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Kuwait SIM card: How to get one?

Connect easily with the best SIM card for Kuwait and share your experiences with a strong and reliable connection. Don't miss out!

Manuel M.

October 31, 2023

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When traveling to an exotic land like Kuwait, get the best SIM card to stay in touch and share your adventures. Having a reliable SIM chip is critical for communication and looking up important information. Whether you’re in Kuwait City to see the landmark Kuwait Towers, the historic Souq Al-Mubarakiya, or the modern attractions, you can get data coverage. Here, we’ll give you more insight about the various Kuwaiti SIM card alternatives available to tourists, including international SIM cards, virtual SIM cards, and local carriers, so that you may pick the best one for your trip. Okay, so let’s begin!

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Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers. Source: Unsplash

What is the best SIM card for traveling to Kuwait?

Whether you’re still at home or already in Kuwait, there are various alternatives to getting your SIM card. You don’t need to stress if you forget to purchase your chip before you leave. If you decide to purchase before you leave, you need to keep in mind that you’ll need to wait a couple of days to receive the packages, so plan ahead. If you buy in Kuwait, you’ll have more options available. On the other hand, if you get an eSIM or digital SIM, you won’t have to worry either way. You can get a virtual SIM card, no matter where you are!

Let’s explore the details of the best SIM card options, including Holafly’s virtual SIM card and local carriers such as Zain, Ooredoo, and STC.

Holafly: Unlimited Data Virtual SIM Card

Holafly eSIM Kuwait

This innovative startup, founded in 2017, offers a seamless solution for travelers to connect to the internet worldwide, including Kuwait. Holafly ensures a connection to the best local network in Kuwait through contract agreements with local mobile providers. You can also learn more about What is an eSIM card with us.

With Holafly, you also get 24/7 customer support available in multiple languages. To get a Holafly eSIM for Kuwait, all you need is a digital SIM-compatible phone. You can easily obtain your virtual SIM through their official website or mobile app.

Plans and Rates for the Virtual SIM in Kuwait

Holafly offers various eSIM card plans for Kuwait, all with unlimited data. You won’t have to worry about running out of data during your entire stay. This flexibility allows you to choose a plan that suits your specific needs, whether it’s a brief visit or an extended stay. Check out their data plans below:

  • 5 Days: Unlimited Data for $19
  • 7 Days: Unlimited Data for $27
  • 10 Days: Unlimited Data for $34
  • 15 Days: Unlimited Data for $47
  • 20 Days: Unlimited Data for $54

You will find similar plans and rates for other nearby destinations including regional packages with coverage in multiple countries such as the unlimited data eSIM for Asia.

Advantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

  • Unlimited data for browsing, maps, and staying connected
  • Fast and reliable coverage across Kuwait.
  • Convenient digital SIM; no need for a physical SIM chip.
  • Easy activation and hassle-free setup
  • Get a virtual SIM easily through their website or app in minutes!

Disadvantages of Holafly’s Virtual SIM

  • Compatibility may be limited with older devices.
  • No voice calls or text messaging are included. You can still use apps like WhatsApp to call friends and family back home. With unlimited internet, that won’t be an issue.

Local Carriers in Kuwait

Kuwait has several local carriers offering various SIM card options for travelers. You can purchase a SIM card in person at their retail stores. Be prepared to provide additional documentation and identification. You may also have to sign a contract and provide an accepted form of payment to keep on file. Sometimes, a credit check might be required. Here are some popular choices:


ZAIN Kuwait
Zain, Kuwait’s leading cellular carrier. Source: Zain Kuwait

Plans and Rates

Zain offers diverse plans, including data-only and combo plans. Their plans start at around $16 and go up to $85, with data allowances ranging from 100 GB to 2 TB, minutes and even streaming subscriptions. It’s worth noting that these plans can be set for a monthly auto-renewal or up to 2 months in the case of prepaid options. They also offer unlimited options, but you’ll need to sign a contract, provide a credit or debit card, and sign an agreement. Unless you plan to stay for an extended period, this might not be the most suitable choice.

Where to Buy Zain’s SIM Card

Zain SIM cards are available for sale at airports, kiosks, and local stores across Kuwait. They also have official stores located in urban areas. If you need to top up your prepaid SIM card, you’ll be able to do so online.

Advantages of Zain

  • 4G coverage throughout Kuwait.
  • Various plans and packages
  • Different add-ons are available.

Disadvantages of Zain

  • Limited customer service support in English only through chat


Another player in the telecommunications industry in Kuwait is Ooredoo. The company was established in 1999 to provide wireless services to residents in Kuwait. They have a broad portfolio of services that include postpaid and prepaid plans. Residents can easily subscribe to their services with the necessary documentation. If you’re a traveler, however, this may be a little more difficult. Continue reading to find out more!

ooredoo Kuwait
ooredoo provider in Kuwait. Soucre:

Plans and Rates

Ooredoo Kuwait offers a range of prepaid SIM card options, including data-only packages and combo plans. Their prices vary, with data allowances ranging from 100 GB to 1 TB. You can start with plans as low as $17 up to a jaw-dropping $555, but you may be required to sign a contract and provide additional documentation.

Where to Buy Ooredoo’s SIM Card

You can purchase Ooredoo SIM cards at various locations in Kuwait, including their international airport and the official local stores. You can easily find one of their stores but have your translator ready because if you don’t speak the local language you might have a hard time getting what you need. If you’re planning for a long-term stay, we advise that you make sure you have all the documentation to get one of these plans.

Advantages of Ooredoo

  • Good network coverage in urban areas and tourist destinations.
  • There are various service packages to choose from.

Disadvantages of Ooredoo

  • There is limited support in English for customer service.
  • Plans may require a subscription and documentation.


The final local Kuwait carrier on our list is STC. Formerly known as VIVA, this provider also offers postpaid and prepaid plans for their customers, looking to be part of the positioning of Kuwait as an important commercial and tech hub in the region. We’ll present their plans and products. Keep going!

STC Kuwait
STC Kuwait. Source:

Plans and Rates

STC offers various prepaid SIM card plans, including data-only options, combo plans and add-ons with additional benefits. You can get one of their prepaid plans for as little as $17 and the most expensive plan has a cost of $195. To get a postpaid plan, however, you’ll need to already be a customer; in this case, you’d have to go in person. You might experience difficulties with the language barrier. Similar to other local carriers, some plans may require subscriptions and additional documentation.

Where to Buy STC’s SIM Card

There are several locations where you can get an SCT SIM card. The first one you’ll run into is the international airport, but they’re very expensive and you probably won’t get all the benefits that are included if you buy in person. If you eventually decide to go down this road, make sure you get nitty-gritty with the terms and conditions so you don’t end up paying a fortune.

Advantages of STC

  • Reliable network coverage in the country.
  • Strong 5G connection

Disadvantages of STC

  • Postpaid plans are only for existing customers
  • Have your ID and passport ready; they’ll ask for it!
  • The language barrier may be an issue for communication.

What Is the Best Prepaid SIM Card for Tourists in Kuwait?

Think about how much data you’ll need, compatible devices, and where you’ll be when traveling in Kuwait to pick the right SIM card. While the possibilities provided by local carriers are more extensive, many tourists find that Holafly’s virtual SIM card is a more practical solution. You may quickly and easily get your digital SIM card from Holafly using their user-friendly app or website; no further papers, no contracts or ID confirmation are required. You may easily get a personalized plan for your needs by choosing from among those that include unlimited data. Get your virtual SIM card now so you can start using it immediately upon landing in Kuwait.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of using a Holafly eSIM over a local SIM card in Kuwait?

With Holafly eSIM, you can save the hassle of swapping out real SIM cards and immediately begin using the service. In addition, it offers an unlimited data plan, so you’ll never have to stress about reaching your bandwidth limit.

Is Holafly’s eSIM compatible with my smartphone, and how do I set it up?

Holafly’s eSIM works with the vast majority of today’s high-end mobile devices. Easy to set up, all you have to do is download their app, scan the QR code, and follow the on-screen prompts.

What’s the coverage like with a local Kuwaiti SIM card compared to Holafly’s eSIM?

Local SIM cards often have strong coverage in major cities but weaker coverage in more rural locations. Holafly’s eSIM utilizes the strongest nearby signal to provide consistently fast data connections.

How do I purchase and activate a local Kuwaiti SIM card?

A local SIM card can be purchased at airports, kiosks, and businesses, however activation may require identification and other papers.