When does the eSIM data plan start?

The eSIM data plan begins the moment you activate it on your phone. 

To install the eSIM, you must scan a QR code. This does not start the data plan. However, after scanning the eSIM will be downloaded and you will have the option to activate the eSIM.

If you leave the eSIM de-activated (turned-off), the plan will not begin and you will not lose any days from the length of the plan. You can then turn it on when you're ready.

If you turn the eSIM on, the number of days in the plan will start counting down.

Should I only buy an eSIM when I'm ready to use it?

No. You can buy an eSIM whenever you want. After purchase, you can wait as long as you like until you scan the QR code. Buying the eSIM does not start the plan.

When should I start my eSIM data plan?

Activate the eSIM the same day that you travel.

Let's imagine you're going to Mexico from the 1st - 15th of March. You have a 15 days Mexico eSIM. If you start the eSIM plan on the 1st of March, it will last the remainder of your trip.

But if you started it on the 30th April, the 15 days would run out before the end of the trip.

However, if your eSIM plan lasts longer than the length of your trip (e.g. 1 5 day eSIM for 12 days trip), then you can set-up the eSIM a few days in advance.

Just make sure you don't activate so early that the data plan ends before your trip ends.

What happens if I activate my eSIM before I get to my destination?

Nothing bad happens if you activate an eSIM before you arrive in your destination - just remember that you won't be able to use it.

The eSIM will only work in the country or region specified, so you can't use it for mobile data at home.

If you activate the eSIM in your home country, the number of days in the plan will start to count down like normal. You will not lose any of the data associated with the plan, as you will not be able to able to access the network.

Exception: if you are using a multi-country eSIM (such as our Europe or Asia deals) and you are within the area of coverage, the eSIM will be able to connect to the internet before you reach your destination.