use cellular data and use applications such as Skype or WhatsApp to stay in touch. 
  • This eSIM is very easy to buy and set up, as the whole process is done online! 
  • You keep your WhatsApp in your language to still use this app.
  • You will be connected to one of the best internet networks in the country. 
  • By using an eSIM, your cell phone will become a dual SIM phone, so you can use the eSIM card and local SIM card simultaneously. 

How do I activate my eSIM card for Taipei?

Acquiring and activating an eSIM is very simple. Here is a little bit about the process you will have to go through to purchase and activate Holafly’s eSIM for Taipei. The first thing to do is go to Holafly’s official website and search for your travel destination. For Taipei, you will have to look for the Taiwan eSIM card. 

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly home website.

Once you get the plan you want, you will have to choose your plan and proceed with the purchase. If you want to save some money on your purchase, use the eSIM Holafly discount code, which is MYESIMNOW5, and you will get a discount on your eSIM. At the end of your purchase, you will receive by email all the information regarding your eSIM, including the QR code with which you will activate it. 

To activate your eSIM, you must scan the QR code on your cellphone and proceed to set up the eSIM on your phone. When you arrive at your destination, you must activate the eSIM data roaming to make use of the internet connectivity. 

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How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Taipei cost?

One important thing to know about eSIMs is their cost. The Holafly eSIM card for Taipei is priced as follows: 

Days of useDataPrice (USD)
5 daysUnlimited data$19
7 daysUnlimited data$27
10 daysUnlimited data€34 / $34
15 daysUnlimited data$47
20 daysUnlimited data$54
30 daysUnlimited data$64
60 daysUnlimited data$84
90 daysUnlimited data$99
Table N°1 Price comparison of the different eSIM plans of Holafly for Taipei. 

As you can see, all eSIM plans for Taipei offer you unlimited data, so you will no longer need to make data surcharges because you will always have data available. It also makes your trip easier and more convenient, as you only need to make one purchase.

SIM card for Taipei.

If you want a different alternative to having an internet connection during your stay in Taipei, we recommend you purchase a prepaid SIM card for Taipei. You can also use international online stores to buy them as long as they can ship to your country.

If you don’t want to worry about international shipping, you can wait until you get to the city and buy a local option. Operators like Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, or Far EasTone offer options for tourists. Keep in mind that this option usually takes more time out of your trip, and you will probably go through a registration and contract process.

Advantages of the virtual SIM card vs. the physical SIM card for Taipei.

When choosing between an eSIM and a SIM card, you will see that the virtual SIM card has some advantages over the regular physical SIM card. First of all, as it is evident, with an eSIM, you will not need a physical installation on your cellphone, so the digital installation is very simple. Likewise, as eSIMs are virtual, they are very easy to buy. 

On the other hand, with the eSIM card, you will have a stable and efficient connection since you will be connected to the best internet networks in the country. Also, eSIM card costs tend to be much cheaper than SIM cards, which is a great advantage. 

Another positive aspect to emphasize is that Holafly eSIMs offer unlimited data, so you can always have mobile data during your entire trip. Finally, remember that the virtual alternative does not contribute to pollution, as no physical material is needed to create it.

Chunghwa Telecom virtual SIM cards. 

If you are already in Taipei and you would like to purchase some connectivity services for your trip, you can do it with the physical stores of Chunghwa Telecom, which you can find at the Taipei airport. You can purchase one of their services with them, such as prepaid eSIM cards. With which you can enjoy: 

  • 3G and 4G networks connection.
  • Chat service and support on the online store.
  • Plans with different amounts of data available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • You will have different payment methods. 

Taiwan Mobile eSIM for Taipei.

Another local Taiwanese operator with which you can purchase an eSIM card to have an internet connection in Taipei is Taiwan Mobile. You can also fin one of their physical stores upon arrival at the airport. Their services have the following features: 

  • 4G internet network connectivity.
  • There is no need for a minimum clause to get this eSIM.   
  • You will have different data usage options for your eSIM card. 

Which is the best eSIM for Taipei? 

eSIM for Taiwan
eSIM with unlimited data in Taipei. Source: Holafly.

Undoubtedly, the best eSIM card for Tapei is the one offered by Holafly online store. In addition to excellent connectivity in Taiwan, you will have unlimited data and 24-hour technical support, so you will always have support if you experience any problem with your service. 

However, remember that if your cell phone is not eSIM compatible with Holafly, you can also purchase a SIM card that will allow you to stay connected to the internet during your trip. 

Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Taipei

Which eSIM carrier will I connect to in Taipei?

For Taipei, you’ll be able to connect to the internet with Holafly’s Taiwan eSIM, which uses Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile, the best eSIM providers in the country.

When does my plan begin to count down?

Your plan starts when you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

How quick is the Tapei eSIM?

The Holafly eSIM offers maximum speed coverage (4GLTE). But bear in mind that there may be a lower speed connection in some areas of limited coverage.

Can I use my SIM card and Holafly eSIM at the same time?

If you are using an Apple device, you can use your SIM card and your eSim simultaneously. You’ll have to choose the SIM card for phone calls and SMS and Holafly eSIM for data from your device. Also, remember that if you leave your SIM card activated, your network provider may apply data roaming charges to receive or make phone calls and SMS.

 Recommendations to choose the best eSIM for Taipei.

Finally, we will leave you with some recommendations to consider before buying the internet service you will use for your trip to the capital of Taiwan. 

  • Verify that your cell phone is eSIM compatible before purchasing one. If it turns out that it is incompatible, don’t worry, you can purchase an Asia SIM card from Holafly that will work in Taipei. 
  • We recommend that you purchase your eSIM card before you start your trip so that you can connect to the internet when you arrive in Taipei. 
  • Don’t use your data to download files, apps, games, or movies.
  • Make sure your cell phone has unlocked bands to connect to the Taipei networks.

We hope that the information shared through this article will be of much help to you. And of course, enjoy your trip to Taipei with the best internet connection! Remember that if you choose Holafly’s eSIM card, you will have excellent service.

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