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Prepaid SIM card for Israel: Where to Buy in 2024?

Connect to the internet in Israel at a cheap price with an Israel SIM card.

Leoneska Ruiz

January 1, 2024

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If you want to enjoy your trip to Israel as much as possible, enjoying an internet connection is essential. But how can you get mobile internet in Israel without paying a fortune? Data roaming in the country is very expensive, and pocket wifi for travel is impractical and easy to lose. For this reason, for many visitors, the best option is always to buy a Prepaid SIM card for Israel, and in this article, we will give you the information on how to do it and where to look for them.

If you are aware of the new technology, SIM cards are slowly being left aside, and virtual SIM cards are the best alternative. If you have a mobile phone compatible with eSIMs, we will also let you know about this solution for tourists worldwide, so stay with us to know more about it.

Virtual SIM card for Israel

Where can I buy a SIM card for Israel?

One of the first questions to remember is where to buy a prepaid SIM card to use your cell phone in Israel. For many tourists, this decision depends on how much time they have to plan their trip and how much they expect to pay for this service.

The truth is that nowadays, the options have multiplied, and telecommunications are available to everyone from anywhere. As a traveler, you have mainly two major ways to buy your prepaid SIM card for this destination or any other. We want to mention a third option that, if you have at your reach, you should take these virtual SIM cards.

Tourists in Israel.

As we mentioned, the ways you could take to buy your tourist SIM card for Israel are:

  • Find an online store and buy your prepaid SIM card for Israel before your trip begins. Keep in mind that this requires international shipping on many occasions.
  • Buy your tourist SIM card with local phone companies in the country once you arrive in Israel. 
  • Use the new technology called eSIM and buy your service before your trip in stores like Holafly that offer virtual SIM cards for Israel and multiple destinations.

Buy before you travel.

In short, we want to tell you that this is surely the best option. Buying your Israeli SIM card before arriving in the country can alleviate a lot of problems. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can search for online stores that offer these prepaid SIM cards and choose one that is close to what you need.

Always remember that physical SIM cards will have to be shipped to your address, which, in addition to cost, can take time. Other important points to check with your provider is the connection speed they will offer you in Israel, and you should also check which telephone company you will be connected to in order to know what coverage will back you up. Finally, it is also important to verify the payment methods they offer and that you can make the purchase through them.

In addition to these SIM cards for Israel, some online stores also offer virtual SIM cards for the country, with some additional advantages that we will be telling you about later.

Pros of buying a data plan for abroad before traveling

In either case, whether you choose the physical or virtual SIM card, if you are buying it before your trip, you will have benefits such as:

  • Internet in Israel – from the first moment you are in the country, you will be able to activate your SIM card and have an instant internet connection.
  • SIM card for tourists- Often, online stores have more options for visitors than the local operators, so you will be spoilt for choice.
  • No, getting lost in Israel- Finding an address, ordering a cab, or any other situation is easier if you are connected from the moment you arrive. Don’t waste time looking for where to buy a SIM card if you can already have one on hand.
  • Easy to use- SIM cards for Israel are easy to set up. If you buy from an online store, all you have to do is purchase from their website, receive your SIM within 5 days or more, then insert the card once you arrive in Israel. As long as you follow the simple set-up instructions, you’ll be connected in seconds.

Buy your tourist SIM card in Israel.

A second way that you can get internet in Israel is to buy a local SIM card through the local phone companies that work in the country. Currently, in the country, there are four major operators and two MVNOs that offer SIM cards for local customers. As a tourist, it can be a bit of a problem to buy them due to the language barrier and the fact that the plans are not focused on visitors. However, we will tell you about the operators that offer the most services for tourists.

Pelephone Mobile.

It is one of the telephone companies that have plans and prepaid SIM cards accessible to tourists. Despite this, it only offers three options called Data only 59, 79, and 99. These plans, as the name says, are only for data services and offer 100 GB, 250 GB and 500GB, respectively. In addition to this, they add the use of apps such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram, free of data consumption.

These plans have a 30-day usage period, and if you have sufficient credit, they will automatically renew. You can buy these SIM cards for Israel at points of sale around the country and at major airports such as Tel Aviv and Eilat.

Hot Mobile 

This company even has a web page for visitors in English where you can see the plans they offer for tourists. In the case of Hot mobile, there are also two options to choose from, known as Basic and Pro Plans. The basic version offers 50GB of browsing, and the pro version offers 100 GB. Both have a period of use of 30 days and if you use up the data, you can continue to browse but at a reduced speed. These plans are targeted to the USA and Canadian clients, offering unlimited calls to numbers in these countries. You will also have calls and messages to Israeli numbers.

019 Mobile 

Of all the options, this is the only one that is MVNO, which has three prepaid SIM card options for Israel. Their plans have one 10-day option and two 30-day options with data packages ranging from 10GB to 100 GB. This data is to be used at 4G LTE speeds. In case you run out of data within the usage period, you can continue to browse but at reduced speeds. All three plans include unlimited calling to 40 other destinations worldwide. Within Israel, you will be able to make unlimited calls and send unlimited SMS to local numbers. It is possible to top up the plans through 019 Mobile’s website or through their customer service number.

How much does a prepaid SIM card for internet in Israel cost?

The telephone companies within the country have very competitive rates; in fact, telecommunications in Israel has some of the lowest costs worldwide. The problem with the local SIM cards is not the price but how inaccessible they are for tourists. Besides having to go through the SIM card registration process, many times, their advertisements and information are only in the local language (Hebrew). With these features in mind, you can expect to pay between $20 for basic plans and $45 for better plans.

If this is not for you and you want to avoid tedious processes or long waits, you have come to the right time. We are talking about the new alternative known as a virtual SIM card, which you can buy in online stores like the one Holafly has. If you want to know more, you will find the information you need below.

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Holafly eSIM for Israel: a great alternative.

eSIM with unlimited data for Israel
Unlimited data eSIM for Israel from Holafly.

SIM cards have been evolving in a big way, so eSIMs have become the preferred option for many travelers. These are basically virtual SIM cards, which come embedded in many of the latest generation mobile phones. Meaning that there will be no need to insert a physical card to be able to connect to the internet.

This makes it quick and easy to acquire an Holafly eSIM. In addition, you can purchase from anywhere in the world if you buy a virtual SIM card through an online store. In this case, Holafly offers eSIMs for a large number of countries, including, of course, Israel. Holafly is an excellent choice, as you can enjoy a lot of benefits, which we will discuss below.

Advantages and disadvantages of eSIM.


  • Quick purchase and activation processes

Purchasing and activating an eSIM is easy. Simply access the online store, select the product of the country you are visiting, and after your purchase you will be able to activate your eSIM via a QR received in your email. The best? You can customize your plan with any number of days.

  • Get an eSIM anywhere in the world

Are you already in Israel and struggling to get data? No matter where you are, you can always buy an eSIM, which will come directly to your cell phone. It also has the great advantage of having immediate delivery so you will not wait for the arrival of a physical SIM.

  • No language barrier

Holafly offers customer support in more than five languages and with different means of communication, buying your virtual SIM card for Israel will not be a problem. In case your Hebrew is a little rusty, this is probably the best option.

  • Unlimited data plans

The best way to stay connected is to have a plan with unlimited data. Holafly offers eSIM for Israel that tourists can purchase and in all its packages enjoy unlimited data. If you need more days of use you can recharge the eSIM through top-ups. You can also find this benefit in multi-country plans such as the eSIM to travel southeast Asia that Holafly has.


  • Reduced compatibility with cell phones

The main disadvantage of eSIM cards is their limited compatibility. As a new form of technology, many older cell phones do not offer it. So, before you buy, check your cell phone is compatible

How much does an eSIM for Israel cost?

As we already mentioned, you can choose any number of days, with 90 being the maximum amount. The total cost will depend on the quantity selected, some prices are:

Days of UseMobile DataPrice (USD)
1 DayUnlimited data6 USD
5 DaysUnlimited data21 USD
10 DaysUnlimited data37 USD
15 DaysUnlimited data51 USD
20 DaysUnlimited data62 USD
30 Days Unlimited data75 USD
60 Days Unlimited data107 USD
90 Days Unlimited data139 USD
Table N°1. Price comparison of the different eSIM plans of Holafly

Frequently asked questions about prepaid SIM cards for Israel

How else can I connect to the internet in Israel?

You can activate data roaming and use data provided by your current provider. But be aware that this will be very expensive. If you plan on using this option, you can expect a hefty phone bill when you get back home. Alternatively, you could buy Pocket Wi-Fi (a portable device that generates a WiFi connection for your phone). This option is also expensive, and you’ll have to carry the device everywhere. A SIM card for Israel is the cheapest and most convenient way of connecting to the internet.

How much does roaming cost in Israel?

You could expect to be charged $7-$15 per MB. So if you watched a movie on Netflix, that could mean paying hundreds. That’s why we recommend buying a SIM card instead.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with the eSIM?

You can check if your phone is compatible with our compatible devices list.

What do I do if my SIM card doesn’t work in Israel?

If you buy your SIM card from Holafly, you can contact their customer support team 24/7. All virtual SIM cards come with clear and comprehensive set-up instructions.