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Best Pocket Wifi for Mexico: How much does it cost?

Planning on using a Pocket WiFi in Mexico? Learn everything about how the service works and other alternatives to use there!

Julio Osuna

May 25, 2023

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For a long time now, using an international Pocket WiFi device has been one of the alternatives travelers instead use when going abroad on a trip to avoid paying International roaming charges. It is an alternative for people to stay connected with everyone they need quickly, and the service is available worldwide. For example, Pocket WiFi Mexico is a good alternative for most travelers to use and avoid the high cost of roaming in Mexico.

Using a portable WiFi Mexico can help people to save money that they can later spend on something else they might need, but what are the best services for people to stay connected to Mobile Internet in Mexico? That’s something we are going to talk about today!

eSIM for Mexico

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What is a Pocket Wifi?

For those who might now know what a Portable wifi hotspot for travel is, we are talking about a device we can take everywhere we go. Imagine using your cell phone to share mobile data while traveling. That’s the closest example we can give about Pocket WiFi.

But there’s more information people need to know about these devices. Nowadays, different companies rent these devices to travelers, offering different mobile data plans with different rates and company policies.

But, at the end of the day, we are talking about international pocket wifi that people can rent, receive at their houses, or pick up at the airport and then activate to stay connected wherever they go while traveling.

These devices can also be bought, which can complicate things a bit. For travelers, it is better to know which are the best Mexico Pocket WiFi device to use

pocket wifi Mexico

How much does Pocket Wifi for Mexico cost?

Renting a portable WiFi Mexico device is something somehow simple to do. People can make this process through the company website, where they will choose the mobile data plan, the renting time, and even if they want more accessories with the device.

But renting this portable wifi hotspot for travel can be pretty expensive. And things can even get more expensive if we ignore the little details on the contract! Still, there’s no need to worry; we will discuss these options now.

Travelers WiFi

Travelers WiFi is a company offering a pocket WiFi service for Mexico. They are based in Europe and offer people the chance to receive the device they rent with their delivery service easily.

The company allows you to schedule the rental of your portable wifi Mexico for as long as you need without a minimum number of days. Renting the international pocket wifi has a base price of $35 and then adding $6.5 for each day of rental. This way, having it for a week can cost $75 plus shipping and insurance. With this service, you will have 500 MB of high-speed surfing daily. After consuming, it will be unlimited at a reduced speed of 512 Kbps until the next day.

If you want to receive the device at your house before traveling to Mexico, you can pay around 10 to 35 USD for the delivery service. That way, people can forget where they will get the device and get the chance to stay communicated from the very first moment.

And, to close things up with Travelers WiFi, we have to talk about a “penalty” they have. If someone loses or damages the Pocket WiFi device, they will have to pay $159 to the company. If the device is stolen, things are slightly different, so don’t worry. 


An option that is available for people to use while being in Latin America is MioWiFi, a company that is located in Argentina.

This company has become quite important among Latin American travelers due to the service they offer. Now, the important part here is to know the prices of their service, which is $56 for a week of usage and comes with 1GB of mobile data to use daily.

The company also offers delivery services to people in other countries, so there is no need to worry if you aren’t in Argentina. Depending on where you are located, the price to pay will vary from 40 to 50 USD.

MioWiFi also takes care of their devices as much as possible. They have a lost/damaged policy where they can charge people up to $250 if something happens to the device, so keep that in mind while using one.

Travel WiFi

We are back in Europe. With Travel WiFi, we are looking at an old familiar, as they were known before as Wifivox.

This company offers a service available in different countries. Accessing the international internet is simple with their devices. For Mexico, the weekly rate is $55.65 with 1GB of mobile data. If people wish to use other plans, the price increases by up to $35 with 10GB of mobile data.

Travel WiFi also gives people the chance to ask for delivery services. Like other companies, the price to pay for this service will vary depending on where people are as we can see, their prices vary from 10 to 25 USD.

And something we couldn’t simply forget to mention here is the penalties the company has when someone loses or damages a device. If this happens, Travel WiFi will charge them $179, which must be paid immediately.

Pocket wifi Mexico

This local alternative allows tourists to rent a portable wifi Mexico and pick up and drop off at international airports such as Mexico City, Cancun, or Puerto Vallarta.

As for their plans, you can choose a period to rent with a minimum of 5 days. Costs start at $50 for five days and add $10 for each additional day. You can choose additional services such as chargers, power banks, and same-day delivery. A week’s rental with all services can cost as high as $120.

With Pocket Wifi Mexico, you can choose the pickup service at an Airbnb, hotel, or airport, but keep in mind that this will cost between 10$ and 20$. You can also return the pocket wifi at these destinations once your plan expires.

My Webspot

My Webspot takes us back to Europe; to be more exact, they are from Switzerland, just like Travelers WiFi.

We could say their service is similar, but there are some main differences when looking better at them. For a week of usage in Mexico, the company charges $90.99 to people, and the portable WiFi Mexico comes with 1GB of mobile data to use daily.

People shouldn’t worry about how they can get the device they rented, as the company offers them the chance to receive it no matter where they are at. The price to pay for the delivery service will vary from 4 to 11 USD depending on where people will receive the device.

The last thing to say here is that people need to keep an eye on the device they rented for as long as it is with them. The company will charge people 102 to 204 USD, and the final price will come when the company sees whether the device is insured.

Pocket Wifi alternatives

After all, we have discussed, we can tell that using a portable wifi hotspot for travel might not be the best alternative for some people. Most of the rates offered by these companies are a bit too high, and if something happens to a device, then the final price paid for the service can be way too much for many travelers.

But there are other alternatives for people to use. Let’s talk a bit about SIM, eSIM cards, and free WiFi, so we can decide which one to use. 

eSIM for Mexico

eSIMs have become a quite famous alternative among travelers due to how easy it is to use them. They work similarly to a SIM card, but people won’t need to change their phone number or anything similar.

eSIM cards can be used in last-gen devices, whereas Apple devices are used most with this alternative. For us, the Holafly eSIM Mexico with unlimited data and data sharing can be quite a good idea. It has different benefits and can be bought in a matter of seconds!

And there’s no need to worry about the activation process. It can be completed within a few minutes with a QR code. So, this international eSIM card for Mexico can be a good idea for many travelers!

Mexico Prepaid SIM Card

International SIM cards have also become a thing in the last few years. Many companies have been changing how their traditional SIM card works and have made some improvements to reach even more public.

In case this is something that you find interesting, the Holafly virtual SIM card for Mexico is an alternative you can’t forget about. They have several benefits, including free delivery, excellent coverage, and more! 

Free International Wifi

Nowadays, free WiFi is something we can find in many different places. As a touristic country, Mexico has different WiFi hotspots for travelers.

But, the thing with using or fully relying on the Mexico WiFi hotspots is that they won’t always be available for people. So, keep that in mind as much as possible.

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Which is better?

Unlimited data eSIM for Mexico
International travel eSIM for Mexico with unlimited data. Source: Holafly.

After all, we have seen here. We must decide which service to use. Pocket WiFi Mexico devices are a viable option, but the rates to pay are quite high.

On the other hand, using an eSIM or SIM card sounds like the best option; therefore, Holafly comes first to which one is better to use in Mexico!

Frequently asked questions about pocket wifi in Mexico

Can I use my hotspot in Mexico?

Thanks to the portable wifi Mexico that many online providers offer travelers, you can use a hotspot. Keep in mind that many times you will have a daily limit of high-speed browsing, and after that, your speed will be reduced. So use this data carefully when sharing it.

Which is the best pocket wifi Mexico?

You can use many alternatives thanks to the number of online stores that rent this portable wifi for Mexico. To choose the best one, consider your budget, the amount of data you want to use, the battery life of the device, and included accessories.

Can I buy a pocket wifi at the Mexico City airport?

It is possible to schedule your pocket wifi rental for Mexico before arriving and ask for pick up at Mexico City airport. Companies like pocket wifi Mexico have among their pick-up points this international airport, as well as others like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.