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Prepaid SIM card for Cyprus: Where to buy in 2024?

Get your SIM card to travel to Cyprus and enjoy the best vacation of your life. Check out the best options that Holafly, Epic, Cyta, and Primitel have to offer.

Manuel M.

January 1, 2024

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Cyprus, a Mediterranean island nation, is a fascinating travel destination because it combines antiquity and modernity. That is why we seek the best way to share our experience on social media. What better way to connect to the internet than with your prepaid SIM card for Cyprus? Find out where you can buy the best SIM cards, prices, plans, and what an eSIM card is. The excellent alternative is known as eSIM or embedded SIM card. 

esim cyprus holafly store
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Where can I buy a data SIM card for Cyprus?

Now, to get a SIM card for Cyprus, there are several options available for you. You can look into getting one before you leave your home or arrive at your destination. It depends on your preferences and how fast you want to get your SIM card. You may be wondering why you would possibly need a SIM card for Cyprus. Once you land, how will you get a cab or contact the hotel? You will need an internet connection, not just for entertainment reasons. 

Enjoy your travels to Cyprus. Source: Pexels.
Enjoy your travels to Cyprus. Source: Pexels.
  • Buy before you leave. There are plenty of online providers available to get your Cyprus SIM card beforehand. Another option currently taking force on the market is the new eSIM. You can get one immediately from your phone or computer!
  • Purchase once you arrive. Are you in a rush? Forgot your SIM card? Not to worry, you can also get your Cyprus prepaid SIM card once you’re at your location. 

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Buy Before Traveling

If you want to get your international SIM card before you take off, there are options to purchase. You must go online, select your best option, and complete the purchase. Given the features, check for specific information like duration, data, payment methods available, and delivery availability. 

Regarding the previously mentioned digital SIM, you want to check if your phone is compatible. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about delivery options because you’ll receive it in your email almost immediately.

Advantages of buying before your travel

  • Connect as soon as you arrive

Fortunately, since you get the SIM card Cyprus before you leave, you’ll quickly have internet once you land. Just unlock your phone, go to settings, and activate your data plan. 

  • Save time

You won’t have to use your travel time looking for where to buy Cyprus SIM cards. You will already have from home the solution to keep mobile internet on your adventure.

  • Save Money.

Look for companies that offer SIM cards specifically for tourists, travelers, and digital nomads. The packages available are designed for short-term stays with all the necessary services for mobile phones.

Buy your tourist SIM card in Cyprus

On the other hand, you can also get a SIM card once you arrive in Cyprus. There are providers available in the country that offer tourists SIM cards for travelers. Some of these are Epic, Cyta, and Primetel, which provide options for short-term prepaid customers. To use these providers, you must have an unlocked cell phone, local currency, and find a branch store.   


EPIC pay as you go SIM card for Cyprus
Epic pay-as-you-go SIM card. Source: Epic

The first local provider that we want to mention is Epic. They offer prepaid credit options for travelers with several data top-up cards. They have a Holiday SIM, which includes a Cyprus SIM card, a user guide, and 100 GB (Validity: 15 days). All this for just 20 euros, approximately $22. Top-up options and data packages available are detailed below:

Top-Up CardTotal Amount To Be CreditedEquivalent Data VolumeValidity Period
€10 (USD 10.88)€10 (USD 10.88)100ΜΒ15 days
€35 (USD 38.08)€22 (USD 23.94)200 MB30 days
€20 ($21.76 USD)€41 (USD 44.61)440 MB60 days
€50 (USD 54.40)€57 (USD 62.01)820 MB120 days
€5 (USD 5.44)€20 (USD 21.76)1140 MB180 days
Table N°1. Epic top-up options and prices,

Cyta Mobile

Cyta Mobile SIM card for Cyprus
Cyta Mobile SIM card. Source: Cyta Mobile

Another local Cyprus company, Cyta, offers a soeasy Connection Pack that comes with a SIM card to get connected to Cyta mobile – Vodafone network. The user’s guide, the PIN and PUK codes, a new mobile number, €1 free initial credit are also included with a validity period of 90 days.

Top-up valuesValidity Period (Days)
€1 (USD 1.09)30
€3 (USD 3.26)30
€5 (USD 5.44)90
€10 (USD 10.88)180
€20 (USD 21.76)180
€35 (USD 38.08)180
€50 (USD 54.40)180
Mobile InternetValidity Period (Days)
€5 (USD 5.44) / 4 GB30
€10 (USD 10.88) / 12 GB30
€15 (USD 16.32) / 24 GB30
Table N°2. Cyta top-up options and prices.

Primetel SIM card Cyprus

Primetel travel internet SIM card for Cyprus
Primetel travel internet SIM card. Primitel.

Primetel offers a specific tourist SIM card for those foreigners in Cyprus. Their product includes 100 GB of data and a triple-size sim for any mobile phone (standard, mini, nano). Additionally, this chip has access to its 4G network at no extra cost and is valid for 20 days. Below, you’ll be able to see their top-up options as well.

Top-Up AmountDataValid Period
€5 (USD 5.44)5 GB10 days
€10 (USD 10.88)10 GB30 days
€20 (USD 21.76)15 GB30 days
€35 (USD 38.08)35 GB30 days
€50 (USD 54.40)300 GB90 days
Table N°3. Primeel top-up options and prices.

Virtual SIM card for Cyprus: a great alternative

Unlimited data eSIM for Cyprus
eSIM with unlimited data for Cyprus.

Skip the hassle of going to a store and waiting for a physical SIM card and stay connected using this virtual SIM. You can get it easily online and set it up in minutes! The eSIM’s adaptability is particularly useful for tourists because it eliminates the need to buy and install a new SIM card in each country visited. Holafly offers prepaid plans for Cyprus through eSIM cards.

Don’t worry about losing it or damaging your travel SIM card, as it’s all code. As eSIM technology develops and progresses, it is a more desirable choice for tourists searching for adaptability, efficiency, and improved communication.

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Advantages and disadvantages of virtual SIM cards

Benefits of eSIM

There are various advantages to using an eSIM or virtual SIM for your next trip. The first, it’s much more practical and time-saving than traditional SIM cards because you never have to carry one around physically. 

  • Rather than having to track down and insert new SIM cards into their devices, tourists may quickly and easily switch between local carriers and data plans via their device settings.
  • The eSIM’s adaptability means that numerous profiles may be stored on a single device, making it great for frequent international travelers. This flexibility guarantees continuous connectivity without the hassle of carrying around multiple SIM cards.
  • You will be connected to 4G LTE and 5G networks with local coverage from Cyprus Telecommunications, PrimeTel PLC, and MTN.
  • With Holafly, you get unlimited data packages without roaming chargeseven for distant destinations, such as eSIM India prepaid plans
  • Regional options with coverage in multiple destinations like the eSIM for Asia.
  • Tethering / Hotspot: enjoy 500 MB per day to share with others.
  • Around-the-clock customer service in several languages, so you’ll never be alone! They also include an attractive insurance assurance that safeguards your eSIM experience.

Negative aspects of the digital SIM card

Not many smartphones, tablets, and wearables are compatible with eSIM technology because not all devices and carriers support the technology. Regarding remotely activating and monitoring their eSIM profiles, some passengers may also be concerned about security and Privacy.

How much does the virtual SIM card cost?

Holafly has packages with coverage only in Cyprus, and also a virtual SIM card with coverage in other countries called Europe eSIM. If your trip takes you beyond the country, you can consider the regional option. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Cyprus

Days of useUnlimited data Data Sharing Price (USD)
5 daysYes500 MB daily$19
7 daysYes500 MB daily$27
10 daysYes500 MB daily$34
15 daysYes500 MB daily$47
20 daysYes500 MB daily$54
30 daysYes500 MB daily$64
60 daysYes500 MB daily$87
90 daysYes500 MB daily$99
Table N°4. Price comparison of Holafly’s eSIMs for Cyprus.

European unlimited data eSIM card

This is one of the best European SIM cards you can buy as a tourist, including unlimited data and other benefits.

Days of useUnlimited data Data sharingPrice (USD)
5 daysYes500 MB daily$19
7 daysYes500 MB daily$27
10 daysYes500 MB daily$34
15 daysYes500 MB daily$47
20 daysYes500 MB daily$54
30 daysYes500 MB daily$64
60 daysYes500 MB daily$87
90 daysYes500 MB daily$99
Table N°5. Price comparison of Holafly’s eSIMs for Europe.

Recommendations on the best Cyprus prepaid SIM card

It is easy to get lost among so many local and remote options, but the important thing is that we can be connected in the best way, even when we are tourists. For this reason, we leave you some recommendations to choose the best possible alternative.

  • It is always best to have your travel SIM card or eSIM before arriving in Cyprus. This way, you will be connected without depending on a WiFi device.
  • Choose an alternative that offers enough data. The more Apps you use, the more data you need. Don’t get carried away by economical solution.
  • If a SIM card includes voice calls, it is a significant advantage when you can only contact by this means. This is usually the case with those that have a phone number.
  • It is best to confirm that your phone is unlocked and that you can use the local networks before you arrive. 
  • There is no problem with purchasing and installing the service on your phone before you arrive. Remember only to activate data when you are in Cyprus.

With this in mind, you can choose the best alternative without problems. As long as you have a compatible phone, Holafly offers digital SIM cards with many positive features and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily get a local SIM upon arrival at Cyprus airports?

Yes, local SIM cards can be purchased in Cyprus at significant airports, official network provider stores, and occasionally even convenience stores.

What documents do I need to buy a local SIM card?

Typically, your passport will serve as identification when purchasing a local SIM card. Some vendors may also require evidence of a local address, which can be the hotel’s address.

What is the Holafly eSIM for Cyprus?

Without a tangible SIM card, you can access local networks and data plans with the Holafly eSIM for Cyprus. It can be activated remotely, providing travelers with convenience.

Can I use the Holafly eSIM on any device?

The Holafly eSIM is compatible with devices that support eSIM. Before purchasing, ensure that your device supports eSIM functionality.

What if I encounter an issue with my Holafly eSIM?

You can contact 24/7 support though their various channels. Check out their troubleshooting guide.