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Best Unlimited Data Plans for Traveling in 2024

Anytime internet connection is possible! Find all about best unlimited data plans from Holafly, T-Mobile, Verizon and Mint Mobile

Julio Osuna

January 1, 2024

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For those looking for the best unlimited data plans in 2024, knowing the options available is a must. There are different alternatives available in the market, so it makes it a bit harder to know which is the best option. What’s also important is the fact there are different unlimited data plans, so travelers and all users will get to know more about what they can find in the market to have internet in their adventures.

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How do the unlimited data plans from mobile carriers work?

Getting to understand how these plans work is vital. Most people are used to getting data plans that may have some limitations. These aren’t bad choices at all, but thanks to these alternatives, unlimited plans come on top. These phone plans will allow people to browse the internet without limitations. The price is higher, but the service will work for plenty of time.

Some companies do provide unlimited priority data to their users. But there’s no doubt that some of these don’t give the promised data usage and put some limitations on the unlimited data plan they are offering. It is somewhat contradictory, isn’t it? This has an explanation, and it is not to affect the experience of other customers. They could apply usage policies after a certain amount of data and reduce your browsing speed. 

Best unlimited plans alternatives in 2024

In the current market, there are different unlimited plans for people. These alternatives allow people to stay connected, locally and internationally. Major carriers found in the United States are great examples of these plans. On the other hand, we have eSIM carriers that customers can use when traveling and even locally if it suits them better

So, let’s elaborate on the different services we can find when using these unlimited plans.

Holafly best unlimited data plans

Holafly international data plans. Source: Holafly.

The first option available for us to mention comes with Holafly. Currently, Holafly offers high-speed data plans in different countries worldwide and multi-country packages, like the best eSIM for Asia travel. The service is pretty good, among the best tourist options regarding unlimited features.

What’s best about this service is that some data plans suit everyone’s needs. For those looking for short or long trips, Holafly offers unlimited data plans. All of these are highly accessible.

And everyone can get an eSIM from Holafly with a prepaid plan in seconds, which makes it better. The only thing buyers would need is a prior internet connection to buy and activate the eSIM. Other than this, it’s just a matter of enjoying!

Unlimited data plans and prices in the USA

For this destination, Holafly has eight unlimited cell phone plans that you can activate through an eSIM and with a compatible device. This eSIM USA data with unlimited plans is at 5G speeds as long as the network is available; Holafly estimates that in the first 90GB, you should not suffer any speed reduction.

  • Unlimited data for five days at $19
  • Unlimited data for seven days at $27
  • Unlimited data for ten days at $34
  • Unlimited data for 15 days at $47
  • Unlimited data for 20 days at $54
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at $64
  • Unlimited data for 60 days at $87
  • Unlimited data for 90 days at $99

Holafly has one of the cheapest cell phone plans with unlimited prepaid options for this destination. You can save money when you don’t need to use options like data tethering, as it is not included in the package.

Advantages of unlimited data plans for the USA
Advantages of unlimited data plans for the USA. Source: Holafly

Best unlimited data plans from USA mobile carriers

For us, the USA cellular carriers are among the best options to use. They offer prepaid and postpaid data plans. Depending on what type of customer you are, you can use one type of plan from these mobile operators within the U.S. and when traveling around the world.

Woman taking a look at a map while traveling abroad. Source: Pexels.

Currently, the most important companies there are Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It is essential to understand that in either case, most of the offers and options are in postpaid contracts that only local citizens can acquire. In case you are a tourist, you should use prepaid offers.

T-Mobile unlimited data plan

One of the big three companies in the country with its network coverage is T-Mobile. As with most of the local options, they have unlimited prepaid and postpaid plans. You can also buy a cell phone with them and include an unlimited plan. As a visitor, you will have access only to the prepaid options, and as a citizen or local, you can purchase any of the plans.

T-Mobile USA
T-Mobile USA. Source: T-Mobile.

Prepaid unlimited plan

For customers interested in more easily accessible prepaid options, T-Mobile has two options that include the benefit of unlimited data. In both cases, you will have unlimited calls, and for an additional fee, you can add coverage in Mexico and Canada.

  • T-Mobile Unlimited at $50/month with unlimited hotspots at 3G speeds.
  • T-Mobile Unlimited Plus at $60/month with 10GB high-speed hotspots.

Postpaid unlimited plan

In this case, T-Mobile has discounts if you buy multiple lines or belong to particular groups, such as seniors or military veterans. We will consider the base price of the plans. All options come with unlimited talk and text, plus high-speed hotspot data in limited amounts. The Go5G options also include one streaming services screen.

  • Go5G Next at $100/month for unlimited premium data and 50GB high-speed mobile hotspot data.
  • Go5G Plus at $90/month for unlimited data and 50GB high-speed mobile hotspot.
  • Essentials at $60/month for unlimited data but only 50GB for priority data.

AT&T unlimited data plan

We found another of the major carriers in the USA called AT&T, and you can purchase a cell phone plan as a new or regular customer. Their offerings are divided into prepaid and postpaid options. Any of the alternatives have a 30-day billing cycle and include unlimited texting and calls, with local use and coverage in Canada and Mexico.

AT&T USA. Source: AT&T.

Prepaid unlimited plan

As a prepaid customer to which local users and tourists have access, you can purchase two options with 5G data speeds. However, one of the plans is focused on long-term customers.

  • AT&T prepaid Unlimited plan at $65/month with 5GB for 5G mobile hotspot speeds.
  • AT&T prepaid 12-month Unlimited at 300$ ($25/month) with 10GB for high-speed hotspot.

Postpaid unlimited plan

For the postpaid options through contracts, the phone company offers discounts when you buy more than one line. When there are more than five, you can reduce the monthly cost by up to half! In this case, we will talk about the prices for a single line.

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter at $65/month; slow data speeds apply if the network is busy.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra at $75/month; after 50GB, slow data speeds may apply
  • AT&T Unlimited Premium at $85/month; can’t slow down based on how much you use. 

Verizon unlimited data plan

Verizon SIM card USA
Verizon USA. Source: Verizon.

The last mobile operator in the USA with its own phone network is Verizon; they have in their catalog packages similar to those offered by AT&T and T-Mobile. The difference is that they offer streaming subscriptions and memberships you can include in your data package for additional fees. Other than that, they are still affordable plans if you are interested in these services.

Prepaid unlimited plan

This plan has the most reduced options and is aimed at casual customers or those who want to control their consumption. They are easier to purchase for tourists and include unlimited packages.

  • Verizon’s Unlimited at $60/month with 5GB for mobile hotspot
  • Verizon Unlimited Plus at $70/month with 25GB for premium mobile hotspots. 

Postpaid unlimited plan

These plans do include streaming and other subscriptions. The intention is that you can reduce your monthly costs by contracting several services at the same time. In this case, you have three options.

  • Verizon Unlimited Welcome at $40/month, includes Walmart+ Membership 
  • Verizon Unlimited Plus at $65/month, includes Disney Bundle and 100 GB data sharing. 
  • Verizon Unlimited Ultimate is at $65/month and includes Apple One services. 

Mint mobile unlimited data plan

We will also consider a wild card called Mint Mobile, one of the newest mobile virtual network operators in the USA. These companies are considered prepaid carriers because they only have prepaid plans. They currently have an unlimited data option, focusing on medium-term customers. You could activate several lines with different plans through family plans with two or more lines.

  • Mint unlimited 3-month plan at $45 ($15/month) data speeds reduce after 40GB
Mint Mobile unlimited plan advantages
Mint Mobile unlimited plan advantages. Source: Mint Mobile.

International Plans

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible for companies not to offer international data plans. These plans will allow consumers to use their local allowance when traveling or to use the roaming service of each company. So, let’s see what these companies offer:

  • Holafly International plans: You can purchase options with coverage in regions such as North America, Europe, or Asia. This lets you move between countries and keep your data plan without changing service.
  • T-Mobile International Plans: For the T-Mobile plans, things work a bit differently. The international plans will cost users around 60 to 90 USD per month but will offer clients the chance to use a certain amount of cellular data in over 200 destinations. It also provides some high data speed, but it’s got it’s limitations.
  • AT&T International Plans: AT&T offers its users the International Day Pass. With this service, subscribers can use all the services they want from the operator while out of the USA. The plan costs $10, and people can use it as much as they want when traveling.
  • Verizon International Plans: Similar to what AT&T offers, there’s the TravelPass from Verizon. This service allows people unlimited SMS, phone calls, and even cellular data. The price is $10 per day, but it’s important to mention that the service is limited to 2 GB of high-speed cellular data per day.
Man walking near a tower. Source: Pexels.

What’s the best option for traveling with unlimited data in 2024?

After discussing the different alternatives available to get the best unlimited data plans in 2024, it’s time to decide which is the best alternative for people to use. As seen here, there are different alternatives for people to use, which is excellent. But it’s also hard to tell which is better due to the limitations.

But when it comes to limitations, it is also essential to say Holafly has no restrictions in the first 90GB, a higher range than the other providers. People will need to buy an eSIM from them with an internet connection to complete the purchase and activate the eSIM later on. That’s why it is a valuable alternative for travelers who want unlimited data.

For those within the United States, the other alternatives might be suitable as well, but travelers from other parts of the world need to know what to use as well. And now that you know the possible alternatives, we put Holafly over the rest!


Do unlimited data plans always work with high-speed cellular networks?

No. In most cases, there’s a specific limit on how many GBs customers can use with the highest speed offered by their carrier, but after that, the speed will slow down.

Can users get multiple unlimited data plans?

This will mostly depend on the cellular carrier people are using. Some companies allow consumers to get only one data plan with their contract, but alternatives like Holafly allow people to get as many eSIMs as they need.

Can travelers share cellular data with unlimited data plans?

This will mostly depend on the provider people are using. It is possible to do, but there are some limitations on how much data customers can share per month, while others simply don’t allow us to use this feature.

Are unlimited data plans worth it?

Many times, yes! Especially when you find good deals like Holafly. Having a data plan that allows you to use all the Apps and features of your phone without limits is especially useful while traveling. Also, when you compare long-term usage with a limited plan, it is more efficient to have unlimited options.

Is unlimited WiFi data really unlimited?

This depends on which WiFi network you are connected to. The number of users connected usually conditions public networks, so they can be slow and put your personal information at risk. Private networks are more secure, but the number of users compromises the browsing speed. They can be unlimited, but under these conditions and risks.