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Use cell phone in Mexico: How to do it?

Thinking about how to use your cell phone in Mexico? Here you will learn everything on how to do it and which services you can use!

Julio Osuna

August 31, 2023

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There are so many countries and places to visit on this planet. Mexico is for sure part of the list of countries people want like to visit. Nowadays, people still love to go to Mexico and enjoy everything it offers to travelers. But, there’s something here to consider. How can people use a cell phone in Mexico?

Today, we will learn everything about what people need to know to use their cellphones in Mexico. It is for sure one of the biggest questions for travelers, and we are here to help everyone. So, if you intend to travel any time soon, this is especially prepared for you!

Unlimited data eSIM for Mexico

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Will my phone work in Mexico?

Actually, many might think the answer is no, but it’s actually a total yes! The reality is that all cellphones will work outside of usual usage zones. However, a few things visitors to Mexico should be aware of when using a cellphone.

First, you must make sure whether your smartphone can connect to the cellular networks that are frequently known to work in the region or area. You can check to see whether your cellphone has open bands to avoid paying for roaming instead of using alternative solutions.

The band frequencies should also be considered. The ideal approach to using a cellphone in Mexico can be found by being aware of these two things, among many other things. Check the band frequencies, the bands on your cellphone, and any nearby cellular service providers available before you go.

Do I need an international plan in Mexico?

It depends a lot on where people travel to, whether it be to Mexico or elsewhere. Today’s consumers have various options available to them, including buying an international plan to avoid using roaming services, which may be pricey for many people.

But people shouldn’t worry themselves sick about it. Although it may not be many tourists’ first choice, it may be their best option for communicating with other travelers!

We are aware of further options, such as the SIM and eSIM cards we previously stated. In this specific situation, these alternatives may also benefit us.

What are the International plans options for use cellphone in Mexico?

A variety of services that potential tourists to Mexico can use while traveling has already been mentioned here, but we haven’t talked in depth about them. People have access to various alternatives, which can greatly aid in staying in contact with family and friends.

However, we haven’t truly discussed the details required to understand these services. Because of everything we’ll discuss here, you’ve come to the perfect place, especially if you travel globally frequently because you might be interested in learning more about this.

Unlimited data eSIM for Mexico

Unlimited data eSIM for Mexico
International travel eSIM for Mexico with unlimited data. Source: Holafly.

If you haven’t used or heard of an eSIM card before, it functions similarly to the SIM cards we have all used. The distinction is that since eSIMs are entirely digital and simply need to be enabled, they won’t require any storage space on the cellular device to function.

However, there are a few things that everyone should be aware of. To function, eSIMs must be installed on a device that supports them, which is a last-generation cellphone. Although some might consider it a drawback, this service has more benefits than that!

For instance, all that is required to activate it is a QR code, and it offers unlimited cellular data!

Furthermore, it doesn’t actually take up any space on the phone! The Holafly eSIM for Mexico, which starts at $6 for one day of unlimited data and goes up to $139 for 90 days of unlimited cellular internet.

You can customize your plan by choosing only the number of days you need. Plus, you will have 500 MB every day to share data through hotspot.

International SIM Card for Mexico

It’s time to talk about something that most of us have previously heard about. It’s important to remember that SIM cards can now be used while traveling, which is wonderful news.

Customers can purchase SIM cards from a variety of businesses. The truth is that online stores offer international options to tourists, but you must confirm the speed and coverage at your destination. You also have the local carriers in Mexico such as Telcel, Movistar or AT&T Mexico. With them you can buy prepaid SIM cards although the options are reduced for tourists.

In both cases you will find prices between 5$ and 50$. It will not be common to find unlimited data plans for tourists.

Pocket WiFi for Mexico

If you are unfamiliar with Pocket WiFi devices, you can learn a lot about what they offer here. Back then, eSIM and SIM cards weren’t as well-known as pocket WiFi gadgets, but they were still very common.

A device can be rented or purchased. However, renting is advised to avoid problems. The only drawback, which can be a minor inconvenience, is that you must always carry it with you. The service’s primary drawback is the pricey nature of each Pocket WiFi, which can costs more than $300 to $400 to people who rented it.

We can use these devices in many countries worldwide. But nowadays, they have been almost replaced with other alternatives!

For Mexico, we can find many companies offering people the chance to use their services here. One of the companies we can mention is actually pretty near here. We are talking about Cello Mobile, a company that charges $349.99 for a week of usage and allows people to stay connected while traveling.

The downside here is the fact of how expensive it can be if we add the delivery, and insurance, among other things.

Free WiFi in Mexico

It’s noteworthy that Mexico has many places where we can find free WiFi hotspots. Given that we are discussing a country that is well-known to travelers and tourists, there are many places where we may find free hotspots.

Free WiFi is not always accessible, though. And using it on a cellular device might even be risky since it may be hacked and your data may be stolen. The overall idea of what we are saying might sound like something strange, but it is better be safe than sorry!

Will my local Internet work in Mexico?

Your domestic cellular operator will choose which is the quickest to respond. You can use the service if your cellphone provider permits customers to access their products in a country like Mexico!

You should be aware that roaming services frequently cost more than you might expect. Customers are frequently charged $10 per day for roaming, making it expensive even to stay in touch when traveling. As a result, we advise choosing substitute services!

Use cell phone in Mexico with AT&T

People who reside in Mexico or have visited the country are familiar with AT&T as a different option to use on their cellphones. That’s important to know because they differ slightly from what we know in the T-Mobile situation.

In terms of AT&T, there are two choices available. For $15 per month of use, this one offers an option for people who frequently make phone calls for a low price. The cost of the International Day Pass service, which is now available to people who want cellular internet, is $10 per day. This option is also available for travelers who have an eSIM Canada or USA from this carrier.

Using your cell phone in Mexico with Telcel

Telcel is one of those companies that locals tend to recommend people to use. In this case, using Telcel might be a good idea. But let’s remember that these services focus on people who live in Mexico.

Still, we can tell you that their prices vary a lot. They have different plans that vary from as low as $10 to plans that can cost up to $20 or more, depending on what they offer.

What is the best option for using your cell phone in Mexico?

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly home website.

Up to this point, we have talked about many things. But now, it’s time to decide which service is best. Our main options are the Mexico International SIM Card and the Holafly eSIM for Mexico. They have plenty of advantages over other services!

These two choices are simple to buy, more affordable, and provide excellent service while traveling to numerous locations! If you are a traveler who likes to save money, you may be interested in the cheapest countries to travel from Mexico.