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Prepaid SIM card for Curacao: Where to Buy in 2024?

Do you want to use a Curacao SIM card and want to know more about where to get one? Here's all the information you need about it!

Julio Osuna

January 1, 2024

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For those thinking about traveling to Curacao soon, many things can come to mind, such as the incredible new places to meet there, the beauty of the island, and the opportunity of meeting new people. But is that everything travelers need when adventuring there? The answer is no. Tourists need to have in mind how to get cellular internet when traveling to Curacao, and maybe SIM cards are a suitable alternative to use there.

But when using SIM cards, maybe there are some things to consider, such as how much it can cost when it comes to using roaming services and more. That’s why it is necessary for people to get to know other alternatives, such as digital SIM cards, which can end up being your best travel companion!

eSIM for Curacao

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Where can I buy a SIM card for Curacao?

When it comes to getting a SIM card for Curacao, there are different ways to make this possible. There’s no need to worry about where to buy it as this is something that’s easy to solve nowadays.

What’s good about being able to buy SIM cards with ease is an important fact about this service, but being able to use it to get an internet connection while visiting Curacao is another advantage. 

As for now, there are two ways for people to get a SIM card for Curacao. One of these ways is through a virtual cellular provider, and there’s where the Holafly eSIM for Curacao takes the stage as an alternative that really stands out, but that’s something that will be discussed later.

As for the second alternative to getting a SIM card for Curacao is through a local cellular operator. There are different operators available, and this is not a surprise for anyone, but the process might be a bit more complicated if you don’t have all the documentation needed to buy a SIM card, but let’s talk about that to see how this works.

Buy before you travel

The first alternative that we mentioned previously is done before traveling. It makes it easier for travelers when it comes to visiting a new place, especially because they will have an internet connection from the very first moment they arrive at their location. 

This is something that’s possible thanks to the different cellular companies offering people the chance to buy a SIM card before traveling, which can also be delivered to different locations for as long as the company offers that service.

What’s good about these SIM cards is the fact people can choose the one they prefer from among the different data plans, traveling time, and more.

But for those who don’t want to wait much for a SIM card or that forgot to buy it and won’t receive it on time, there’s where virtual SIM cards for Curacao become an advantage for travelers. These eSIMs offer the same benefits and features as the traditional SIM card, but they are completely digital, easy to buy and delivered instantly.

Pros of buying a data plan for abroad before traveling

In case you decide to buy either a physical SIM card or a digital SIM card, here are some of the advantages users can get from these options:

1. Internet connection available as soon as arriving in the country

If you decide to buy an international SIM card, consumers can activate it as soon as they leave for their destination. That means that an internet connection will become available as soon as there are cellular networks available, and it will remain like that until the very end of your trip, allowing you to stay connected during the whole trip.

2. Cheapest option available

When it comes to using an online store, it is fair to say that these prefer tourists to locals. That’s why these providers offer different prices, but these are more adjusted to the budget a traveler can have. A clear example of this comes with Holafly and their eSIM, which offer different data plans according to the destination. 

3. Time to solve issues

If by any chance you are already traveling, you won’t be able to solve issues related to your SIM card. Therefore, buying one before arriving at your destination actually allows people to have time to solve issues related to how the service works, for example.

Buy your SIM Card from a local operator in Curacao

An alternative to getting a SIM card, as said before, comes from buying a SIM card from a local operator. There are different cellular carriers in Curacao available for people to use, these two Digicel Mobile and Flow Mobile. Both operators work differently, offer several data plans, and much more. But what’s important here is to know more about both of them, and we’ll do that below.

As there aren’t many alternatives available in Curacao and both options are good, there aren’t major issues when choosing one. Therefore, people won’t have a hard time choosing which one to use while being in Curacao.

Digicel Mobile

Digicel is a company that has been slowly gaining more recognition within Curacao thanks to everything they offer not only to locals but foreigners as well. The company knows that Curacao is a place where countless tourists go year after year, and they are taking advantage of that.

The company offers different data plans to its customers, and travelers can access these services as well. Even though there are special plans for travelers, these are pretty complete due to everything they offer and how easy it is to get a SIM card with them.

Other than this, Digicel offers different features. Most of these features are related to the use of social media platforms, where people spend a lot of time when traveling undoubtedly.

Flow Mobile 

Flow is the company with the best cellular coverage available in Curacao. There’s no doubt the company has been working hard to offer a proper cellular service almost everywhere around the island.

But what’s important here is also the fact that Flow is a company that also takes advantage of Curacao. There are different SIM card packages available for tourists as well. There’s no surprise with this, but it is fair to say these SIM cards are a bit overpriced for what they offer.

Even though this is the case for Flow Mobile in Curacao, it is an option that locals work better than travelers due to the different benefits they can get from using a SIM card from the company.

How much does a SIM card for traveling to Curacao cost?

One of the things that will vary the most comes with the SIM card cost. There’s no doubt that each company will offer different prices, and that’s something totally normal to see when it comes to choosing where to get something from.

As for the available options in Curacao, these vary from $20 to $30. The price is somehow accessible, but the downside here comes with the fact that the amount of cellular data they offer is not the one that some customers would be expecting to get when traveling,

But compared to other companies, people can only get these SIM cards directly from a store. These can’t be bought while traveling through a website, but that’s due to how the SIM card for the Tourist package works for both companies.

Unlimited data eSIM card for Curacao, the new alternative

Up to this point, many things about SIM cards have been discussed. So far, people surely know more about where to get one and how much these can cost. But there is an alternative that’s yet to be discussed and that was previously mentioned.

The virtual SIM card is one of the favorite alternatives for travelers. There’s no doubt that these have become better than other methods due to what it offers and how it works, but just like it happens with the SIM card, there are different things to know regarding how the virtual SIM card will work

Even though people might get think there are many differences between the SIM card to this one, the main difference is actually that one of them is totally virtual

This has become one of the most recommended services for people due to the fact people can buy them not only in seconds but also while traveling without needing to worry about it. The only thing to beware of before buying one is to check that the cellphone is compatible with an eSIM!

Advantages and disadvantages of the eSIM for Curacao


  • Easy to purchase and easy to activate.

When it comes to both activating and purchasing an eSIM, the process is extremely easy. It is even easier when using a company like Holafly, where once the purchase process is done, the QR code for the activation will be received within minutes! 

  • Buy your eSIM, no matter where you are.

If you forgot to buy your eSIM before traveling, there’s no need to worry. eSIMs are easy to buy, regardless of where the customer is located, and as there’s no delivery time nor extra costs, it is all pretty simple to manage. 

  • Accessible data plans.

When it comes to prices, eSIMs are surely the best to help travelers to save some extra money. There’s no need to worry about extra charges or something else after placing your order, which is great. And for example, the eSIM from Holafly costs $34 and offers more than other alternatives. 

  • Coverage in different countries

For those who want to take long trips, eSIMs are the best alternative to stay connected. Choose one that suits your coverage needs, and you will be good to go to your dream destinations!


  • Only works with certain cellphones and smartwatches.

When it comes to the disadvantages of using an eSIM, the main issue is compatibility. Even though people can check whether their cellphone is eSIM compatible or not, it’s still something to keep in mind.

If you are a traveler and want to meet more places around the world, check out our blogs SIM Card for Europe and SIM Card for Spain!

How much does an eSIM for Curacao cost?

eSIM Card Curacao

Days of useAmount of DataPrice (USD)
5 days2GB$34
7 days3GB$49
15 days6GB$64
Table 1. eSIM Cards with data for Curacao from Holafly. Source: Holafly

Frequently Asked Questions about the SIM Card for Curacao

Have some questions about the SIM cards? Here are some things you can keep in mind that will surely help you out!

What other options offer me internet in Curacao?

There are different ways to get cellular internet in Curacao. Leaving both SIM and eSIM cards aside, there are other alternatives like a Pocket WiFi device, which can be somehow expensive depending on how many days people are traveling, or people can simply rely on the roaming service offered by their provider or carrier. Either way, surely both of them are more expensive than either using a SIM card or eSIM.

How much does Roaming cost in Curacao?

Roaming rates vary a lot from one company to another. Depending on the operator, users surely find different rates that can vary from as cheap as $2.05 per MB consumed to up to $15 per MB consumed.

What is the best SIM card for Curacao?

As for now, even though both Digicel Mobile and Flow Mobile are pretty suitable options, Flow Mobile has a little upper hand here. This is mostly due to the coverage they have, which is bigger than the one offered by Digicel.

What do I do if my SIM card does not work in Curacao?

This will mostly depend on the company people are using when traveling. Surely, a phone call will do to solve the problem, but it might not always be available. But for Holafly customers who take an eSIM for Curacao, customer support is available 24/7!