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When does my eSIM data plan start?

Your eSIM data plan begins the moment you activate it on your phone.

You must scan a QR code to install your eSIM, however this does not start your data plan going.

After scanning the code, your eSIM will be downloaded and you will have the option to activate it, enabling data roaming. The number of days in your plan will start counting down when you do this.

If you leave your eSIM deactivated, your plan will not start and you will not lose any days from the length of your plan.

You can then activate it later when you arrive at your destination.

In short, the number of days in the plan will start counting down when you activate your eSIM, not when you install it.

Should I only buy an eSIM when I’m ready to use it?

No, you can buy an eSIM whenever you want.

After making your purchase, you can wait as long as you like before scanning the QR code.

Buying an eSIM does not automatically start your plan.

When should I activate my eSIM data plan?

Activate your eSIM on the same day that you travel to get the most out of your plan and avoid losing any days of connection.

Let’s imagine you’re going to Mexico from 1st–15th May, for example. If you purchased a 15-day Mexico eSIM and activated your plan on 1st May, it would last for your entire trip.

But if you activated it on 30th April, the 15 days would run out before the end of your trip.

However, if your eSIM plan lasts longer than the length of your trip (for example, a 12-day eSIM for a 5-day trip), then you can set up your eSIM a few days in advance.

Just make sure you don’t activate your eSIM too far in advance.

What happens if I activate my eSIM before I get to my destination?

It’s highly likely that you will activate your plan even if you’re not in your destination country.

That’s why we always recommend that you activate eSIM data roaming on the day you arrive at your destination.