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Which Is the Best eSIM for Saudi Arabia?

Explore the best eSIM for Saudi Arabia. Check which eSIM providers offer competitive rates, good coverage, and service that work for you.


July 10, 2024

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You are all set and ready for your travel adventure in Saudi Arabia. You bought the tickets, booked your accommodation, and are exploring the endless possibilities for day trips across this amazing country. However, for your trip to go smoothly and in the most convenient way, you need to find the best way to stay connected from the moment you land, to the moment you take off to fly back home. The smartest thing to do is to get the best eSIM for Saudi Arabia.

Sure, you can try to get a physical SIM card in Saudi Arabia, but there is a much easier way to avoid high costs and roaming charges. On the other hand, you can stay connected on your international travel using an eSIM on your phone

So, you just need a device that can support eSIM technology (check the list of eSIM phones) and a trusted eSIM provider.

Which Is the Best eSIM for Saudi Arabia?

If you want to avoid roaming and using your physical SIM card, eSIM technology is the way to go. With destinations in this region, you always have two options for your Saudi Arabia eSIM: a local provider specializing in a particular area or some trusted global providers.

 Both options can be equally good, so it’s best to focus on the quality of the service, cost, user reviews, and data plans they offer. So, here are the top choices for you.

1. Holafly Saudi Arabia eSIM with Unlimited Data

💡Key feature: Holafly offers eSIM plans with unlimited data.

holafly esim for saudi arabia
Source: Holafly

This is the best eSIM for those who want to be connected at all times and not worry about their data allowance and usage. With the unlimited package from your Saudi Arabia eSIM, you can use your Google Maps, taxi and reservation apps, and flight tickets anytime.

Holafly Saudi Arabia eSIM

Unlimited5 days19 USD
Unlimited7 days27 USD
Unlimited10 days34 USD
Unlimited15 days47 USD
Unlimited20 days54 USD

Additionally, you don’t have to cut down your video calls back home short or refrain from making video calls to save your data plan. Plans with no limits on data really set you free to enjoy your time exploring your destination. It’s the ultimate digital travel SIM. 

Things to know:

  • Tethering to other devices is limited to 500 MB a day
  • 5 different plans to choose from
  • Uses Zain network with excellent coverage
  • Has quick and responsive customer support 24/7

2. SimOptions

💡Key feature: It’s an eSIM marketplace that compares available options

SimOptions offers its own Saudi Arabia eSIM cards but also acts as a reseller to other eSIM providers. You can even find traditional SIM cards on their website. SimOptions currently doesn’t offer eSIMs specific to Saudi Arabia. Instead, they have five different regional plans that cover the Middle East.

Three of their eSIM plans are actually SimOptions eSIMs, while two come from different mobile carriers. These eSIMs seem currently on sale, but they might not be as cheap as SimOptions suggests.

For example, currently, Holiday World eSIM from Orange is currently sold at $39.90 on SimOptions, which is supposed to be a discount from $79.90. However, its regular price on the Orange website is $44.90. It is still more expensive, but nowhere near $79.90.

Also, something similar happens with the AIS eSIM. At this moment, you can buy the same AIS eSIM directly from their website at a discount rate of $33.00. Its original price is $39.00. The same eSIM is currently advertised on the SimOptions website as $39.90, but the original price for the same eSIM is $79.90. Again, this is quite a leap. 

simoptions vs original offers on carrier's websites
Source: SimOptions

SimOptions eSIMs for the Middle East

ProviderDataValidityPrice (USD)
Middle East 1GB by SimOptions1 GB7 days$4.90
Middle East 3GB by SimOptions3 GB15 days$13.40
Middle East 5GB by SimOptions5 GB15 days$21.90
eSIM2FLY Global by AIS6 GB15 days$39.90
Holiday World eSIM by Orange10 GB14 days$39.90

Things to know:

  • Usually, SimOptions is not a direct provider, so customer service can be limited.
  • It’s worth your while to check prices directly on the mobile provider’s website.
  • It’s a helpful roundup of different eSIM offers.
  • This is no Saudi Arabia eSIM. Only regional or global digital SIM cards that cover other countries, as well.

3. Maya Mobile

💡Key feature: Offers 5G coverage through Zain

Maya offers eSIM plans with 5, 10, or 30-day validity. These plans can be 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, or unlimited. However, if you review Maya Mobile’s offer thoroughly, you’ll find that unlimited packages aren’t that unlimited. There is a 3 GB daily cap on such a plan. Still, it is not too restrictive. 

DataValidityPrice (USD)
1 GB5 days
10 days
15 days
30 days
3 GB5 days
10 days
15 days
30 days
5 GB5 days
10 days
15 days
30 days
10 GB5 days
10 days
15 days
30 days
20 GB5 days
10 days
15 days
30 days

Maya Mobile Unlimited Packages for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia

maya mobile for saudi arabia
Source: Maya Options

Things to know:

  • Unlimited plans actually have a 2 GB daily cap
  • Unlimited options have 1 Mbps throttle limit
  • Refund in case of trip cancellation

4. Yesim

💡Key feature: Offers free Hushed number with your plan for Saudi Arabia

Yesim has two offers for Saudi Arabia data eSIMs: unlimited and standard. Standard options seem a bit limited, but if you are determined to get your eSIM card from them, you can still find something that matches your needs. 

Yesim Standard eSIM Card Options

DataValidityPrice (USD)
3 GB7 days$16.50
5 GB15 days$20.90
10 GB30 days$36.30
30 GB20 days$63.80

Yesim Unlimited Virtual SIM Card

DataValidityPrice (USD)
Unlimited7 days$51.70
Unlimited15 days$70.40
Unlimited30 days$92.40

Yesim also has an eSIM for the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. It comes in unlimited and standard options. However, this regional eSIM with no data usage limits is available only for a single day and for $18.70. Limited plans have more variety. If you review Yesim’s eSIM offer, you’ll see that there are more affordable options with a similar price, but they don’t come with a Hushed number.

yesim for saudi arabia
Souce: Yesim

Things to know:

  • International plan can only be paid by Ycoin
  • No top-ups available
  • Uses Al Jawwal/STC networks

5. ArabSIM

💡Key feature: eSIM provider specialised for the Middle East

ArabSIM specializes in the Middle East. In addition to Saudi Arabia, you can get an eSIM from them for the Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, and Israel. 

ArabSIM offer
Source: ArabSIM

The support section of their website includes a contact form and an FAQ section. However, there doesn’t seem to be live support for their eSIM users. Keep in mind that these prices, unlike those of other vendors listed here, are listed in EUR.

DataValidityPrice (EUR)
1 GB7 days10.90 EUR
3 GB30 days20.90 EUR
5 GB30 days29.90 EUR
10 GB30 days49.90 EUR
20 GB30 days79.90 EUR
50 GB30 days189.90 EUR

Things to know:

  • Connects to STC, Mobily, and Zain
  • No top-up available
  • Hotspot available

6. Billon Connect

💡Key feature: Billion offers both eSIM and physical SIM cards

Billion Connect has an interesting way of forming their offers for Saudi Arabia. You can choose your data type, plan, and how many days you want to use it for.

Data type: This can be a Daypass or a Fixed Bundle. So, a daypass comes in two data plan options: 500 MB/Day or 1 GB/Day. You can choose a validity period of up to 30 days.

On the other hand, Fixed bundles offer data allowances of 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 8 GB, and 10 GB. Like with Daypass, you can choose the validity.

Billion connect offer for saudi arabia esim
Source: Billion Connect

Billion Daypass with 500 MB/day limit ranges from $4.35 daily to $77.86 for 30 days. The 1 GB/day option ranges between $6.03 – $128.56.

Fixed Bundle ranges are:

Data PlanPrice Range (USD)
2 GB$13 – $14.48
3 GB$19.14 – $20.62
5 GB$24.46 – $27.15
8 GB$38.08 – $42.42
10 GB$43.04 – $48.40

Things to know:

  • High-speed data cap at 2 GB
  • Speed throttle to 128kbps after 2 GB is used
  • Hotspot available

Which eSIM Is Best for Data in Saudi Arabia?

The best embedded SIM for Saudi Arabia is the one that matches your needs and your budget. So, it’s all about your data usage habits and how much do you plan on using your mobile phone on this trip. When you review your data usage and how much you’re willing to spend, check out the ratings of your chosen eSIM provider. There’s nothing like testimonials from people who used the product to help you decide.

Therefore, here is a table that might help you choose your best eSIM option.

eSIM ProviderData OptionsPrice Range (USD)Trustpilot review
HolaflyUnlimited$19 – $544.6
SimOptions1 GB
3 GB
5 GB
6 GB
10 GB
$4.90 – $39.904.2
Maya Mobile1 GB
3 GB
5 GB
10 GB
20 GB
$5 – $524.6
Yesim3 GB
5 GB
10 GB
30 GB
$16.50 – $63.80

$51.70 – $92.40
3 GB
5 GB
10 GB
20 GB
50 GB
10.90 – 189.90 EUR
Billion2 GB
3 GB
5 GB
8 GB
10 GB
$13 – $48.40


If you’re heading to Saudi Arabia and want to stay connected, an eSIM is a game changer. Moreover, it’s super convenient because you don’t have to swap SIM cards or deal with roaming charges. You just need compatible devices, and you can download an eSIM right onto your phone before you even land.

Holafly’s Saudi Arabia eSIM is a top pick for staying online. It offers unlimited data for a set number of days, starting at $19 for 5 days. So, that means you can use all your essential apps without worrying about running out of data. Also, it’s great for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of monitoring data usage.

If you’re looking for different options, several providers, like SimOptions, Maya Mobile, and Yesim, offer varying Saudi Arabia data plans and prices. Each has its own perks, like budget-friendly plans or additional features, so it’s worth comparing based on your needs and how much you’re willing to spend. Safe travels, and enjoy the digital convenience!

FAQs About the Best eSIM for Saudi Arabia

Which SIM is best for Umrah in Saudi Arabia?

This depends on your budget, data spending habits, and mobile phone usage. Any of the above-listed eSIM providers will provide you with a good plan. Holafly is an excellent option for your digital SIM card, though, if you don’t want to deal with limited data plans on your trip.

Can I get an eSIM in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can get an eSIM in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, there are many companies that offer eSIM plans: both local and regional. You can get your Holafly eSIM even before you reach Saudi Arabia and activate it upon arrival.

Do eSIMs work in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, eSIMs work in Saudi Arabia. There is good coverage and many eSIM options to choose from. If you are looking for an eSIM with unlimited data, check out Holafly.