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Top 4 Best eSIM for Andorra

If you are traveling to Andorra we'll talk about the best eSIM for Andorra to stay connected to the internet on your trip.


April 25, 2022

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Andorra is a place that deserves to be shared on your social media. So, we are going to show you all the alternatives you have to be connected to the internet in Andorra and to be able to share your pictures with your loved ones. We’ll be talking about 4 of the best eSIM for Andorra in the current year.

So, in this article, you will read about different eSIM cards for Andorra, their prices, days of use, mobile data, service, and their easy activation process. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

eSIM for Andorra

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Why should I get an eSIM for Andorra?

The whole activation and acquisition process is easier with an eSIM since you don’t have to go to a physical store to buy one. Your compatible cellphone comes with the eSIM implanted on its hardware, and it is ready to be configurated.

Which is the best eSIM for Andorra?

These eSIMs will let you get your mobile data whenever you need it. Here you will see all the options you have to get one of these. You will read a comparison between the different eSIMs and their plans. The operators we will be talking about are Holafly, Ubigi, MTX Connect, and TravelSIM.

1. Holafly

An online store where you can purchase an eSIM for your travels is Holafly, a startup from Spain that allows travelers to stay connected to the internet with eSIM cards. With them, you can purchase eSIMs for more than 170 destinations, including Andorra eSIM, Spain eSIM, France eSIM, and many others. You can connect to the best operators in the country you are visiting. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Andorra

Holafly has a new feature for Andorra eSIMs and you can buy your plan with the days you need. You can configure any number of days between one and 90 days maximum, from $6 to $139. All offer unlimited data and 500 MB per day to share data with other devices.

With these plans, you will be connected to the Telecom operator’s service, and if you have any problem with it, you will have Holafly’s support 24 hours a day, in languages such as English, Spanish, French, and German. Also, you can make your payments in different ways, through credit cards, PayPal, and European Union banks.

2. Ubigi

On the other hand, we have another online store, which is called Ubigi, it is based in Paris, France. This company works around the world with workers of more than 40 nationalities, offering internet connectivity services with their eSIM to many destinations around the world. 

To purchase their eSIM, it must be done through their mobile application. So if you would like to purchase the ubigi eSIM you will have to download their application beforehand. 

For Andorra, you can get three plans, either part of the European or World plans, as there are currently no plans specifically for Andorra, but you can stay connected with the ones mentioned above. The cheapest plan is $8, but you will have 1GB for 30 days. On the other hand, you can have 500MB for one day for $12. And finally, the 30 days plan with 500MB for $29.

3. MTX Connect

This is a Luxembourg-based company, which like the previous ones, also offers internet connectivity services. They specialize in mobile broadband connectivity services for corporate and individual customers. So with them, you could also get your eSIM for Andorra. 

Like other companies, MTX Connect also works with a mobile application, where you can purchase your eSIM. However, you can also do it through the website with your username. You can choose between 7, 14, or 30-day services. With the first one, you will get 2GB for $16. For 14 days you have to pay $27 for 4GB. And if you want to get a 30-day eSIM you must pay $64 and you will have 10GB. 

In order to purchase any of these plans, you must first have an MTX Connect eSIM profile and have credit on it. Also, if you have any problems with your service, you can fill out a form on their website, or contact them through the phone number they offer.

4. TravelSIM

Finally, we find TravelSIM, a company founded more than 10 years ago in Europe, which is currently based in Estonia. The company’s services cover more than 100 destinations. Although their forte is SIM card service, they also specialize in offering eSIMs to their users. 

As for the eSIM plans that you can use in Andorra, you can find 3 plans for 30 days with different amounts of mobile data. Paying $36 will get you 2GB, $52 for 4GB, and lastly, you will have to pay $85 for 5GB respectively. 

To purchase your eSIM, you will have the possibility to pay by credit card or PayPal, as these are the two payment methods they currently receive. Finally, in case you have any problems with your service, you will be able to count on customer service via cell phone or email.

Which one is the best price?

Holafly offers competitive prices considering that you will be able to have unlimited data. Starting at $6 for one day of usage, which you can always extend through top-ups if you need to.

Which one offers more mobile data?

This is one of the main features of Holafly’s eSIM for Andorra and it is that we have unlimited data with any data plan. You will also be able to share a portion of your data package via hotspot which is not easy to find in other options.

Which operators support the eSIM in Andorra?

Andorra Telecom is the only operator in this country. And it is available for eSIM since 2020. In case your mobile phone is not compatible with eSIMs, then, you could request a physical SIM card from Telecom, in order to have mobile internet.