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Top 16 Things to Do in Singapore for Tourists

Check everything there is to do in Singapore. Go to the Sentosa Island Aquarium, visit the Gardens by the Bay and so much more!

Manuel M.

November 27, 2023

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In this short guide, we’ll explore the top 16 things to do in Singapore, covering everything from thrilling attractions to must-see historical sites to how to stay connected. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a history buff, Singapore has something special for everyone.

Things to Do in Singapore: Best Tourist Attractions

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Source: Pexels

Singapore is a treasure trove of attractions, each offering a unique experience. Let’s dive into some of the best tourist spots in the country that promise to make your visit unforgettable. Keep an eye out, because some places offer free entry!

1. Sentosa Island Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark

Dive into the vibrant marine life at the Sentosa Island Aquarium, and then make a splash at Adventure Cove Waterpark, enjoying thrilling water slides and seeing many different species. A perfect outlet for the kids.

  • How to Get There: Accessible by cable car or monorail from the mainland.
  • Ticket Cost: $25 to $250 USD. This depends on the personalized experiences that you choose.
Sentosa Island Aquarium
Sentosa Island Aquarium. Source: Unsplash

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Take a relaxing walk through the lush greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, you’ll be surprised at the National Orchid Garden’s stunning blooms, and enjoy a serene picnic in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • How to Get There: A short walk from Orchard Road or accessible by public transportation.
  • Ticket Cost: Free entry; entry to the National Orchid Garden costs $5 to $15 USD.

3. Singapore Art Museum

At this museum, you’ll find contemporary Southeast Asian art, with plenty of exhibitions that showcase the region’s diverse artistic expressions and creativity. These galleries will leave you thinking.

  • How to Get There: Easily accessible by public transport.
  • Ticket Cost: $4 to $8 USD.

4. Gardens by the Bay

Here you’ll be able to witness the futuristic Supertree Grove, explore the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, and marvel at the Garden Rhapsody light show at night in the iconic Gardens by the Bay. Fun fact: this is climate controlled area.

  • How to Get There: A short walk from Marina Bay Sands.
  • Ticket Cost: Free entry to outdoor gardens; $10 to $20 USD for indoor attractions.
Gardens by the Bay. Singapore
Gardens by the Bay. Source: Unsplash

5. Marina Bay Sands

Indulge in opulent retail experiences, relish panoramic vistas from the SkyPark, and test your fortune at the world-class casino within the iconic Marina Bay Sands complex.

  • How to Get There: Located in the Marina Bay area, easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Cost: Room rates start at $300 USD a night. To go to the observation deck, admission costs from $20 to $30 USD.

6. Clarke Quay

Experience Singapore’s vibrant nightlife at Clarke Quay, with its riverside restaurants, bars, and clubs offering a lively atmosphere by the Singapore River.

  • How to Get There: Central location, accessible by MRT or water taxi.
  • Cost: free entry; prices vary for dining and entertainment.

7. Chinatown

Flavor the rich culture of Chinatown by exploring its bustling streets, trying out the delicious local cuisine, and visiting the historic Thian Hock Keng Temple.

  • How to Get There: Accessible by MRT, walking distance from the city center.
  • Cost: free entry; dining prices vary.
Chinatown in Singapore. Source: Unsplash

8. Little India

Explore the colorful streets, visit temples, and taste the authentic Indian cuisine.

  • How to Get There: Easily accessible by MRT.
  • Cost: Free entry; prices vary for shopping and dining.

9. National Museum of Singapore

Dive into Singapore’s history and heritage at the National Museum, featuring engaging exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the nation.

  • How to Get There: Central location, accessible by public transport.
  • Ticket Cost: $6 to $18 USD.

10. Singapore Zoo

Embark on a wildlife adventure at the Singapore Zoo, known for its open-concept enclosures, interactive exhibits, and captivating animal shows. This is definitely something to do with the entire family!

  • How to Get There: Located in Mandai, accessible by public transport or taxi.
  • Ticket Cost: $30 to $70 USD.
Magestic Tigers in the Singapore Zoo
Magestic Tigers in the Singapore Zoo. Source: Unsplash

11. Haw Par Villa

Explore a unique park with vibrant sculptures depicting Chinese folklore.

  • How to Get There: Located in Pasir Panjang, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Ticket Cost: Free entry.

12. East Coast Park

Enjoy a day of outdoor activities at East Coast Park, from cycling and rollerblading to picnicking and water sports along the scenic coastline.

  • How to Get There: Located along the southeastern coast, accessible by MRT or bus.
  • Cost: Free entry, prices vary for activities.

13. Singapore Flyer

Soar above the cityscape on the Singapore Flyer, the giant observation wheel, for breathtaking panoramic views of the city and beyond. There are exclusive and premier offers, even for the new year! You can celebrate a special event like an anniversary or a birthday.

  • How to Get There: Located in the Marina Bay area.
  • Ticket Cost: $20 to $60 USD.
Singapore Flyer with Garden by the Bay nearby
Singapore Flyer with Garden by the Bay nearby. Source: Unsplash

14. Peranakan Museum

Explore the vibrant Peranakan culture through intricate artifacts and exhibits at the Peranakan Museum, providing insights into the unique heritage of the Straits Chinese.

  • How to Get There: Central location, accessible by public transport.
  • Ticket Cost: $5 to $15 USD.

15. ArtScience Museum

Experience the intersection of art and science at the ArtScience Museum, where innovative exhibitions and installations captivate visitors.

  • How to Get There: Located at Marina Bay Sands.
  • Ticket Cost: Around $10 USD, however, prices vary whether you’re a resident or not.
Singapore ArtScience Museum
Singapore ArtScience Museum. Source: Pexels

16. Singapore Science Centre

Engage in hands-on science exhibits, educational displays, and interactive demonstrations at the Singapore Science Centre, making learning a fun experience for all ages.

  • How to Get There: Located in Jurong East, it is accessible by Mass Rapid Transit and bus.
  • Ticket Cost: $10 to $20 USD.

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Best Things to See in Singapore for Tourists

Now, let’s shift our focus to the must-see places that define Singapore’s landscape. From futuristic gardens to iconic landmarks, these attractions are a testament to the city-state’s rich history and modernity.

1. Raffles Hotel

Indulge in colonial luxury at the iconic Raffles Hotel, renowned for its history and as the birthplace of the Singapore Sling cocktail.

  • How to Get There: Located in the Colonial District, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Ticket Cost: Free entry to public areas; dining and accommodation prices vary.

2. Sri Mariamman Temple

Visit Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, to admire its stunning architecture and experience the cultural richness of Hindu traditions.

  • How to Get There: Situated in Chinatown, easily reachable by MRT and walking.
  • Entry Fee: Free entry; donations welcome.

3. Fort Canning Park

Explore the historical Fort Canning Park, where lush greenery, ancient artifacts, and historical landmarks converge in a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

  • How to Get There: Centrally located, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Entry Fee: Free entry, with potential admission fees for specific attractions.
Fort Canning Park
Fort Canning Park. Source: Unsplash

4. Asian Civilisations Museum

Uncover the diverse cultures of Asia at the Asian Civilisations Museum, home to a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits spanning the continent.

  • How to Get There: Found in the Colonial District, reachable by MRT and bus.
  • Ticket Cost: $10 to $20 USD.

5. Kampong Glam

Check out the Malay-Arab quarter of Kampong Glam, exploring its vibrant streets, shopping for unique finds, and visiting the iconic Sultan Mosque.

  • How to Get There: Located near Bugis, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Entry Fee: Free entry to the district; mosque visits are free.

6. Singapore Philatelic Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of stamps and postal history in this unique museum housed in a colonial building.

  • How to Get There: Situated in the Civic District, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Ticket Cost: $5 to $10 USD.

7. Civic District

Explore the heart of Singapore’s history with iconic landmarks such as the National Gallery, Supreme Court, and City Hall.

  • How to Get There: Centrally located, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Entry Fee: Free entry to outdoor areas; gallery admission prices vary.

8. MacRitchie Reservoir

Escape to nature with a walk along the treetop boardwalk or a hike through the lush trails around the reservoir.

  • How to Get There: Located in central Singapore, accessible by MRT and bus.
  • Entry Fee: Free entry; some activities may have fees.
MacRitchie Reservoir
MacRitchie Reservoir. Source: Singapore Tourism Board

General Tips for Tourists in Singapore

Before you embark on your Singaporean adventure, we have some tips for you that will help you have the best experience ever. From navigating public transportation to savoring local cuisine, these insights will ensure a seamless and enjoyable visit.

Certainly! Here are the top 5 tips for tourists visiting Singapore:

Embrace Local Cuisine:

  • Sample the diverse local dishes at hawker centers for an authentic Singaporean culinary experience for example the chicken cice, chilli crab, fish head curry, fried carrot cake, fried kway teow and much more!

Use Efficient Public Transportation:

  • Navigate the city with ease using the well-connected MRT system and buses. Consider an EZ-Link card for convenience.

Respect Local Customs and Laws:

  • Adhere to local customs, dress modestly when visiting religious sites, and be aware of Singapore’s strict laws to ensure a respectful visit. Keep in mind the Chewing Gum laws as well.

Stay Hydrated in the Tropical Climate:

  • Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, especially when enjoying outdoor activities or attractions.

Explore on foot and adapt to the local pace:

  • Stroll through neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little India on foot. Take your time and absorb the culture and diversity. Take home memories and even gifts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is very popular in Singapore?

Singapore is renowned for its iconic landmarks, such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and Sentosa Island.

Is 3 days in Singapore enough?

While three days allow you to explore key attractions, extending your stay lets you delve deeper into the city’s diverse offerings.

What is Singapore best known for?

Singapore is best known for its modern skyline, cultural diversity, and culinary delights.

What are the things to do at Singapore Airport?

Changi Airport offers a myriad of activities, from exploring gardens to indulging in shopping and dining.

How can I have internet in Singapore?

Stay connected through international providers like Holafly eSIM, ensuring internet access wherever your Singaporean journey takes you.