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Best eSIM for Dublin: Which one should I buy?

The eSIM card for Dublin is everything you need to make your trip the best ever, and keep you connected to the internet at all times.

Leoneska Ruiz

September 2, 2023

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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a place worth visiting. It has beautiful natural landscapes, full of green spaces, as well as its Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That’s why if your next travel destination is this place, don’t forget to take the best eSIM Ireland for Dublin. 

The eSIM is an alternative that will allow you to stay connected to the internet throughout your trip. So, you will not lose contact with your family and friends, and you will be able to share on social media your entire trip to Dublin. Read on to learn about the eSIM, its features, advantages, and even where to buy it. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Dublin

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Where can I buy an eSIM for Dublin?

Currently, it is very simple to acquire an eSIM card. You just need to have a compatible cell phone and buy your eSIM for Dublin through one of the following options: 

  • International online stores: This is an excellent option in case you want to purchase your eSIM in advance, which will allow you to have your eSIM installed in advance. An excellent example of online stores is Holafly. 
  • Local Irish carrier stores: Upon arrival in Ireland, you will most likely find local carrier stores with which you can also purchase internet connectivity services. However, keep in mind that with this option, you will not have internet connectivity as soon as you arrive in Dublin. 

Also, if it turns out that your cell phone is incompatible with eSIM cards, through the above options, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card for Ireland, with which you will also be able to connect to the internet. 

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What is an eSIM? 

Can you imagine having your standard SIM card digitally? You won’t need to install a physical card on your cell phone. Well, it does exist, and it’s called an eSIM card. These devices are embedded in many of the latest phone models and are activated through QR codes or activation codes. They have become very popular among travelers because of their ease of purchase and activation. 

Advantages of an eSIM for Dublin.

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly home website.

If you purchase Holafly’s eSIM for Ireland, it will allow you to connect effortlessly during your stay in Dublin, with the following advantages of the eSIM: 

  • This eSIM uses Vodafone Ireland Limited (Hutchison), and Three Ireland two of the best eSIM providers in the country.
  • You can complete the purchase process online and receive your eSIM card in minutes!
  • It is very easy to set up by scanning your QR code, and you will be able to connect instantly to the internet in Dublin. 
  • You will be able to enjoy unlimited data with Holafly eSIMs. Not just in Ireland, this is included in French eSIMs and many more destinations! 
  • You can call and message all your contacts on WhatsApp.
  • With Holafly, you will have 24 hours a day customer service, so if you experience any problem with your eSIM, you can contact them by email or chat. 

Remember that this is a very easy-to-acquire option. So if you live in a country outside Europe, the eSIM card is your best option, as you will not need any physical delivery. 

How do I activate my eSIM card for Dublin?

As we mentioned before, acquiring and activating an eSIM card is very simple. The first thing you should do is go to Holafly’s official website and search for your destination. Then you will have to choose the plan that best suits your needs and proceed with the purchase

At the end of your purchase, you will receive an email with the QR code to activate your eSIM card. You only have to scan the QR code on your cellphone, and the eSIM card will be installed. We recommend that you rename the eSIM card so that you can differentiate it from your physical SIM card. 

Finally, you should activate data roaming on the eSIM card only when you land in Dublin so that you can connect to the internet. 

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How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Dublin cost?

You can also customize your data plan with the days you need for your trip. You can configure it with a minimum of one day and a maximum of 90 days. Some prices according to days are as follows

Days of useDataPrice (USD)
1 dayUnlimited data$6
5 daysUnlimited data$21
10 daysUnlimited data$37
15 daysUnlimited data$51
20 daysUnlimited data$62
30 daysUnlimited data$75
60 daysUnlimited data$107
90 daysUnlimited data$139
Table N° 1. Price comparison of the different eSIM plans of Holafly for Dublin.

Bringing an eSIM with unlimited data on your trip will be the best thing that can happen to you since you won’t have to worry about top-ups or running out of data.

Advantages of the virtual SIM card vs. the physical SIM card for Dublin

We know that both the eSIM card and the prepaid SIM card are excellent options that will allow you to stay connected to the internet during your trip to Dublin. However, it is clear that the eSIM card has some advantages over the other option. Starting with the fact that acquiring a virtual SIM card is straightforward since you can do it online. 

On the other hand, the eSIM card is an elementary alternative to activate since, in most cases, you will only need to scan a QR code, and that’s it. You’ll be connected to the internet. Also, eSIM cards tend to be much cheaper than prepaid SIM cards since they do not require a physical card, thus reducing many provider costs. 

And following the previous idea, the eSIM card does not need physical material, so it does not pollute. This is an excellent option for people who wish to care for the world. Finally, many eSIMs include unlimited data, such as Holafly eSIM.

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Vodafone eSIM card for Dublin.

Vodafone is Ireland’s largest cell phone operator and is also the oldest in the country. Once you arrive in Dublin, the most accessible and most convenient place to purchase an internet service for Ireland is upon arrival at Dublin Airport. The characteristics of Vodafone’s services are as follows:

  • It has the most extensive 4G/LTE coverage.
  • Vodafone Ireland was the first provider to launch eSIM support for all capable eSIM devices. This applies to their prepaid SIMs as well.
  • Vodafone SIM cards are technically free in Vodafone stores. However, you are expected to top up or purchase a plan on the spot.
  • Vodafone does not offer 5G NR to prepaid customers.

Three eSIM cards for Dublin.

Also known as Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited, it is the second-largest cellular operator in Ireland. Three has extensive coverage throughout Ireland, and you can purchase one of its internet connectivity services through its physical stores. Please note that Three does not offer prepaid eSIMs for tourists. However, you can purchase one of the tourist SIM cards with the following features: 

  • Three tariffs have good pricing.
  • No prepaid eSIM is offered yet.
  • Three has extensive coverage throughout Ireland with 3G and 4G coverage.
  • Tethering is not restricted. However, Broadband micro-SIMs don’t support personal hotspot use on iPads (3 or 4)

Which is the best eSIM for Dublin? 

Unlimited data eSIM for Ireland
eSIM with unlimited data and calls in Dublin. Source: Holafly.

Definitely, the best eSIM card for Dublin is the one from Holafly. It will allow you to connect to one of the best internet networks in Ireland. Besides, they have different plans with very affordable costs and unlimited data. Also, remember that Holafly is one of the online stores with the best customer service, so if you encounter any problems, they will help you solve them quickly. 

Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Dublin

When does my data plan start?

Your plan will start when you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

When should I set up my eSIM?

We recommend you set up your eSIM before your departure. Once you reach your destination, activate the data plan and turn on data roaming. Also, we recommend you print the QR code and take it with you on your trip, just in case. Remember that you need internet access to activate the eSIM. The setup is quick, and you can enjoy your data plan immediately.

How quick is the Holafly eSIM?

The Holafly eSIM offers maximum speed coverage (3G/4G/LTE/5G). But remember that there may be a lower speed connection in some areas of limited coverage.

Can I share data with other devices?

Yes, with Holafly’s eSIM for Ireland you can share up to 500 MB per day as long as your plan is active.

Recommendations to choose the best eSIM for Dublin.

To finish with this article, we would like to leave you some recommendations that you can consider before purchasing your eSIM for Dublin and at the moment of using it. 

  • Purchasing your eSIM card before starting your trip is a must, as it will allow you to connect to the internet once you arrive in Dublin. 
  • If you are not using your phone, we recommend keeping your data off. 
  • If your cellular phone does not support eSIMs, remember that you can also purchase a prepaid SIM card, which is very similar to an eSIM.
  • Verify that your cellphone has the bands unlocked, so you can be sure that you will be able to connect to the internet when you arrive in Dublin. 
  • With the European unlimited data eSIM card from Holafly, people can travel and stay connected in Dublin and other major cities of the continent.

We hope that all the information provided will be of great help to you. Remember that preparing your trip in advance will help you enjoy it to the fullest! If you want to know about eSIMs for other destinations, we invite you to visit our blog.