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What to pack for your trip to Brazil?

Read all you need to pack for your trip to Brazil, get your luggage ready with all our tips and recommendations.


October 27, 2023

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Getting your suitcase ready for a trip can be a challenging task! And if you are planning to travel to Brazil, it can be even more difficult. What clothes are you going to wear? What accessories are essential? How are you going to connect to the internet during your trip?

Brazil, with its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cities, is a destination that attracts millions of travelers each year. Nonetheless, before going on this trip, it is very important to properly plan and prepare your luggage, especially if you want to avoid paying expensive prices for international roaming services in Brazil.

From choosing the right clothing for the tropical climate to making sure you have a great Internet connection in Brazil, every detail counts to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Let’s see which is the best way to pack for Brazil!

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Technology for a digital traveler in Brazil

Cellphone, camera, and headphones
What to take on your trip to Brazil? Source: Pexels.

In this modern world, technology has become an important part of our everyday lives, including travels. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro or relaxing on the beaches of Bahia, staying connected and having access to your electronic devices is essential.

Cellphone, camera, and headphones

Currently, the cellphone has become an indispensable travel companion. This multifunctional device lets you keep in touch with your loved ones, check information in real time, and share your experiences on social media. If you are going to travel to Brazil, a smartphone can be your best ally to navigate the cities, translate phrases into Portuguese, or simply stay connected with the world.

On the other hand, a camera and headphones are very essential. The camera will let you capture the beauty and diversity of Brazil, from the breathtaking views of the Amazon jungle to the vibrant scenes of urban life. Headphones, meanwhile, can improve your travel experience, whether it’s listening to music on a long bus ride, watching a movie on your mobile device, or simply blocking out noise in crowded places.

Charger and power bank

Keeping your devices charged and ready to go is very important. A charger is, of course, essential to top up your cellphone, camera, and other electronic devices. However, you may not always have access to a power socket, especially if you are exploring remote areas or spending a lot of time away from your accommodation.

This is where a power bank comes into play. This portable device lets you charge your devices on the go, making sure you never run out of battery at a crucial moment. Whether you need to use your phone to call an Uber, use Google Maps, or take a picture of the perfect sunset, a power bank ensures your devices are always ready to go.

Tip: Get an adapter for your charger because the outlets or plugs that you will find in Brazil may not be the same as those in your country.

What clothes to take in the suitcase to Brazil

From the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the astonishing mountain heights of Minas Gerais, each destination has its own set of challenges and opportunities. So, choosing the right clothes to pack in your suitcase can make the difference between a comfortable trip and one with headaches.

To make sure that does not happen to you, we will explore how to select the most appropriate clothes for your trip below:

Choose your clothes by destination and season of the year

Brazil is a country of contrasts, with significant climatic variations between its different regions and seasons of the year. So, it is important to select the right clothing for each destination and time of year.

  • Light and breathable clothing: Given the tropical nature of Brazil, it is recommendable to wear light and breathable clothing. Cotton T-shirts, shorts, and skirts are perfect for warm weather.
  • Warm clothing: If you plan to visit colder regions or travel during the winter, it is important to bring some warm clothing. A light sweater or jacket may be more than enough.
  • Comfortable shoes: Regardless of your destination, it is essential to wear comfortable shoes. A pair of sneakers or sandals can be ideal for walking through cities or exploring nature.
  • Modest clothing: In some areas, especially religious places, it is important to respect local cultural norms. Modest clothing, such as long pants and long-sleeved shirts, may be necessary in certain situations.
  • Remember to wear clothes that you can combine in different ways and for different situations.
Get your luggage ready
Do you know what you can take on your trip to Brazil? Source: Pexels.

Clothing to go to the beach

Brazil is renowned for its stunning beaches, from the iconic Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro to the calm waters of Praia do Forte in Bahia. These coastal destinations are the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

To make the most of these paradisiacal beaches, it is essential to bring the right swimsuit. We recommend bringing at least two changes of swimsuits. This way, you’ll always have a dry swimsuit on hand, letting you enjoy the water and then go to eat at one of the many beachside restaurants without having to wait for your swimsuit to dry.

Comfortable and versatile footwear in your suitcase for Brazil

Do not underestimate the importance of good footwear on your trip to Brazil. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city streets or walking the soft sands of its beaches, a comfortable and versatile pair of shoes can make all the difference in your travel experience. Choose shoes that are resistant, light, and comfortable for long walks.

Local currency and a bank card

Imagine that you have found the perfect souvenir in an artisan shop in Olinda, but you do not have the local currency to pay. That won’t be a pleasant experience. For this reason, we recommend that you carry some money in Brazilian reais for those small and everyday transactions.

Also, a commission-free bank card can be your best ally for larger payments and to always have a sturdy reserve of money. So, you can enjoy your trip without financial worries!

Visa, documentation, and insurance

Documentation and visa
Passport, money, and tickets are very important. Source: Pexels.

Papers are also important! Although we would love to make traveling as simple as packing a suitcase and getting on a plane, the truth is that we need certain documents to do so. To travel to Brazil, citizens of some countries do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

However, it is essential to have a valid passport. Also, having travel insurance can be great too. This can be your lifeline in case of a medical emergency, loss of luggage, or other unforeseen events. So, before embarking on your Brazilian adventure, make sure you have all your documents ready.

Internet connection in Brazil with an eSIM card

If you want to keep connected to the internet for a more accessible price than international roaming, you can buy a virtual SIM card for Brazil. This device will let you connect to the Internet in Brazil during your trip without having to worry about surprises on your bill.

Notwithstanding, not all eSIM cards offer the same services or the same price. We recommend that you take a look at the eSIM cards from the Holafly online store. There you can find eSIM cards with very accessible prices and additional benefits in each of their products such as unlimited data and data sharing for your travel.

Complements for your trip to Brazil

Brazil beaches
Get ready for your trip. Source: Pexels.

There are accessories that you cannot forget in your suitcase for Brazil, you can read what they are below.

Toiletry bag and sewing kit:

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-stocked toiletry bag and emergency sewing kit. Your hygiene products are vital, so be sure to pack them in a toiletry bag, remembering that the liquid limit per container is 100 ml.

As for the sewing kit, it can be a real lifesaver in case of a mishap with your clothes, such as losing a button. Even so, remember to pack this in the cargo hold, most likely security won’t let you take this on your on-hand baggage.

Rest kit

Comfort is key when traveling, especially on long flights to Brazil. For this reason, we recommend you bring a sleep kit that includes a neck pillow, your favorite headphones, and an eye mask. These items will help you rest during your journey and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for adventure.

First-aid kit for Brazil

A lightweight travel kit can be a real lifesaver in case of minor health problems. It doesn’t need to be big, just enough to carry basic medicines for headaches, small wounds, and other minor problems. Some key items for your first aid kit could be:

  • Antidiarrheal.
  • Biodramina (for dizziness).
  • Antibiotic and antiseptic.
  • Antihistamine.
  • Analgesic.
  • Bandage, cotton gauze, and plasters.
  • Small scissors.
  • Antibacterial and mouth cover.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm.

Other accessories for your Brazil suitcase:

  • Book or e-reader: If you are a book lover, a pocketbook or an e-reader can be a great travel companion.
  • Packing cubes: These are ideal for keeping your suitcase organized and maximizing space.
  • Backpack: Imperative to carry your belongings during your daily excursions and can also serve as hand luggage during the flight.
  • Foldable bag: Useful for your purchases and a great way to take care of the environment.
  • Notepad and pen: Although we live in the digital age, it never hurts to carry a notepad and pen to take quick notes or draw a sketch of that impressive sight you don’t want to forget.

What to pack in your cabin suitcase to go to Brazil?

You never know when there might be a luggage inconvenience, so it’s a good idea to keep the essentials close at hand in your cabin bag. Here are some tips:

  • Two or three changes of light, breathable clothing.
  • A comfortable pair of shoes, ideal for walking.
  • Your electronic devices, such as your computer and camera, along with their chargers.
  • Your hygiene kit remember that liquids must be 100 ml or less.
  • Any important documents that you don’t want to risk losing.

And don’t forget to bring a bandana or scarf, as they can be very useful in various situations.

What should you avoid taking in your suitcase to Brazil?

Baggage restrictions may vary depending on whether you are packing your carry-on bag or your checked baggage. Here are some things you should avoid packing in your carry-on:

  • Razors, razor blades, and other sharp objects.
  • Syringes and needles (unless medically necessary or the sewing needles).
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Large or heavy sports equipment.

Go for a green suitcase

Traveling does not mean that you have to put aside your ecological habits. Here are some ideas to make your suitcase greener:

  • Bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Reusable makeup remover towels.
  • Menstrual cup (for women).
  • Reusable bottle for water.
  • Cloth bag to carry your purchases.
  • Digital eSIM card to avoid the use of plastic.
  • Take your documents in digital format instead of printing them.

Frequent questions about what to take on your suitcase

Do I need to get vaccinated before traveling to Brazil?

It is important to consult a doctor or visit a vaccination center to obtain up-to-date information on the recommended vaccinations for traveling to Brazil. Usually, it is recommended to have the basic vaccinations up to date, such as the vaccine against tetanus and yellow fever.

What is the best time to visit Brazil?

Brazil is a big country, so the weather can vary depending on the region. Usually, the high season to visit Brazil is during the months of December to March, when the weather is warm and the beaches are very popular destinations. But each region has its own best time to visit. It is advisable to research and consider the different weather and specific events of each region when planning your trip.

Is it safe to travel to Brazil?

As in any tourist destination, it is important to take safety precautions when traveling to Brazil. It is advisable to stay informed about current conditions in the areas you plan to visit and take basic safety measures, such as avoiding dangerous areas at night, taking care of your belongings, and being aware of your surroundings.


  • Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing to enter sacred places like the mosques in Brazil.
  • If you plan to use an eSIM in Brazil, choose the option that best suits your connection needs.
  • Do not forget to include a warm garment in your luggage, since the weather in Brazil can be unpredictable.
  • If you travel to coastal areas in summer, be careful with the food you eat to avoid digestive problems.
  • If you plan to carry out risky activities or sports in Brazil, such as riding in a hot air balloon, check that your travel insurance covers you in case of accidents.

With all the tips we gave you in this article, there is no doubt that you will have a wonderful trip, so be ready to have an amazing experience in Brazil!

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