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How much does Movistar roaming cost in Canada?

We will show you the Movistar roaming rates in Canada and tell you about other much cheaper alternatives, such as the digital eSIM for Canada.

Carolina S.

February 6, 2023

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Are you planning your trip, and you want to know the prices of roaming in Canada from the main Spanish operator? In this post, we will show you the Movistar roaming rates in Canada and tell you about other much cheaper options, such as the digital eSIM for Canada offered by Holafly.

Movistar charges you $12.10 USD for each MB you use in Canada. The carrier doesn’t offer a special rate for that destination.

eSIM for Canada

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How do I activate Movistar roaming in Canada?

If you have the following plans: Contract (for 3 months), Prepaid, Card, or Fusion Line, roaming is automatically activated.

So, if you have any other type of plan, you must activate roaming from the Movistar website or by dialing 1004.

You may be interested in knowing the cost of Movistar roaming in the USA.

Is there any other cheaper rate?

In fact, there is. Movistar calls them the World Internet Bonus. This benefit comes in three plans:

  • The one that gives you 150 MB, which costs $50 per month,
  • The one that offers you 500 MB, which costs $40 per month, and
  • The one that gives you 1 GB, which costs $40 per month.

Remember that you have to pay $6.05 to activate this benefit. Moreover, if you use extra data, you must pay the standard Movistar roaming rate in Canada ($12.10 per MB).

Is it convenient for me to pay $12 per MB?

No, it doesn’t suit you. For a cellular operator to charge you $12 per MB is an expense that would deeply affect your travel budget.

What about the World Internet Bonus?

Although it charges you less than the standard rate, around 30 cents per MB, other options can charge you 30 times less than the World Internet Bonus rate. Therefore, this “special” rate from Movistar roaming in Canada also doesn’t present much of an advantage after all.

Internet in Canada: Are there other options?

Looking at the above rates, it would be a complete nightmare to consider this option in terms of budget. However, other cheaper options offer a quality internet connection. One of them is the eSIM card to travel to Canada.

eSIM card with data for Canada

An eSIM card or digital SIM is the digital version of the traditional data SIM card. It works thanks to a microchip that is embedded in your cellphone and that allows you to install “eSIM profiles” with phone numbers and data plans.

Thanks to eSIM technology, we can get a cellular data plan and be connected to the internet in Canada without waiting for a plastic chip or visiting a carrier branch.

How does the Holafly eSIM work?

  • First, check that your cellphone is eSIM-compatible.
  • If your cellphone supports eSIM go to the Holafly Store and buy your eSIM card for Canada.
  • You will receive a QR code on your email address to download the eSIM and an easy guide to install it and activate it on your cellphone.
  • The eSIM for Canada gives access to data sharing for up to 500 MBs per day.
eSIM for Canada
International travel eSIM for Canada, Source: Holafly.

What if I want to stay connected to the internet throughout North America?

Holafly has an eSIM for North America, which offers internet and unlimited data in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Using the AT&T eSIM USA data, T-Mobile, AT&T Mexico eSIM, and Rogers networks, you can continue to post your photos and videos on social media while you visit other countries in that region. Here, we show you the travel plan that it offers:

Unlimited data eSIM for North America
eSIM for North America with unlimited data from Holafly.

International Data SIM cards

These cards are another way to stay connected in Canada. In fact, they are easy to use, you just have to insert them on your cellphone, and that’s it.

A viable option is to buy a data SIM card from local cellular operators in Canada. You will have different prices and data plans to choose from there. Just keep in mind usually, at airports, they change the prices and make it more expensive than in the local stores.

Portable WiFi

Portable WiFi is a small device that allows you to share the internet with compatible devices anywhere you are, such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras, among others. Despite it being user-friendly, the main disadvantage is that when the battery loses charge, you will automatically end up without an internet connection.