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How to get mobile internet in Curacao: What is the best option?

Traveling any time soon to Curacao and want to know how to get mobile internet there? Read this guide to be prepared for your trip!

Julio Osuna

April 19, 2023

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If you want to get to know everything regarding how you can get cellular internet in Curacao, this is the perfect guide for you as a traveler. There are many different things for adventurers to know about this matter, and we’ll go through each one of them to give users what they need.

Getting an internet connection is something important while out and about in your home country and more in a new place, so the more information there’s available, the better it will be for users!

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Alternatives to connecting to the Internet in Curacao

Curacao happens to be one of the most visited countries throughout the entire year. That’s why saying there’s only one method to get cellular internet would be wrong; in fact, there are many different alternatives available.

People traveling there will get the chance to either use SIM cards, eSIMs, roaming services, pocket WiFi devices, and more, so let’s get down to see what each one of these offers.

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The eSIM card: a new and great alternative

eSIMs, also known as digital SIM cards by some e-nomads, have become an alternative that will certainly become the favorite for travelers. It is easy to use, easy to get and has become one of the go-to options for getting cellular internet when traveling around the world, and that has made it quite popular.

Users with devices that support eSIMs don’t think twice about getting one or as many as they need, and that’s something that’s possible to do, thanks to companies like Holafly.

A traveler enjoy the beach in Curacao. Source: Pexels.

Where can I get an eSIM card with mobile data for Curacao?

Getting an eSIM for Curacao is quite easy, especially when getting one from providers like Holafly!

Prices and data plans:

  • 5 days $34.00 – 2 GB.
  • 7 days $49.00 – 3 GB.
  • 15 days $64.00 – 6 GB.

What do I need to buy an eSIM card?

Before proceeding with the eSIM setup, it is necessary for people to know what they need in order to get an eSIM, especially when it comes to what devices are compatible with digital SIM cards

The main factor, for those interested, will be when using an eSIM with a compatible device. Nowadays, not all devices are compatible with eSIMs, but it is easy to check whether the cellphone, tablet and sometimes, even laptop is compatible with an eSIM or not, so that becomes a very minor of people’s issue when it comes to using an eSIM. 

It is also necessary to check whether the device has open bands or not. This is something easy to check by introducing a different SIM card on the device to see whether it works or not. Other than this, there aren’t any other major “requirements” for eSIM users.

What does the Holafly eSIM card include?

  • Access to the best cellular networks in Curacao: Digicel
  • Speed: 3G/LTE
  • Data plan: 2GB, 3GB, 6GB.
  • Plan Type: Prepaid
  • Calls: Through apps (VOIP)
  • You keep your WhatsApp number.

How do I activate the Holafly eSIM card?

When it comes to activating an eSIM, the process is one of the easiest things to do, even though some people might get the idea that this is not the case. After purchasing an eSIM, the buyer will receive a QR code that needs to be scanned, and that’s how it is activated in just a few minutes!

People simply need to go to the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu and scan the QR code. The process is simple, and the main thing that must be kept in mind as much as possible is to avoid activating the roaming service until arriving in Curacao. Also, thanks to the Holafly App, iOS users can complete through this new channel!

SIM card for Curacao

Even though SIM cards have become famous for travelers, it comes in the second spot for people who want to get cellular internet when traveling to Curacao. In this case, the best option is to use verified local cellular operators, such as the following:

  • Digicel Mobile
  • Flow Mobile

SIM cards from these operators can be bought in different places around Curacao. For example, those who just arrived can easily take their connectivity worries off their minds by buying a SIM at the airport, but there will be more places to get it, such as in official stores, malls, and many other places.

Two things to keep in mind are the fact that to buy a SIM card from any of these companies, it is required to have cash in the local currency to get one, and that these companies don’t sell SIM cards to foreigners easily. That’s why the eSIM for Curacao from Holafly comes first! 

How do I know if my cellphone will work with a SIM card in Curacao?

Let’s clear this up with the following aspects:

What are frequency bands?

Frequency bands are the ones allowing users to connect to mobile internet thanks to a certain radio frequency. All countries have different frequencies, and that’s why it is important to know which are the ones available in Curacao.

What is compatibility?

When talking about the effectiveness of the available frequency bands of the country, one of the features to talk about are the available bands for the different cellular networks available. Let’s see which are the ones available in Curacao, so people are well-informed and know if their cell phones will work there:

  • 2G: GSM 900, GSM 18000
  • 3G: UMTS 850, UMTS 2100
  • 4G: LTE 1800

Before you head over to Curacao, remember to check this out to see whether your cellphone will work there with the available frequencies! 

Roaming service in Curacao

Roaming has become the favorite alternative for travelers throughout the last few years, but the price for this service has been rapidly increasing around the world. There’s no doubt it is still one of the best alternatives, but the price can be quite high.

Some people might want to know more about the prices available for this service, so let’s check out the rates for some of the leading operators in the US and UK.

OperatorCellular dataConnected calls
Cellular operator’s rates for international roaming to Curacao

There’s no doubt that, for both carriers from the US and the UK, the price can end up being higher than expected. The most expensive alternative comes from T-Mobile, as most of their plans cost $15 per consumed MB, which is, well, a lot of money. The same goes for carriers with an eSIM Mexico that offer roaming in Curacao.

Taking a look at all of this, it is fair to say that eSIM is a better option. It is cheaper, and people won’t need to pay a monthly subscription for it.

Pocket WiFi to get the internet in Curacao

Among the oldest alternatives for travelers, aside from roaming, comes pocket WiFi devices which have become a suitable alternative for some people. These are rented devices that will provide WiFi when traveling, so that’s great.

The downside here comes with the price of the device. Since the device is rented, if something happens to it, users might get charged extra fees, and that’s a huge issue, undoubtedly.

People walking over a bridge in Curacao. Source: Pexels.

Why is Pocket WiFi not the best option?

Pocket WiFi might be an adequate option for travelers. There’s no need to deny this. But due to the fact these are mostly rented, there’s an extra problem there. People can end up paying too much for the service they will receive, so that’s why it is better to go for a different alternative.

Free WiFi

Is free WiFi a viable option when traveling to Curacao? In some cases, it is. But tourists can fully rely on free WiFi when thinking about how to get cellular internet in Curacao. The idea sounds good as it can help some money, but not all the places have a free connection available. 

But it is still a practical alternative to save some cellular data on certain occasions, so don’t discard it just yet!

Comparison table between the different alternatives to get mobile internet in Curacao

Let’s give a comparison of all the available alternatives to get mobile internet in Curacao. That way, people can choose which service they prefer using.

CharacteristicseSIM cardsSIM cardsRoamingPocket WiFiFree WiFi
Is it accessible?YesYesNoNoYes
Great connection?YesYesYesYesNo
Unlimited internet?NoNoNoYesYes
Additional cost?NoNoNoYesNo
Can I share cellular data with other devices?NoNoNoYesNo
Do I have to pay if I lose it?NoNoNoYesNo
Easy usage and installation?YesYesNoNoYes
Comparison table of different alternatives.

Which is the best alternative to connect to the internet in Curacao?

After everything that has been said here, it is time for people to know what is the best alternative to use in Curacao, and why it is the Holafly eSIM: 

  • There are different cellular data plans available for use in Curacao.
  • People receive a QR code in their emails to activate the eSIM within minutes after the purchase.
  • Holafly users don’t need to pay a monthly fee to keep using the eSIM service.
  • eSIM works with the different cellular networks available in the destination.
  • eSIMs won’t ask people to change the phone number they are already using.
  • People can purchase an eSIM in a few seconds, no matter where they are located.
  • The activation process is completed within a few minutes.
  • People can still use a SIM card when they are using an eSIM on their devices.