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Prepaid SIM card for Switzerland: Where to buy in 2024?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best SIM card for Switzerland. Read about its features, advantages, and more


February 2, 2024

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Are you planning to dive into an adventure in this beautiful country? Then, there is no doubt that you will need the best chip SIM card for Switzerland to have the best experience in this European destination.

That’s the reason why this article will tell you everything you need to know about the best SIM card for Switzerland. You will read about its features, advantages, where and how to get it, and more information for you to make the best decision!

Get an eSIM for Switzerland with unlimited data.

Where can I get a SIM card for Switzerland?

Almost everyone has used a SIM card at least once in their lives and many continuously do day-to-day. We all know that we need a data plan to stay connected for work and personal reasons. But what about abroad? Getting a SIM card is not the same when you’re a foreigner. Just because it’s different from back home doesn’t mean It’s impossible, you can even get an data SIM! Let’s take a look at some options.

Switzerland. Source:

First off, you might want to know what’s the best way to get a SIM card abroad. You step off the airplane, and what’s next? Without a quick option, you might end up lost in the Alps! There are three options in general.

  • Get your data SIM card before you travel on an online store.
  • Traditionally, you might want to buy your data SIM card once you arrive in Bern or Geneva.
  • On other, new option, is to purchase an unlimited data eSIM online, we’ll explain more shortly. For example, on Holafly.

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Purchase before you travel

You really want to waste your time in this beautiful place looking for a local store. Then you’ll just have to wait in line, get documentation, sign papers, it’s a whole rollercoaster. There are plenty of online stores, whether they’re local or international providers, that offer SIM cards for travelers. With a variety of plans, you’ll surely get what you’re looking for. Make sure that they deliver to your address.

Keep in mind things like valid days, included data, and coverage to make the best decision. Beside the regular unlimited data SIM card, you can also get the new and improved digital SIM card from Holafly. You won’t have to wait to receive a package or delivery, you just have to go to their website, select your designation and wait for the QR code for the installation and activation.

Benefits of buying before you travel

Overall, whether you decide to get your SIM card or an eSIM there are advantages that you can keep in mind.

  • You’ll be able to enjoy your destination with a connection

Which ever route you decide to go, whether the digital or physical SIM card, a data connection helps you get around, translate from the local language and find the best touristic hotspots!

  • For anyone in the world

When you buy from an online provider, they know who their customers are and know what they need. There are plenty of options adjusted with data, talk time and even SMS for those who want to stay connected all the time and even with hotspot data.

  • Secure choice

Getting your unlimited data SIM card or eSIM from a trusted online operator gives you peace of mind that you won’t run into a hack. This way you’ll avoid problems once you get to your destination and best of all is that you won’t have to connect to the dangerous public WiFI networks.

Buy your tourist SIM card In Switzerland

On the other hand, travelers can get their SIM card for Switzerland once they arrive at their destination. One of the benefits is that there’s a huge variety, from subscription plans to prepaid one-time use SIM cards. It all depends on what you want and your budget. Remember you’ll have to provide documentation, and confirm that your cellphone is unlocked so you can use it anyplace around the world.

Sunrise SIM card for Switzerland.

When you get to Switzerland, you are going to find a physical store of the operator Sunrise. The SIM cards of this company have the following characteristics:

  • Five browsing plans, of 2 or 5 GB
  • Unlimited calls inside this destination.
  • Unlimited texts inside Switzerland.
  • Unlimited browsing in other European countries.
  • Chat service and support in the official web of this operator.  

The Holafly SIM card joins the networks of the best Swiss operators: Sunrise, Salt, and Swisscom.  

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Swisscom SIM card for Switzerland.

When you arrive at the airport in Switzerland you will find a physical store of the operator Swisscom, one of the most popular operators in this country. Their SIM cards have the following characteristics:

  • 500 MB to 10 GB data plans.
  • 50 MB upload speed.
  • 4G and 5G connection.
  • You can buy it either in physical or online stores.

Salt SIM card for Switzerland.

This operator is pretty new. Their SIM cards have the following characteristics:

  • 500 MB to 5 GB of mobile data.
  • Unlimited calls and texts inside this destination.
  • High-speed connection, even 5G.

With the Holafly SIM card, you will have a high-speed connection, and in the case, you have any problem, Holafly offers 24-hour chat support.

How much does a prepaid data SIM card in Switzerland cost?

What features do you want? How long do you need it for? These are aspects that you need to consider, to know how much your prepaid data SIM card will cost. The general cost of these chips is from 22 to 45 USD. These basic chips include a little amount of data, talk time and SMS, and additional data packages have to be topped up, whether it’s through an app or in-person directly and they are sold separately.

For just one flat rate you can get unlimited data with the Holafly virtual SIM for Switzerland. No hidden fees and no surprises. You buy, scan and connect! Easy-peasy.

Holafly Unlimited data eSIM for Switzerland: the new alternative.

holafly switzerland esim customization
eSIM with unlimited data in Switzerland. Source: Holafly.

The eSIM is a little device that is implanted on the cell phone’s hardware. it can host many lines of different operators and it uses a QR code to activate the data plan. It does not need a physical installation, so you won’t have to worry about it. You can get it on the Holafly eSIM store.

We recommend the Holafly eSIM for Switzerland. Thanks to the excellent browsing this card offers, it is the best option you have to access the internet at this destination. It also allows users to buy the eSIM for as many days as they need it, all thanks to the customization feature Holagly offers to travelers!

You don’t have to worry about how much data you use on your trip, and it’s unlimited! This card has the following characteristics:

  • Easy activation process through a QR code.
  • Hotspot and enjoy 500MB per day to share with others
  • Unlimited data plans are available.
  • Recharge your eSIM through top-ups for more days.
  • You keep your WhatsApp number, so you can still use this app.
  • High-speed connection (3G and 4G LTE).
  • You will connect to the best Swiss networks from Sunrise.
  • You can use both the eSIM and your SIM card if you have to.
  • 24-hour service and support via chat or email.
  • You buy it and receive the instructions immediately.
  • If you buy an eSIM cards Europe, you will get internet in Switzerland and more than 30 different destinations.

Anyway, there is a disadvantage: with this card, you won’t be able to make calls or send texts to other numbers. Also, not all cell phones are eSIM compatible, so you should check the list of supported cellphones.

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As we said, you can customize your plan with only the days you need, but some of the prices are:

Days of useCellular dataPrice (USD)
1Unlimited data$6
5Unlimited data$21
10Unlimited data$37
15Unlimited data$51
20Unlimited data$62
30Unlimited data$75
60Unlimited data$107
90Unlimited data$139
Table 1: Holafly eSIM rates

The Holafly eSIM for Switzerland is an excellent option for people in Latin America, Europe or the USA. You acquire it, wait until you land at your destination, activate the data plan, and… that’s it! Now you have an internet connection in Switzerland!

Which is the best eSIM for Switzerland?

There are so many options, but the best alternative is Holafly. With this company, you will have free instant shipping, easy installation and activation instructions, unlimited data, 500 MB daily for hotspots, and if you have any problem, you have 24-hour chat service and support.

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Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Switzerland

Why should I buy a SIM card for Switzerland?

First of all, with a SIM card (either physical or virtual) you will avoid the high prices of international roaming or renting a pocket wifi. It is better to have a SIM card that lets you enjoy your mobile data, apps, and localization. If you can share all your trip your experience will be amazing! 

What if I have a problem with my SIM card in Switzerland?

The solutions will depend on the type of service your operator offer. With Holafly you have 24/7 chat service and support for your digital SIM card or eSIM card. It also offers telephonic help. 

How can I have Wifi in Switzerland?

You can connect to the public networks of the parks, coffees, restaurants, or airports of this country.

Which are the mobile operators?

The best-known Swiss operators are Swisscom, Salt, and Sunrise. Fortunately, the Holafly SIM cards work with them.

Recommendations to choose the best SIM for Switzerland.

  • It is better if you get your card before traveling, so you will avoid buying it at the airport something that could be expensive.
  • Download apps or games before traveling, so you will avoid consuming your data plan.
  • Download a good translator, in this country people speak many languages (German, English, French). 
  • Before traveling to Switzerland, check the requirements, conditions, and recommendations here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation.
  • If you are not using your phone, turn off the mobile data. If you do this, you will save data.

Alright, we have got to the end of this article. Hopefully, this information will help you pick the best SIM card for Switzerland. There is no doubt, Holafly will make your trip unforgettable!