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eSIM for Chile: Which one to buy?

Chile has tourist sites with flora, fauna, deserts, lakes, volcanoes, and many other attractions. Areas such as the Atacama, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, and others are perfect for spending your vacations or going on excursions. The best thing is to accompany it with a good internet connection through a data eSIM to travel to Chile.

To help you acquire an eSIM data card for Chile, we compare the best virtual cards to travel to this destination in this article. To do so, we consider aspects such as price, days of use, data expiration, mobile compatibility, and quality of support in case of any inconvenience in your trip to Chile.

Why an eSIM card for Chile?

When traveling to Chile, you must have internet access to facilitate your travel, search for essential sites or make movements online. Although there are multiple ways to connect to the Internet, the newest and simplest is an eSIM, since you can acquire it quickly, before starting your trip or at your destination. You only need to have a WiFi internet connection for a few minutes.

During your trip, exceptional situations can occur, such as running out of data at an unexpected time and being disconnected.

With an eSIM for Chile, you can keep your traditional SIM on your mobile if you need to receive an international message from your bank. That is, your phone will now be dual SIM on most devices that support this technology.

Besides, the most important thing about a data eSIM is to avoid paying the dreaded roaming for Chile and thus travel safely without worrying about high costs on your bill.

Which is the best eSIM to travel to Chile?

To establish the best eSIM to travel to Chile, in the following table, we will compare the price, amount of data offered, days of validity, quality of support, and the compatible operating system. Among the companies to compare are Holafly, yeSIM, and Flexiroam.

Holafly301GB39€Spanish, English and French iOS / Android
yeSIM141GB35€FAQ in EnglishiOS
yeSIM7300 MB12€FAQ in EnglishiOS
Flexiroam30500MB22€EnglishiOS / Android
Flexiroam151GB23€EnglishiOS / Android
Comparative table of eSIM cards for travel to Chile: Holafly, yeSIM and Flexiroam

Best eSIM price for Chile

If we consider the number of days and the amount of data offered of the alternatives, Holafly has a lower price. Although yeSIM has an eSIM with 300MB of data and a cost of 12 Euros and the duration is only seven days. When looking at the relationship between data and days, you must buy 4 cards to cover 28 days and have 1.2GB for 48, which is 9 more than Holafly.

Support in English to activate your eSIM Chile

Electronic or computer-based devices are usually highly susceptible to incidents, either because the eSIM you requested did not reach your email or you cannot activate it on your cell phone. It is essential to support English, facilitating communication and having a faster solution.

eSIM with more data in Chile

In the comparison, all three options have the same amount of data: 1GB for your trip to Chile. To evaluate if this amount is what you need for your journey, you can visit the entry to help you know the data you need to travel.

The easiest eSIM for Chile

Fexiroam and Holafly give more support, and activation must be done by reading a QR code. You can use them on Android and iOS phones. This feature is also related to the language of support since you will have installation and activation guides in your native language.

Buy Chile SIM card

If you don’t have an eSIM compatible mobile phone, buy a Chile SIM card from here

Advantages of the eSIM card compared to the conventional physical SIM

A virtual SIM’s advantages over a traditional SIM are mainly in the ease of acquisition, use, and disuse. It is unnecessary to go to a physical store to activate the service since it works with the chip that has integrated the compatible mobile. Below we detail more advantages that provide an eSIM against the typical traditional SIM:

how does esim work chile
How does eSIM work in Chile. Source: Holafly

Which operators support eSIM in Chile?

Movistar offers the eSIM in Chile for devices compatible with this technology, both iPhone and Apple Watch. The eSIM Movistar in Chile is available for activation through QR code and the One Number function for Apple Watch.

The operators Entel, Wom, and Claro, do not support the eSIM service in Chile, although they are expected to implement it shortly.

eSIM for Chile: Which card to buy?

Holafly’s eSIM data card for Chile gives you 1GB of data to use for 30 days. Note that you can share mobile data with other devices with this virtual card, in case you have more than one device or in case you travel with someone.

You can also contact our customer service 24 hours a day for any questions you may have, before, during and after your purchase. For example, if you have any doubts about eSIM-compatible mobiles or the coverage they have.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM for Chile

How many data and days does Holafly’s eSIM Chile card offer me?

You can choose between different options according to your needs on your trip. Knowing the megabytes that your applications consume, you can estimate the data you need to travel. Holafly has a 1GB eSIM card that lasts 30 days.

Can I share data with my eSIM?

Holafly’s eSIM allows data sharing for convenience over WiFi. You need to configure your phone as a router and have the other devices connect to the network you generate. So whether you travel with more than one device or travel with someone, you will never be offline.

What if I don’t know how to configure my eSIM card for Chile?

Holafly offers 24h customer service in your language for any question. Enjoy your trip without complications.

Which mobile operator services my eSIM card in Chile?

Holafly’s eSIM Chile works under the mobile network of Telefónica Móvil de Chile S.A. (Movistar, one of the best eSIM operators in Chile.

Discover Chile with your eSIM card! Share in your social networks the adventure of the most amazing places in Chile in an easy way, without surprises in your bill, without shipping costs, and with the simplicity of Holafly’s eSIM data for Chile.