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SimCorner Review: Everything you need to know 

Are you needing a SimCorner review? Here we have all the information: pricing, data plans, customer support, reviews, and more.

Julio Osuna

June 5, 2024

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SimCorner is an Australian company founded in 2012 that has been providing SIM cards and eSIM for travelers. Whether people have an eSIM-compatible or a SIM-card-only device, SimCorner will have a variety of alternatives to help travelers stay connected while abroad.

But what do they offer with their SIM cards and eSIMs? That’s what our review is about, as we will go through everything the company offers: customer service, data plans, installation process, and much more! So, keep reading to find out more about this company with our SimCorner Review!

Is Sim Corner an eSIM?

While SimCorner offers eSIMs and SIM cards, it is not an eSIM carrier. The company is partnered with various mobile providers around the world, which helps it provide services for its customers.

simcorner home website
SimCorner home website. Source: SimCorner.

So, we have an idea that the company works to offer a travel SIM and eSIM; it’s time to get into the details to see whether it is a great service or whether travelers should look for another alternative.

Sim Corner eSIM vs. SIM card 

As we said before, SimCorner offers both services. But is a SIM card better than an eSIM

Let’s make a comparison between the services SimCorner offers to tell which one is better, as travelers will surely need to have an idea before making a purchase.

SimCorner eSIMSimCorner SIM card
No need to worry about shipping SIM cards are only shipped to the available locations from their online store
More destinations are available for purchasing an eSIMTakes some time before the SIM card arrives after the purchase
eSIMs are immediately delivered after the purchase is completedThere aren’t as many destinations available to choose from the site
Offers unlimited calls and SMSInclude unlimited text messages and phone calls

Overall, both the SIM card and eSIM from SimCorner are very similar. The thing is that international SIM cards are not so attractive for travelers, as eSIMs make everything faster while still adding calls and text features to their packages.

international travel sim cards
International travel SIM cards from SimCorner. Source: SimCorner.

SimCorner review: eSIM destinations, plans and pricing

Now that we have an idea of our SimCorner review, it’s time to talk about the details the company offers. While we now there are SIM cards and eSIMs to purchase, what about their coverage, customer support, and other features?

If you want to know more about what they offer, here we’ll talk about each one of their features.

Pros and cons of SimCorner services

  • SimCorner pros:
    • Offer a variety of add-ons, such as text messages and phone calls.
    • SIM card options are still available for many destinations.
    • Some packages include unlimited data allowance.
    • Includes a phone number for most packages.
  • SimCorner cons:
    • Customer support tends to be slow, and the first contact is with a bot.
    • The activation process for the eSIM and SIM card is more complicated than compared to other companies.
    • There are a lot fewer data packages available to choose from.
    • Physical SIM card products are not so common on the website.
    • Not many destinations are available as a stand-alone product.

SimCorner covered destinations

When it comes to getting a travel SIM, or eSIM, the main thing to think about is how many destinations are covered by the company. Let’s focus on the SimCorner review about destinations.

One interesting thing about SimCorner is that, compared to other companies, they don’t have as many destinations as expected. While they do have coverage in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, and more, there aren’t as many countries to get an eSIM.

Also, it’s hard to browse through the site to find a local eSIM or SIM card. The company mostly focuses on offering packages for regions over offering local data plans, which might complicate getting one.

simcorner destinations
SimCorner destinations. Source: SimCorner.

While this might be a handful of features, it makes it a bit more complicated as their “Popular Destinations” are located at the top of the website rather than being easy to access. The search button also works to find a single-country eSIM.

On the other hand, what can we tell about the speed of these data plans? While looking for people who have used the SimCorner travel SIM, some mention that the data speed varies from 1 to 5 MBps, but in some cases, it was lower than 1 MBps from a UK SIM card.

While speed might seem like the only issue people could face, chances are eSIMs stop working at certain times. Even their Europe travel SIM suffers from this issue, which is a letdown for travelers.

SimCorner eSIMs and data plans pricing

Let’s move on with SimCorner pricing for their data plans. Overall, there are different prices on the website, which vary depending on where people are traveling.

In destinations such as China, the cheapest option costs $18 and is not even an eSIM but a SIM card that includes a limited amount of data. The cheapest eSIM available for this destination costs $36 and only includes 6GB of data for 15 days.

simcorner china esim
SimCorner China eSIM. Source: SimCorner.

As for Australia, there’s only a SIM card available for travelers. This one costs $25,99 and offers 40GB of mobile data, but there’s no eSIM available for Australia, which is quite weird as it’s one of the most popular destinations on SimCorner.

simcorner australia
Looking for an eSIM for Australia from SimCorner. Source: SimCorner

In the USA, there are only eSIMs available for travelers. There are different plans available, some with unlimited data and some others with a limited amount of data. These vary from $40 to up to $72 depending on which one travelers choose. 

simcorner usa esim
SimCorner USA eSIM. Source: SimCorner.

Lastly, we can talk about Europe and its eSIM. Similar to the USA, there’s no SIM card available to stay connected while abroad, so their service is focused on eSIM-device-users and the data plans vary from limited to unlimited, and prices vary from $20 to $162.

europe esim
SimCorner Europe eSIM. Source: SimCorner.

Now that we have an idea of data plans, prices, and how much data these include, are there additional features added to the travel SIM and eSIM from SimCorner?

Based on most of their eSIMs for Europe, the UK, Africa, Asia, and more, there are text messages, phone calls, and tethering available. But these add-ons are not available for all plans.

additional features
SimCorner additional features for eSIMs. Source: SimCorner.

However, according to the website instructions for the Japan eSIM, the company only offers tethering, not phone calls or text messages. So it’s better to read what the plan offers before purchasing it.

simcorner japan esim
SimCorner Japan eSIM. Source: SimCorner.

SimCorner review on Customer Service

When talking about customer support, there should be different ways available for people to get in touch when necessary.

marco review on customer support
Marco review on customer support from SimCorner. Source: Productreview.

In this case, there are two different options to contact SimCorner when needed. The first one is through a live chat, but it works with a bot, which means it will take longer to get help as there are some previous questions to answer.

Also, there’s a contact form available, which will allow users to get help through their emails, but the response time is slower as it can take up to a few hours to get an answer.

contact form
SimCorner contact form. Source: SimCorner.

How to install and register SimCorner eSIMs

Due to SimCorner offering both SIM cards and eSIM for travelers, the activation and installation processes are different for each.

As for SIM cards from SimCorner, the first thing is to order one and wait for the delivery to arrive. a SIM card from this company is set to be activated based on the activation date people choose when purchasing one. 

So, let’s say you bought a Europe SIM card with an activation date of June 5; it will start working then, not before. Also, activation dates cannot be changed manually, so people have to contact the SimCorner support team to change them.

how to activate a sim card simcorner
How to activate a SIM card from SimCorner. Source: SimCorner.

Also, there are two things to keep in mind. One, there’s no way to add more data to these SIM cards. Every SIM card from SimCorner has to be registered upon activation, which can be an issue as the process is not so user-friendly.

As for an eSIM from SimCorner, the process changes compared to other companies. Rather than getting to know the instructions ahead of time to activate it, people will receive it with their confirmation email.

While this might not be an issue for some, the issue comes with how complicated it is. Users will get an email with the EID number to “automatically” activate the eSIM, but only for those purchased for USA with T Mobile as the carrier.

Other eSIMs, those who don’t have T Mobile as their carrier, have to be manually installed. Again, instructions aren’t known before receiving the email, and emails can take up to 48 hours before arriving, which is more than a bit to wait, so definitely not so user-friendly.

step by step guide to activate a sim card
Step-by-step process to activate a SIM card. Source: SimCorner.

SimCorner reviews

Now that we have an overall idea of what SimCorner offers, it’s time to read some reviews from other users who have used these for a whole trip.

We’ll focus on both positive and negative reviews, as it will give us an overall better view of what the company offers.

Positive reviews

michael review on trustpilot
Michael review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

users review on reddit
Reddit user review on SimCorner. Source: Reddit.

Negative reviews

customer review on trustpilot
Customer review on Trustpilot about SimCorner. Trustpilot.

Nick review on Productreview. Source: Productreview.

Holafly’s unlimited data eSIM, an alternative to SimCorner

Up to this point, while some people would recommend SimCorner due to what they offer, there are other alternatives in the market that provide a better service for your trip.

If you need a travel eSIM that works on your phone and will surely become your go-to option for future trips, Holafly makes the best option. Whether it is for a Europe trip, traveling for only a couple of days, or having excellent customer service, this company is ahead of SimCorner.

For destinations such as the USA, Europe, and Australia, these plans work with unlimited data. They all share the customization days feature, which allows one to choose how many days the eSIM will work. Lastly, it’s also possible to share data for up to 500MBs per day with your phone!

Some additional features are the multi-language website, a pretty easy activation process, different channels to get customer support, and much more. 

Holafly eSIM pros and cons 

  • Holafly pros:
    • Offers unlimited data for most destinations and flexible data packages.
    • Main destinations, like Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia, have the customization days feature available for flexible travelers.
    • There’s a contact number to get customer support available from the website.
    • Automatic eSIM activation with iOS devices.
    • Only requires an internet connection to complete the activation process on Android and iOS.
    • Instructions for activating an eSIM are available before completing the purchase.
    • More eSIM-compatible devices are listed.
  • Holafly cons:
    • Lacks a phone number to make calls, but the unlimited data packages still help to stay in touch with your friends and family through calls with Skype or WhatsApp.
    • Doesn’t offer a travel SIM card.

Holafly Reviews on Trustpilot

bev holafly review
Bev’s Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

luke review on trustpilot
Luke’s Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

sharyn review on trustpilot
Sharyn’s Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

Final conclusions on SimCorner eSIM

Up to this point, we have reviewed everything SimCorner has to offer to travelers. Data plans, SIM card and eSIM packages, SimCorner customer service, add-ons, and reviews from previous users. It’s similar to what companies like MobiMatter and FlexiRoam.

Based on these things, SimCorner has room for improvement. There aren’t many packages to purchase, searching for an eSIM or physical SIM is complicated, the activation process for both is complicated, and customer support responses are slow.

While SimCorner does offer a phone number, there are better options in the market. Holafly, even though it doesn’t have a phone number, it offers unlimited data and an easier purchase process.

So, overall, while both options can be considered, Holafly comes as a better alternative for travelers.

FAQ about SimCorner reviews

Is SimCorner good?

For some, SimCorner might be a good provider when it comes to getting internet while traveling. While it offers add-ons, there are some things to improve to make it a better service, as it is a somewhat normal service to use.

Is SimCorner legit?

Yes. SimCorner is a legit SIM card and eSIM provider based in Australia.