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The 10 Best Apps to travel the world

Apps to travel, plan, and organize from start to finish. Holafly eSIM, Google Maps, Flush, Passporter, Packpoint, and more

Carolina S.

January 18, 2023

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Do you want to make a last-minute reservation? Find experiences at your next travel destination? Do you need to manage your data plan? Do you want the best vacation? Find new places? Meet amazing people? You can do all this with the list of the 10 BEST Apps to travel the world.

Cellphones have become the most practical tool to organize and plan every stage of our trip. We invite you to join this tour of the apps that you can’t overlook on your next trip.

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Skyscanner: App to search for flights, hotels, and cars

This app, available on iOS and Android, has 11 alternatives to help you find flight tickets at the best price. Notifications to alert you of new travel deals. Suggestions to find the best accommodation. Make reservations and a wide list of companies to rent cars.

Skyscanner has a wide range of offers for all types of travelers. Some only look for a couple of trips a year for leisure. Whereas others have decided to become digital nomads. In this case, they’ll need to plan a good number of flights each year.

skyscanner app
Source: Skyscanner app on the App Store

Holafly international eSIM: App to manage the data plan

Having cellular internet is an essential requirement for travelers. For this reason, this app has become an excellent alternative to activate and manage eSIM with cellular data in more than 170 destinations, including multi-country eSIMs, like the best Asian eSIM for travelers or the best European eSIM.

Until recently, travelers had to buy a prepaid SIM card at each destination to access the internet.

This means spending time searching for a local operator. And many times, facing problems due to language and cultural barriers that are likely to complicate the process even more.

With this type of app, everything is now more accessible! For example, Holafly users can buy eSIM cards through the online store and then download the international eSIM app on their cellphones to have control of active and non-active eSIMs. They can also check payments made and daily consumption.

The Holafly app is available for iOS and Android. However, some features, such as automatic installation, are only available for iOS 17.4 or later.

holafly esim app
Source: Holafly eSIM app on the App Store

Passporter: App to travel and make the best plans

Some travelers enjoy traveling with friends and having all the itineraries in the same place. This is precisely the purpose of Passporter, an app created to plan, share recommendations, and exchange travel itineraries at any destination with your group travel.

Passporter aims to be your personal travel guide. The idea is that each traveler downloads this app, looks for inspiration, and builds their itinerary into the app, but also has recommendations available from other travelers.

The App is available on iOS and Android

passporter app
Source: Passporter App

With Passporter, you also can save your reservations and documents by uploading them in PDF.

HotelTonight: App to find hotels at the best price

If you’re on a last-minute business or personal trip and need to find incredible deals at the best hotels, you have to get to know this app. Available on iOS and Android.

With 3 taps and a swipe on HotelTonight, your reservation will be ready!

It doesn’t matter if you forgot to book a hotel room in time, or if you arrived at your destination and want to stay longer. This app will help you discover rooms that hotels have not been able to book and maybe you’ll find the best options, even saving a good amount of money.

hoteltonight app
Source: HotelTonight app on the App Store

Packpoint: App to build a packing list

Surely on one of your trips, you have forgotten to make the list of essential things to make your trip as comfortable as possible. For this reason, we want to talk to you about Packpoint. This is a free app that will help you organize everything you need to take on your next trip.

Once you are in the app, you search for your next destination, define the date, the days of stay, the type of trip (business or leisure), and the activities you want to do.

With this information, you’ll have a checklist of everything you need to take in your luggage and the best thing is that you can share it with your fellow travelers.

packpoint app
Source: Packpoint app on the App Store

Google Maps: App with online and offline maps

Having a reliable app when it comes to being geographically self-located to reach any destination is also an essential requirement for travelers. For this reason, we recommend the Google Maps app to find the best and most reliable routes in more than 200 countries.

In addition to helping you with your location, this app provides you with 45 features in total, helping you find places of interest, share your location in real-time, search for parking spaces, post your reviews and ratings of any touristic hotspot, keep track of the cities you’ve visited, save your favorite places, download maps for offline viewing and much more. 

The App is available on iOS and Android

Source: Google Maps app on the App Store

Moovit: App to move around the city

It’s one of the best urban transport apps that operates in 70 countries, and is available in 42 languages, for iOS and Android users.  

It’s a public transport guide, designed so that travelers are always informed on everything related to public transport in more than 1,200 cities around the world!

With this app, it’s possible to search for a destination and find a guide with step-by-step instructions; receive notifications about possible traffic disturbances; consultation of available schedules and routes, among other services.

Source: Moovit app on the App Store

Flush: App to find public bathrooms nearby

When you’re away from home you should think about how to solve situations that can arise at any time. One of them is to find a public bathroom when and where you need it.

For this, there are apps such as Flush that are free, so that travelers can get a list of more than 150,000 sanitary facilities, with geolocation maps to help them find a public bathroom in the shortest time possible. 

The App is available on iOS and Android

Source: Flush app on the App Store

Tricount: App for shared trips

Has it happened to you that everything is going well on your trip with family or friends and suddenly the awkward moment comes to add up the expenses and split the bills to pay equally?

With this app, you will no longer have to experience that unpleasant situation. Tricount is designed to split the bills as you wish and invite your friends to organize a get-together.

You can even upload images of the receipts to have a view of the expenses that each person is responsible for.

The App is available on iOS and Android

tricount app
Source: Tricount app on the App Store

iTranslate: Language translation app

We all know that Google Translate is a very useful tool when you’re in another country with different languages.

However, there are other apps with thousands of ratings from other users, such as iTranslate, which also allows the translation of images, voice, and text in more than 100 languages!

In addition to its translation feature, it includes a dictionary and it’s easy and intuitive, making it an excellent recommendation for those travelers whose next destination is a country with a language different from their own.

The App is available on iOS and Android

itranslate app
Source: iTranslate app on the App Store

Which app did you find most useful?

We know that there are hundreds of apps, some more useful than others. So, from our point of view, we created this list of apps, keeping in mind their usefulness before, during, and after your trip.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour and downloaded them on your smartphone for your next adventure.

Special recommendation

Holafly’s international eSIM app is one of those apps that will make your life easier in 2023. Especially when it comes to having control of the eSIM data plan while traveling to any destination and knowing the exact moment when you’ll need a new one!

Undoubtedly, a very good alternative to having internet on your cellphone while you travel, giving you peace of mind that all your other internet dependent apps will work, which will surely help you stay out of difficult situations.

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