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Free eSIM with mobile data: How to get it?

Did you know that you can acquire an eSIM for free and get mobile data? Is easy as ABC! Learn about the requirements and the process here

Carolina S.

April 26, 2023

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Did you know that you can get an eSIM for free with cellular data? Yes! For free! You read that right. But this information has not become common knowledge yet. Therefore, to help you, in this special section, we will give you all the details you need that may come in handy for many users.

Before referring to the free eSIM, we will briefly review what it is. Then, we will provide you with a summary of the Spanish operators offering it for free so you can seize the opportunity. Keep your eyes open!

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What is an eSIM?

To begin, let’s review the concept of the eSIM. An eSIM, digital chip, or virtual SIM card, is the digital version of the traditional data SIM card, and it works thanks to a microchip installed on your cellphone.

So, to learn more about what an eSIM is, you can read the post about what it is an eSIM card, and how it works.

In short, eSIM is the evolution of the physical SIM card. Indeed, this new digital card is safe, eco-friendly, practical, and easy to use.

How does the eSIM work? What is it for?

The way an eSIM works is pretty straightforward. This intangible device is the gateway to activate the telephone line from the selected telephone operator or to install a cellular data plan when traveling abroad.

Before getting an eSIM, you must check if your cellphone is compatible with eSIM. Why? Because given that this tech is relatively new then, many manufacturers have not incorporated the eSIM into their devices, and there are still many cell phones that are incompatible.

One of the advantages of this technology is that you can have a dual SIM phone or multiple eSIM cell phone. Depending on the model, in some iPhones, you can install more than 5 eSIMs, but you can only use two simultaneously.

Is the Holafly eSIM free?

It’s important to remember that the eSIM is an integrated device that comes by default with devices compatible with this technology. The Holafly eSIM has no activation cost, so it’s free in other words.

But it’s essential to keep in mind that the data plans or data bundles come separately from the eSIM. The data plan rates, the data amount, and valid days/weeks will depend on the destination that you decide to travel to.


The Holafly eSIM has many advantages. Among them, we find free activation, unlimited data for many destinations, excellent 3G/4G/LTE connection speed, 24/7 customer service, data management through their App, and top-up from the web consumer dashboard.

holafly europe esim custom days
Unlimited data eSIM for Europe. Source: Holafly Store

Many of Holafly’s services, in addition to unlimited data, offer coverage in multiple destinations. This feature is found in the Asian eSIM, European eSIM, and North America eSIM.

Local providers that offer free eSIM

Below, we will show you a comparative chart of the providers that offer free eSIMs. We’re going to give you all the nitty-gritty about each one of them separately.

eSIM providerActivationMonthly feeMaximum number of eSIMs enabled
VodafoneFreeDepends on the data plan1
AT&TFreeDepends on the data plan1
ThreeFreeDepends on the “Three Your Way” plan1
T-Mobile$5 USDDepends on the data plan1
Providers offering free eSIM

How to get a free eSIM from Vodafone?

With Vodafone, users can activate an eSIM without needing to pay more when they get it. This is an advantage the operator provides, but it is important to remember that free does not mean that people don’t have to pay to use it with a data plan.

For Vodafone users, it is necessary to keep an active data plan to use the eSIM. There are different data plans available, with different features that give users options to choose which one to buy. Therefore, it is important to remember that the monthly fee will vary a lot according to the plan chosen by the customer.

Additionally, for those who aren’t Vodafone clients, potential customers can’t claim an eSIM from the carrier. Therefore, this is a huge disadvantage for those who are looking for a solution in Vodafone to get an eSIM. And, for customers, there are limits on how many eSIMs they can have, and that limit is one eSIM per cellular or telephone line.

How to get a free eSIM from AT&T?

AT&T is one of the providers based in the United States, providing customers access to eSIMs. Just like expected, there’s no price to pay for the eSIM. It’s basically a switch from a SIM card to an eSIM that doesn’t represent any extra expense to the provider.

What’s important to keep in mind is the fact that these eSIMs are only accessible to AT&T customers. These aren’t offered to customers who might be looking for an eSIM to travel, which is something Holafly can provide to their buyers.

And it is important to mention that users have to pay a monthly fee when using AT&T. There are different data plans, and people need to choose the one that suits them the most when it comes to budget, and that can be somehow complicated, especially when it comes to traveling.

How to get a free eSIM from Three?

When it comes to using Three, there’s no doubt that getting an eSIM is something important for their customers. With that being said, it’s fair to say that people can exchange their SIM card for an eSIM without paying an extra fee for it.

Other than this, it doesn’t mean that the eSIM is free to use, as subscribers will need to pay for their monthly data plan in order to be able to use the eSIM, and that’s only for those who are living in the UK.

As expected, only Three customers can get an eSIM. Therefore, those who aren’t Three customers won’t be able to get an eSIM if they need one or even if they just want one, which may represent a wall and persuade customers to switch providers. That’s why choosing Holafly’s data eSIM for your UK visit is the best option

How to get a free eSIM from T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is the last option on our list when it comes to getting “free” eSIMs. In this case, it happens the same as with the rest of the companies; people can get an eSIM as long as they are T-Mobile clients.

Therefore, when it comes to stating that the eSIM is free, it is only free to get but not to use. Customers need to pay a monthly data plan to be able to use the eSIM, and, it is important to bring up the fact that these customers can only get one eSIM.

To be able to obtain more eSIMs, people need to buy more data plans, and that can be quite expensive. Therefore, the actual main advantages here are for those who are T-Mobile customers, but those who don’t have a T-Mobile data plan will not be able to get an eSIM.

Which eSIM to use when traveling?

When it comes to traveling, all the previously mentioned options might be viable due to what they offer. But what about those people who can’t request these services? Well, that’s where the Holafly eSIM becomes the perfect solution.

Compared to the rest of the alternatives, the eSIM from Holafly is better as there’s no need to pay a monthly data plan, and people can buy as many eSIMs as they need, which is also a great alternative as travelers can buy as many as they need.

Also, using Holafly as your cellular carrier allows you to avoid roaming rates. It is a perfect way to save some money when traveling, and it is easier to buy than the other alternatives!