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Best eSIM for Ljubljana: Which one should I buy?

If you have doubts about which service you can take to Ljubljana, you need to know everything related to the Holafly eSIM!

Julio Osuna

August 1, 2023

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If you intend to travel to this historical city to get along with its vivid student life and green areas, knowing how to stay connected is something that will help you a lot. So, from now on, keep an eye on everything we have to say about the eSIM for Ljubljana!

Have you ever thought about traveling to a city where you can see numerous green areas with that touch of history that other places can’t give? Well, that’s something we can see in Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is surely one of those places where travelers would love to visit, and taking an eSIM to Ljubljana is something that can help travelers a lot!

Unlimited data eSIM with calls for Ljubljana

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Where can I buy an eSIM for Ljubljana?

eSIM for Ljubljana
View of street in Ljubljana. Source: Unsplash.

In case you are wondering where people can get an eSIM for Ljubljana, then here you will find all the answers you need. As for now, the process is simple to follow depending on which option suits you better.

  • Online stores. We can’t deny people are getting more used to buying things online than in the past, and that’s why companies such as Holafly have become so crucial among travelers who like to get their eSIM in a fast and easy way.
  • Physical cellular operator stores. When getting an eSIM, people can go to a physical store from their favorite cellular operator, and if the service is available, ask for one to travel!
  • Can’t use an eSIM? No worries, you can still get an international SIM card!

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What is an eSIM?

When talking about eSIMs, there are many questions that may come up. The first one is, what exactly is an eSIM? Well, for those who don’t know, it basically is a digital SIM card, and it works similar to one.

The only thing to remember is the fact that eSIMs don’t give people the chance to use a new cellphone number, but that’s not something to worry much about.

Advantages of an eSIM for Ljubljana

Let’s talk about the benefits we have when using an Holafly eSIM for Ljubljana, which can help people to get to know more about the service.

  • You have plans available from 5 to 90 days of use, all with unlimited data.
  • With the eSIM, you can add an Austrian number (+43) to receive international calls and call almost all of Europe.
  • You can extend the days of use or renew call minutes by purchasing a top-up for the same destination.
  • As long as there is coverage, eSIMs work with 4G LTE or 5G thanks to the networks of Telekom Slovenije, Telemach, and A1 Slovenija.
  • People won’t have to change their WhatsApp number to use an eSIM.
  • Both SIM and eSIM cards can be inserted into the same device and used at the same time.
  • For Holafly customers, customer support is available 24/7.

When traveling to other countries on the continent, you can consider using Holafly’s eSIM cards for Europe with these same advantages plus coverage in more than thirty countries.

How do I activate my eSIM card for Ljubljana?

When using a new service, it is normal to have some doubts. There’s no need to worry. We will talk about how to activate this service right now.

  1. Go to the Holafly online store, pick a data plan for your eSIM, and then choose your intended destination.
  2. Wait for the email with the QR code after completing the checkout process.
  3. Complete the activation procedure and, if possible, change the name of the eSIM.
  4. As soon as you land in Ljubljana, turn on the roaming service to get your eSIM to work.
  5. If you purchase your eSIM through Holafly, they will provide you with 24/7 customer support if you experience any issues with your eSIM.

Something we can’t forget to mention here is the fact people must have an internet connection to complete the activation process.

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How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Ljubljana cost?

Wondering how much it will cost you to use an eSIM in Ljubljana? Let’s see.

Days of useDataPrice (USD)
5Unlimited data$19
7Unlimited data$27
10Unlimited data$34
15Unlimited data$47
20Unlimited data$54
30Unlimited data$64
60Unlimited data$87
90Unlimited data$99
Table N°1 Pricing unlimited data eSIM for Ljubljana, Source: Holafly.

There are many options available, so people can choose the one that suits them most! Holafly also offers one of the best eSIM cards for Switzerland, in case your trip takes you further afield within the Scandinavian countries.

SIM card for Ljubljana

As you can imagine, you can also buy a tourist SIM card once you arrive in the city. In this case you will have to look for a physical store of one of the local operators. Some options are Telekom Slovenije, A1 Slovenia, and Telemach Slovenia.

They offer prepaid SIM cards that you can buy, even some without a data plan that will charge you for usage. However, the process can often be slow, requiring you to register the SIM card after you get it before you can use it. Searching for a store without an internet connection in the process can be a bit of a hassle.

How much does the physical chip cost?

With options from three carriers, you can find a wide range of prices for prepaid SIM card services. Consider that you can pay between $10 for a SIM with credit but no data plan and up to $35 for a data plan of less than 10GB of browsing. Also, you will not find unlimited data plans. These are aimed at resident customers. With a Holafly eSIM, you can have unlimited browsing and international calling minutes with the support of these local carriers.

Advantages of the virtual SIM card vs. the physical chip for Ljubljana

  • Needs no physical space on a phone in order to function: eSIMs function fully digitally and take up no space on a phone, in contrast to the traditional SIM cards.
  • No eSIM pollution: They won’t have any effect on the environment once they stop working because they are a digital service, which means, no pollution or trash.
  • Both SIM cards and eSIMs can be used simultaneously in a device: If you want to use them both, there’s no need to be concerned; everything will work just fine on your device.

A1 Mobile eSIM card for Ljubljana

When talking about cellular operators, there are some options in Slovenia people might consider using. Let’s see what they offer to customers out there.

  • Only work with a few last-gen devices.
  • People have to pay to change from a SIM card to an eSIM.
  • eSIMs can be transferred to other devices if needed.
  • Activation is done through a QR code.

We can see the A1 Mobile eSIM is not so hard to get, but first, people must be company customer and then pay for the eSIM, which makes Holafly a better option.

Telekom eSIM for Ljubljana

Another option for us to talk about is Telekom. This company also offers customers the chance to use an eSIM if needed.

  • They have compatibility on only a few phone models, and most of the equipment they sell.
  • To change a SIM card for an eSIM, it is required to pay for the change.
  • Works with the same data plan people had when using a SIM card.
  • The activation process is done with a QR code.

We can tell the Telekom eSIM might be a good idea to use, but paying for the SIM to eSIM change might not be what most users want.

Which is the best eSIM for Ljubljana?

We have talked about many things here. We can tell that choosing an eSIM is not easy, so it is time for us to choose one option from the ones we just mentioned. So, which is the best option? It is a good question as travelers will always want to take the best option with them. 

For us, the Holafly eSIM for Ljubljana is way superior to the others, not only for its price but due to how easy it is to get one and how affordable it is!

Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Ljubljana

Do people need an internet connection to activate an eSIM?

Yes. This service offered to people requires a prior internet connection to complete the activation process.

Can I buy more than one eSIM to travel?

Yes. There are no limitations on how many eSIM you can get, especially if traveling with someone else. 

Does eSIM give people a phone number?

Yes, this eSIM includes an Austrian number (+43) with 120 minutes for international calls. Sixty minutes to receive calls from all over the world. It includes another 60 minutes to call Europe except Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Turkey.

People must activate the roaming service to use their eSIM?

Yes. If the roaming is not activated, then the eSIM service will not work.

Recommendations to choose the best eSIM for Ljubljana

  • Avoid using the eSIM while traveling unless it is necessary.
  • To avoid any issues when visiting Ljubljana or other places, keep in mind to check the border admission requirements before entering a new nation.
  • Remember that SIM cards are an alternative if the eSIM doesn’t function on your phone.

We genuinely hope that the information we’ve provided up to this point has been helpful for all of your visits. Additionally, you now know which travel service is best to use!