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Best eSIM for Toronto: which one to buy?

We compare the best eSIM cards to have Internet in Toronto without paying roaming, according to the amount of data, price, and days of stay.

Leoneska Ruiz

July 27, 2023

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Is Toronto your next travel destination? Don’t forget to find a way to remain connected to the internet while you’re there. Modern travelers need a reliable internet connection – but how can you connect without paying a fortune for international roaming? Data roaming through your current provider could cost you hundreds, so we recommend buying an eSIM for TorontoIt offers a stable internet connection for one upfront price – so you won’t have any surprise bills.

Through this article, we’ll explain what an International eSIM is and how you can buy one. That way, you can enjoy excellent internet connectivity during your trip, and you can share your best Toronto moments with your family and friends.

eSIM for Toronto

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Why buy an eSIM card for Toronto?

eSIM for Toronto
View of Toronto. Source: Unsplash.

Nowadays, having internet connectivity while traveling is a must. Because if you are traveling, you will need to have internet to look for directions, order a cab, or just keep in touch with your family and friends back home. That’s why eSIM is one of the best options, and here’s why.

The eSIM (short for embedded SIM) is a virtual SIM card that offers internet and calls. Currently, few phones are compatible with eSIM technology, but it is becoming very famous among travelers. You can also learn more about what is a eSIM card with us.

You must be wondering how does the eSIM work? Well, it is entirely digital, so all you have to do is scan a QR code, activate your data plan, and you’ll be connected to the internet. Purchasing this type of service is very simple since you can do it from the comfort of your home without the need to sign any contract.

Once you buy your eSIM for Toronto, it will arrive in your emails in seconds – so you can connect no matter where you are. This makes it more convenient than a traditional SIM because there’s no waiting around for your card to be delivered. The whole process can be completed in minutes.

This makes connecting to the internet abroad more accessible than ever! Just check that your phone is compatible with this type of technology.

What is the best eSIM for traveling to Toronto?

Let’s compare the providers that offer eSIMs to Holafly.

BrandDaysDataPrice (USD)Compatible devices
Holafly5Unlimited Data$27iOS / Android
Holafly7Unlimited Data$34iOS / Android
Holafly10Unlimited Data$37iOS / Android
Holafly15Unlimited Data$47iOS / Android
Holafly20Unlimited Data$54iOS / Android
KnowRoaming305GB$40iOS / Android
Flexiroam155GB$40iOS / Android
Table N°1 Best eSIM data to have internet in Toronto.

Which eSIM for Toronto is the cheapest?

Holafly is clearly the cheapest option, being almost half the price of KnowRoaming and Flexiroam. That’s why we recommend Holafly as the best choice for an eSIM when you travel to Toronto.

Which eSIM for Toronto offers the most data?

Flexiroam has a 10 GB card for 15 days. However, at $40.00 it’s probably too expensive – especially when you can buy a much cheaper card from Holafly, which also offers unlimited data on all available plans.

Which eSIM for Toronto is easiest to use?

Holafly’s eSIM for Toronto is very simple to use. No need to install APPs, just scan the QR code you receive after the purchase process. When you arrive in Toronto, you will automatically be connected to the internet as soon as you land. Holafly also offers 24-hour customer support in case you have any problems.

Which virtual SIM card for Toronto allows you to extend your plan?

Holafly has the advantage in this aspect by allowing you to buy top-ups for the same destination and extend the days of use of your eSIM. It will be activated automatically without installing a new eSIM on your phone.

Advantages of the eSIM card vs the conventional physical SIM

Now we know what an eSIM is, let’s find out why it’s better than prepaid Toronto SIM card:

  • Easy purchase and activation process: you can buy your eSIM from an online store, and it will arrive in your emails in seconds. You just need to scan a QR code and there’s no long contract to fill out or fiddly installation process. You’ll have internet access in minutes.
  • Receive it to your email in seconds: as a virtual card, you receive your eSIM in seconds, no matter where you are. So, there’s no waiting around for parcels or couriers.
  • Eco-friendly: it’s simple. As a virtual product, the eSIM helps reduce waste. Do your bit to help the environment.
  • No chance of loss or damage: unlike a physical card, an eSIM cannot be lost, stolen or damaged. As long as you don’t delete your QR code, you’ll always be able to access the internet.

Cell phone providers and manufacturers are adopting the eSIM at a fast rate. Don’t get left behind – join the eSIM revolution now!

Which networks support eSIM in Toronto?

A number of Canadian networks offer eSIM technology – here’s a full list:

  • Bell
  • Lucky Mobile
  • Fido
  • Freedom
  • Rogers
  • Telus and Koodo
  • Virgin Mobile

Each eSIM will connect to one of those networks, ensuring strong coverage throughout the city. In the case of Holafly’s eSIM, you will be connected to the Rogers network, one of the best supported in the city.

Best eSIM for Toronto: which card should I buy?

eSIM for Canada
Virtual SIM card with coverage in Toronto. Source: Holafly.

Having considered all the options, we recommend Holafly’s eSIM for Canada to visit Toronto. It is the cheapest option and offers several deals depending on the length of your trip. Unlimited data is easy enough to cover common internet usage, so you can’t go wrong with Holafly.

What else makes Holafly the best option?

  • Instant delivery – no waiting around. Just scan the QR code sent to your email, and you’ll be able to connect.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number – you’ll have access to all your current contacts and conversations even with a new SIM card
  • Top-up options– If you need more days of use, you can simply buy another package and continue to enjoy.
  • Easy to use – it’s simple to set up a Holafly eSIM, but if you experience any problems, just contact their 24-hour customer support team.

FAQs about the eSIM for Toronto

How much data and days does Holafly’s Toronto eSIM card offer me?

You can purchase any of the plans with unlimited data and five, seven, ten, fifteen or twenty days of use for Toronto.

Can I share data between devices with my eSIM?

Currently, you cannot share data with an unlimited data plan. However, with Holafly, there is no limit to the number of eSIMs you can purchase. If you need internet on more than one device, this may help you.

What if I can’t configure my eSIM card for Toronto?

Holafly offers 24h customer service in your language for any questions. Enjoy your trip without complications.
eSIMs work smoothly most of the time, and the setup process is easy. But if you encounter any problems, contact Holafly’s 24-hour support team.

Which network will my eSIM connect to in Toronto?

Holafly’s eSIM for Toronto connects to the Canadian operator Rogers one of the best eSIM providers in the country.

Discover Toronto with your eSIM card! Share your adventure on social media with fast, secure internet connection. There are no delivery costs and no surprise bills – just one upfront fee. Get started with your Holafly eSIM for Toronto.